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Back in Time: Unshackling From Love Chapter 242

Chapter 242

After hanging up. Jerome finally received a notification on his phone, When he checked it, his expression


Connor sent him a screenshot of Mikayla’s Instagram post.

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“Jay, where’s Mikayla? Didn’t you two have fun at Riverside Resort yesterday?”

Jerome ignored him and zoomed in on the screenshot.

They were Mikayla’s food shots and selfies with Eduard. She had posted them five minutes ago. It meant that she had ignored his messages.


Meanwhile, Mike sent him the hotel’s contact information and Mikayla’s room number.

Jerome dialed the number without hesitation.

Mikayla took a shower with disposable waterproof gloves, sprayed the medicine on her shoulder, and then lay on the bed comfortably.

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She opened her phone’s photo album and began editing the photos in preparation for posting to Instagram. In the meantime, Jerome sent her another message, but she ignored it.

After posting, she was about to check on other beautiful photos when the phone in the room rang.

She thought it was a call from the hotel reception, so she picked it up. “Hello, what’s the matter?”

Jerome was stunned by her relaxed voice. His rage seemed to subside for a moment.

“Hello?” Mikayla called out again.

He finally spoke, “Why didn’t you reply to my messages?”

She paused slightly before realizing that Jerome had dialed her hotel room number.

He raised his voice. “Mikayla, did you hear me?”

Mikayla calmly stroked her ears and asked coldly, “What’s the matter?”

Listening to her colder tone, he could no longer suppress his annoyance. “Haven’t you seen my messages? You had time to post on Instagram instead of replying to me! How could you treat me like I

was invisible? We haven’t even divorced yet!”

Mikayla couldn’t help but sneer, “Jerome, don’t you feel these words sound familiar?”

The rest of Jerome’s words came to an end. Her words reminded him of the times she had questioned him angrily in the same way when he ignored her calls.

He was usually calm and wouldn’t get angry over such trivial things. But he lost his composure because of her ignorance.

Chapter 242

“Is this your purpose, Mikayla? Are you deliberately irritating me to prove your importance?” Jerome asked coldly.

Mikayla snorted. “You can think whatever you want. I’m busy. If you don’t have anything else, I’ll hang up.” His anger was reviving again. She had chased him away several times when they were at Eduard’s place. in the morning. And now, she seemed annoyed to talk to him.

It was the first time he’d met someone who dared to detest him this way!

“Mikayla, my patience is limited. I don’t care if this is your trick or if you insist on breaking off with You’re not important enough to me!”

After saying that, Jerome slammed his phone down.

Mikayla was the one who did the wrong thing. He was dedicated to solving the problem for her and wanted to tell her the whole story. Knowing she was injured, he felt so guilty that he even apologized to


But she wasn’t even grateful to him. Instead, she continued to lose her temper. Her current behavior was even more intolerable than when she had clung to him.

When Jerome ended the call, Mikayla smiled mockingly. Of course, she knew she wasn’t significant enough to him, but she didn’t care.

Based on his words, he might agree to divorce her soon. That was good news.

Mikayla was about to call Celeste when she received a new message. When she saw the content, her expression instantly changed.

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Mikayla Davidson is reborn and given a second chance at life. In her previous life, she spent eight years of her life head over heels for Jerome Miller. Yet all she got in return was a divorce certification and a horrible death in a mental institution. And so, when she’s reborn, the first thing she does is get a divorce from Jerome! At first, Jerome is as cold and distant as usual. “Don’t even think of threatening me with a divorce. I don’t have time to put up with your fussiness.” After the divorce, Mikayla has a successful career and is surrounded by several outstanding men. That’s when Jerome can’t sit still anymore. He pins Mikayla to the wall. “I was wrong, babe. Let’s remarry…” Mikayla looks at him icily. “Thanks, but no thanks. Leave me alone, please. I’m no longer crazy about you.”


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