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And Then There Were Four Novel Chapter 74

Hale doubled over in pain as he let out a roar of protest. “Ivy, stop!”

“Stop fighting, Hale, let him out,” I pleaded with a smile. “I promise it will be okay.”

I needed them in their true forms, and the more he resisted, the harder it would be to make this work. “Leikos… I need you to take me.”

A flash of gold blew through Hale’s eyes as he roared again, but this time the pounding against Talon’s bedroom door from Damian caught my attention, followed by James’ voice.

I could feel his panic. The fear that was rolling through him at what the twins could do to me. “Damian, please. Go.”

I was asking him to do something that went against his nature. For a wolf’s mate to be in danger is for the male to protect what’s his. However, no one had ever been placed in the situation we were in now.

No one ever expected this to happen, because in truth, it had never happened.

“Ivy, stop this! You can’t do this!” Damian yelled. “Please…”

“Do not let him in this room, James!” I yelled, turning my attention to Talon.

I wasn’t sure if he was able to make sense of what was going on around him, but I had gotten his beast’s attention once before and I needed it now more than ever.

Walking towards the bed, I climbed over to Talon, straddling his waist as I ran one of my hands gently through his hair. “Ivy–no..” He mumbled painfully.

“Shhh–” I hushed. “I’m going to make everything better.”

He shook his head slowly in protest, “I could kill you. Please, just let me die.”

“No.” I refused to lose him. I refused to live this life without all of them, and I would give myself for them in a way that no other woman ever would.

Leaning back, I cast a glance towards Hale who was shifting into the beast I had once seen before. A small smile of satisfaction caught my eyes as his eyes connected with mine.

At one point I had been terrified, but now… I wasn’t.

It was beautiful to watch him change into the creature he truly was, and without hesitation, I whispered, “Volaire—come claim what is yours.”

In Talon’s weakened form he was unable to fight against what I was doing, and after a moment his eyes shot open and a fierce blue gaze stared back at me.

“Mine,” It growled as he began the slow change beneath me. His eyes flashed towards Hale, who stood at my side. The massive size of the creature towered over me like a predator ready to attack its prey.

“Mine,” he growled, baring his fangs with a sadistic look in his eyes that made me breathless.

“Yes, I am here for you both,” I replied.

“Are you now?” Talon’s beast purred, “are you sure?”

“Yes,” I gasped as he touched me. “Volaire—Leikos—complete the circle and take what’s yours.”

Talon didn’t hesitate to grip my throat with his sharp claws as he sat up with me still against him. The poison that had been killing Talon did not seem to affect this creature in the way it had Talon’s human form.

“What makes you think you’re worthy of my claim?” he asked.

Letting my free hand reach up to brush against the side of his cheek, I smiled. I couldn’t understand before what my importance was, but with this, I finally knew the reason why the goddess had paired me with them.

A circle of secrets had to come to an end, and with me–it would.

“Because I accept you both for what you are. I bare myself to you both.”

His lips crashed against mine with heated frenzy as he kissed me, bringing to light a hunger inside me I had been craving to fill. The moment they both began to touch me, I let myself go falling into whatever pleasure they wanted.

I wasn’t sure how they would take me, and how I would survive it, but I didn’t care.

I would take whatever they wanted to give.

Pushing me back, Hale stared down at me, and slowly the thick head of his cock was brought to my lips. It was long and thick and the head curved for intense pleasure.

Like a starved animal, I opened my mouth willingly and let my tongue lick around the head as Talon brought my hips up towards his face.

There wasn’t intense, loving foreplay with them. Instead, everything was raw and primal.

It was all about them, and I was completely fine with that.

The moment he latched onto my soaking wet core, I moaned, giving Hale the opportunity to shove the length of his erect cock into my throat.

I gagged on his length, but never did I give up. I let my mouth please him in ways that caused him pleasure. The more grunts Hale made, the faster and deeper Talon’s tongue went into my tight pulsating core.

The sensations from them both bring me closer to the peak I sought.

The feeling of pleasuring them both was intense, and it had only just begun.

With a muffled cry, I came undone only to have Hale pull away and grip my hair, pulling me upright to my knees and away from the pleasure Talon had been giving me.

I whimpered at the sudden loss of their touch but quickly reminded myself this isn’t the usual Hale and Talon. This was far more primal.

“You’re going to scream for us,” he purred as he nipped at my bottom lip. “I want you to please my brother as I please you.”

Casting my gaze towards Talon, I watched him slowly run his hand over his thick cock, and a surge of arousal flooded me. He was large, far larger than I remembered, and with a quick jerk, Hale had my attention.

I moved towards Talon, and as I did, I found myself slowly sliding down upon him. There was no getting used to his size or hesitation. His claws yanked me forward, pressing me against his chest as he drove himself into me repeatedly.

“Shit!” I cried out as his pulsating head pressed against my g-spot, sending sensations straight through to my heart.

“Mine,” he growled in my ear causing me to moan in pleasure.

“Yes, yours. Fucking hell yes, I’m yours.”

I wasn’t sure what had gotten into me, but I didn’t care. I wanted it all. Every last drop of whatever they wanted to fill me with. I would take it all.

Feeling the knot form in my stomach of my rising pleasure, I hadn’t expected to feel something unfamiliar. The fanning breath of Hale against my puckered hole as he used his tongue to lick me from my tight core towards an entrance no one had ever ventured.

