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Back in Time: Unshackling From Love Chapter 88

Chapter 88

Mikayla put away her phone.

Just now, she casually flaunted her wealth by paying for the party so that Jensen would know how wealthy she was.

As Jensen was a greedy person, he would not give up the chance to curry favor with her.

Mikayla thought that by doing so, Jensen would be less interested in Louisa. Moreover, Jensen was obviously working for Kylie. Perhaps he could be useful to Mikayla in the future.

Mikayla bought two sets of the trendiest outfits from the mall, along with some gold jewelry.

She used to think gold was tacky, but now she found it particularly appealing.

Gold was good as its value was usually preserved and it could be exchanged for money in critical times.

As she was happily shopping, Jerome called her.

Mikayla was surprised by that. Jerome calling her was a rare occurrence.

“Is there something that you want? You aren’t bothered that I’m buying some gold jewelry, right? You promised me this morning that I could buy whatever I wanted,” Mikayla asked.


Jerome seemed to be at a loss of words at first. Then, he said, “My grandfather likes beautiful fountain pens. I got him one as a gift.

“However, I’ve too many things going on right now. Can you go pick it up for me later?”

Mikayla was surprised that Jerome was such a caring grandson to his grandfather,

“Sure,” Mikayla readily agreed.

“Are you at the mall?” Jerome asked casually as Mikayla was about to hang up.

“Yes, I’ve almost finished shopping.”

Jerome asked, “What did you buy?”

*Just clothes and some jewelry.”

“Didn’t you go to these stores already the other day?”

“No, I was accompanying Celeste to purchase clothes for Nolan last time. We went to the men’s section…”

She didn’t finish her sentence as she felt that something was not right.

“Why are you asking about this? Do you need something?”

Jerome’s tone seemed to lighten up a bit as he heard her reply. “You do whatever you want. I have a meeting to attend now.”

kayla thought that Jerome was being weard. In the past, Jerome didn’t appreciate it when Mikayla ought stuff for him, so she eventually stopped wasting money on furn

Mikayla headed to the Miller Group’s building once she was done with her shopping

The loty’s receptionist and a few staff members greeted her warmly

Mikayla suddenly thought that maybe she should reconsider her divorce from Jerome

Jerome was tall, handsome, and wealthy. Moreover, he didn’t smoke, drink, gamble, or engage in illicit activities. He wouldn’t freeload off women or abuse them like other meri

His attitude toward her had improved in this life as he generously allowed her to spend his money Moreover, he was also caring toward his grandfather

Other than the fact that he had a female best friend, he seemed to be a good man to be married to

While Mikayla was deep in her thoughts, the elevator took her to Jerome’s office

When Mikayla entered the room, she saw that Kylie was also present

She was holding a gift box while she thanked Jerome warmly, Jerome, I thank you on behalf of my dad.

Back in Time: Unshackling From Love (Mikayla and Jerome)

Back in Time: Unshackling From Love (Mikayla and Jerome)

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Mikayla Davidson is reborn and given a second chance at life. In her previous life, she spent eight years of her life head over heels for Jerome Miller. Yet all she got in return was a divorce certification and a horrible death in a mental institution. And so, when she’s reborn, the first thing she does is get a divorce from Jerome! At first, Jerome is as cold and distant as usual. “Don’t even think of threatening me with a divorce. I don’t have time to put up with your fussiness.” After the divorce, Mikayla has a successful career and is surrounded by several outstanding men. That’s when Jerome can’t sit still anymore. He pins Mikayla to the wall. “I was wrong, babe. Let’s remarry…” Mikayla looks at him icily. “Thanks, but no thanks. Leave me alone, please. I’m no longer crazy about you.”


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