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Back in Time: Unshackling From Love Chapter 101

Chapter 101

“Try the wine.”

Betty opened a bottle of wine and was going to pour it for Mikayla.

But Mikayla refused.

“There’s no need for a glass. The bottle itself is good enough. I’ll drink from the bottle.”

Since there were reporters at the party, Betty was worried they might write nonsense, so she suggested to Mikayla, “How about we drink somewhere else?”

Mikayla shook her head. “I want to drink here. Want to do it together?”

Betty could guess why Mikayla was upset.

So, she agreed.

“Okay, let’s drink here. Let’s enjoy ourselves.”

The two of them sat in a corner and started drinking.

The banquet hall that had been bustling before was left with only a few staff clearing up the mess after

the incident.

Betty and Mikayla looked lonely.

After drinking for a while, Betty noticed Mikayla’s teary eyes.

Betty felt sorry for her and said, “Mikayla, just let it out. You don’t have to hold back.”

As soon as she finished her sentence, Mikayla cried while holding tightly onto the wine bottle.

She looked pitiful and heartbroken.

How could Jerome be so heartless and leave his beautiful wife behind to leave with another woman?

“It’s getting late. I’ll take you home,” Betty suggested after finishing another bottle of wine.

Mikayla agreed and allowed Betty to help her into the car.

“Do you want to rest at my place for the night? I can have someone make you some soup Betty asked in

the car.

“I’m fine, Betty. Thank you for the offer.”

Mikayla suddenly straightened up.

She might appear drunk but her expression was no longer pitiful.

“Have the company’s public relations department make some preparations. Ask them to contact some platforms and influencers. Maybe we can make use of them later,” she explained rationally.

Chapter 10

Upon hearing that and recalling her recent actions, Betty suddenly realized something.

Her face was filled with surprise..

“Betty, you couldn’t be thinking of… If this gets exposed, your reputation might suffer. Wouldn’t it be bad?”

Mikalya tugged her lips sarcastically.

“There’s nothing bad about it. Money is more important than anything else.”

Seeing her response, Betty petted Mikayla’s shoulder and said, “Okay, let’s do what you said.”

Kylle remained unconscious in the hospital.

Her head and arms were injured by the falling chandelier.

The external wounds had been cleaned and stitched, but she might need further check up on her brain

once she woke up.

Several other guests had also sustained minor injuries.

Fortunately, none of them were severe.

They had already received treatment at the hospital.

Jerome sat in the corridor while Mike reported the situation to him.

“The hotel management explained that the chandelier was cleaned and replaced yesterday. Due to an error by one of the staff, it led to a short circuit. The hotel has promised to apologize and take responsibility. I have also reassured the injured guests, and arrangements have been made to


“Okay.” Jerome rubbed his forehead.

o send them

“Mr. Miller, you must be tired dealing with the board of directors. Why not go back and rest? I’ll have someone to inform you when Ms. White wakes up.”

Jerome suddenly remembered something.

“Has Mikayla gone back?”

Mike was taken aback by his question.

“I’ve been dealing with the guests and haven’t paid attention to Mrs. Miller. Let me call Amy and check.”

Soon, Mike found out from Amy that Mikayla had already gone home and was asleep.

Jerome overheard the conversation.

“How carefree she is. She doesn’t even bother to ask about the accident before going home to sleep,” Jerome snorted. “Call the driver to pick me up.”

Just as Jerome was about to leave, Mike exclaimed, “Mr. Miller, Mrs. Miller is…”

Back in Time: Unshackling From Love (Mikayla and Jerome)

Back in Time: Unshackling From Love (Mikayla and Jerome)

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Mikayla Davidson is reborn and given a second chance at life. In her previous life, she spent eight years of her life head over heels for Jerome Miller. Yet all she got in return was a divorce certification and a horrible death in a mental institution. And so, when she’s reborn, the first thing she does is get a divorce from Jerome! At first, Jerome is as cold and distant as usual. “Don’t even think of threatening me with a divorce. I don’t have time to put up with your fussiness.” After the divorce, Mikayla has a successful career and is surrounded by several outstanding men. That’s when Jerome can’t sit still anymore. He pins Mikayla to the wall. “I was wrong, babe. Let’s remarry…” Mikayla looks at him icily. “Thanks, but no thanks. Leave me alone, please. I’m no longer crazy about you.”


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