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Back in Time: Unshackling From Love Chapter 251

Chapter 251

Jerome must be extremely tired. He didn’t even change his clothes and fell asleep on the bed.

Mikayla didn’t want to disturb him.

She went to the bathroom to change her clothes and put on some makeup. Then, she accompanied

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Eduard to the hospital again.

Knowing that they were leaving in the afternoon, Todd was feeling quite reluctant.

They chatted for a while. Mikayla and Carl left the ward to let Todd and Eduard have some time alone.

“I’m sorry I couldn’t bring you both around for the past few days,” Carl apologized.

“It’s okay. When Mr. Young Senior gets better next time, we’ll come again,” Mikayla said with a smile.

Carl nodded, “Sure.”

Though Mikayla said so, they both knew that Todd’s illness was not going to get better.

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“Life is unpredictable. I regret going abroad and not spending time with Grandpa for two years.” Carl

sighed softly.

In her previous life, Mikayla didn’t accompany Eduard to Lakeville, so she wasn’t aware of Carl’s situation.

“Don’t be too hard on yourself. No one knew Mr. Young Senior would get sick. Mikayla comforted him.

“Kay, you’ve grown up. You’re sensible and mature now, and you even know when to comfort a person,”

Carl said jokingly.

“Was I so immature before?” Mikayla asked.

As the two were chatting and laughing, Mikayla saw Jerome coming toward them with a fruit basket at

the end of the corridor.

He changed into a light blue shirt and wore a black suit.

His complexion was visibly better, and he regained his cold and arrogant look.

Though, he was supposed to be resting at the hotel. Why did he come here?

Carl followed Mikayla’s gaze and saw Jerome.

“Is he your husband?” Carl asked.

Mikayla was somewhat surprised. “How did you know?”

“I heard Grandpa mentioned him before. I was also lucky enough to watch one of his financial interviews,

Carl said.

As they spoke, Jerome had already approached them.

“Why are you here?” Mikayla asked.

“I just called Grandpa and found out that you’re at the hospital. So I thought I’ll come to visit Mr. Young Senior as well. Who’s this?” Jerome looked at Carl.

“He’s Carl, Mr. Young Senior’s grandson.” Mikayla introduced Cart to Jerome.

Carl took the initiative to shake hands with Jerome. “Mr. Miller, thank you for visiting.”

After shaking hands, Carl led them to the ward.

“He’s my grandson–in–law.“Eduard introduced Jerome to Todd.

“He looks handsome and smart!” Todd complemented Jerome. “Isn’t he the guy that Mikayla has always liked? The two of them are a perfect match.”

Mikayla was embarrassed. Everyone knew about her pursuit of Jerome.

They exchanged some more pleasantries.

Seeing that it was getting late, Eduard and the rest bid farewell to Todd.

Although they were all smiling, Mikayla clearly saw the swollen eyes of Eduard and Todd.

Carl escorted them to their car. “Kay, come over and visit Grandpa again when you have time.”

“Okay.” Mikayla waved to him. “Goodbye, Carl.”

Jerome frowned, but he kept quiet.

After returning to the hotel, they had lunch and set off to Marisville.

After dropping Eduard and William home, Mikayla and Jerome left for the Dragoncrest Villa.

Mikayla called Wanda and made an appointment to go to the Miller Manor tomorrow.

After the call, she closed her eyes and rested.

Suddenly, Jerome asked, “Are you close with Carl?”

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Mikayla Davidson is reborn and given a second chance at life. In her previous life, she spent eight years of her life head over heels for Jerome Miller. Yet all she got in return was a divorce certification and a horrible death in a mental institution. And so, when she’s reborn, the first thing she does is get a divorce from Jerome! At first, Jerome is as cold and distant as usual. “Don’t even think of threatening me with a divorce. I don’t have time to put up with your fussiness.” After the divorce, Mikayla has a successful career and is surrounded by several outstanding men. That’s when Jerome can’t sit still anymore. He pins Mikayla to the wall. “I was wrong, babe. Let’s remarry…” Mikayla looks at him icily. “Thanks, but no thanks. Leave me alone, please. I’m no longer crazy about you.”


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