“What are you–” I cried out, feeling myself about to explode.

“No,” Talon growled as he impaled me, going fast one moment and then denying my orgasm as he began to go slow.

It was torturous, but it was only long-lived when my attention went to Hale’s thumb pressing against my backside, slowly slipping in and out.

That sensation tipped me over the edge, and as it did, my pussy tightened as I came undone on Talon. Nails gripping at the sheets as they forced me to ride out a wave of pleasure I hadn’t been expecting from the actions Hale was taking.

One by one, his fingers stretched me before I felt his other hand slip into my tight core pressed against Talon’s own erection. They were stretching me, pulling me, and working me out.

I had a feeling about what was going to happen. I would have to take them both into me and let them finish together, or at least that’s what I thought until Talon spoke again.

“On your side,” Talon ordered as he pulled me to my side facing him. “You are going to take us both, Ivy. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” I replied breathlessly. “I understand.

The slow buildup of our interaction tormented me from day one as I had constantly imagined what it would be like to be taken by them both. To have both of them fill me.

I had expected to feel Hales’s cock at my puckered entrance, but instead, I felt their heads both press against my tight core. My eyes widened in shock as I stared at him, watching the sinful sadistic gaze he was giving me as they pressed into my tight pussy at the same time.

Once before I had seen a glimpse of porn that made me question these kinds of things, but participating in them was something I never considered would happen to me.

Taking them both stretched me to limits that were painful, but as soon as they moved, it was as if I had died and gone to heaven.

Mouths upon my skin and wandering claws, I took both of these beautiful Lycans into me without another thought. I wanted them as much as they wanted me.

“Don’t stop!” I cried out over and over again as I bounced against them. My head tilted back and my mouth parted open. I allowed them to use me in whatever they wanted.

Slow and steady were their movements, and eventually, the swell of their knots caused me to cry out as they rubbed me in all the right ways.

Growls of satisfaction left their throats, and as I screamed in pleasure with my body shaking from the heights of their control, I felt the sting of their bites within my skin.

Blinding light filled me as everything suddenly fell silent.

My body was on fire, my mind numb. I felt like I was hovering in a place of non-existence.

A place where my life was suspended.

Talon POV

Waking, I felt brand new. No longer did I feel a painful ache in my body from what had happened to me. Instead, I felt as if someone had struck me with lightning and charged the dying battery within my heart.

My eyes took in the room before landing upon a very pissed-off Damian sitting in an armchair in the corner. “Damian?” I asked, with confusion. “What are you looking at, perv?”

“Go fuck yourself, Talon,” he snapped. “I’m glad to see your sarcastic personality is still intact after everything.”

“Fuck are you talking about?” I asked in confusion as I slowly sat up.

Damian didn’t say anything, instead, he pointed towards the space next to me, and as he did, my eyes laid upon a very naked and sleeping Ivy. Fresh bloodied bite marks on her neck, and a slow pulsating aura surrounded her body.

It was then that the memories of what had happened flooded back through my mind, and I realized what she did. “She saved me…”

“Yeah, she did,” he replied, pinching the bridge of his nose before slowly standing up. It was obvious that Damian was pissed about what had happened, but it shocked me more to notice that on Ivy’s neck laid 4 bite marks and one that looked over bitten. More than likely, Hale’s.

“She is Sølvmåne?” I asked, trying to remember everything Hale had told me before.

Damian didn’t say anything, but slowly he nodded his head. Moving from the bed, I stood to my feet and looked in the long mirror by the bathroom at my reflection.

Any trace of the illness was gone, and I looked healthier than I had before.

Bigger, fiercer. “What happened?”

“Well, she provoked yours and Hale’s beasts and then proceed to bond with you both in that form, completing the bond Talon.”

My eyes shot to his as my eyes searched him, hoping that he was lying.

“She took us both in… did we?” I hesitantly asked, watching as Damian nodded.

“Yes, she took both of your knots at the same time, and as soon as you both marked her, she passed out. She hasn’t been up since,” he replied with a sad sigh.

“Well, it’s only been a few hours, right? She will wake up soon.”

I was trying to remain hopeful, but there was a sadness in his eyes and before he could reply, the door opened and Hale and James walked in.

“Oh, good! You’re awake,” James said cheerfully. “Welcome back to the land of the living, fuck-face.”

Rolling my eyes, I flipped him off, “so how long have we been out then?”

“You didn’t tell him?” Hale snapped at Damian.

“Tell me what?” I asked again, becoming annoyed with their cryptic conversations.

Hale turned towards me and placed his hand on my shoulder before glancing towards Ivy’s sleeping form. “Brother, you both have been asleep for almost a week.”

Shock filled me at his revelation. I could understand me being out for a week, but Ivy?

“Why isn’t she waking up?” I asked breathlessly.

“We don’t know, but there is something else you need to know,” Hale replied.

Turning my gaze to him, I furrowed my brows, “what’s that?”

“Allison went to the council about our inability to rule and now we have been summoned,” Damian interjected with a steely glare. “An they want Ivy present as well.”

And Then There Were Four Novel by Lilith Carrie

And Then There Were Four Novel by Lilith Carrie

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Ivy's parents separated when I was five, Ivy lived with her mother and her father had another wife. Now Ivy wants to live closer to her father but her stepmother is the one who scares her. She decided to stay with her father despite her mother's disapproval. This decision will change her life a lot.


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