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Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband Chapter 30

Chapter 30 Revealing The MastermindsAs Jayden and Elyse headed home Jayden spoke up Youre strong enough so I think its time you knew whos been spreading rumors about youElyse curious asked Who is itKaelyn Bennett Jayden answered She paid off the paparazzi to spread those rumors If she had her way your reputation would be ruinedThe news hit Elyse like a bolt of lightning She wondered about the depth of Kaelyns dislike for her Even though she had stepped away from Theo Kaelyn still pursued her relentlesslyWhy would she do this to me Elyse asked her voice shakingIm not sure Jayden said I dont try to read other peoples minds All you need to know is shes your adversaryStunned Elyse hadnt viewed Kaelyn as an adversary but clearly Kaelyn saw her as one Theo was a wedge between them Regardless of her actions towards Theo Kaelyn saw her as an irritantSeeing her shocked expression Jayden asked She has hurt you What will you do to make her answer itAfter a deep breath Elyse responded Since she went to great lengths to target me then shed be prepared for my retaliation She could feel the full weight of Kaelyns enmity and spite Since Kaelynhad orchestrated this against her she couldnt just forgive and forget Furthermore Kaelyns actions had nearly cost her job That was something she couldnt overlookJayden had assumed she would overlook it yet her reaction was unexpected She proved to be tougher than he had initially thought Bringing her down wont be easy he said Someone is backing her You need to identify her vulnerability and deal a crippling blowIs Theo backing her Elyse seized on a critical detailTheo No Kaelyns supporter is much more influential than him Hes not her weak spotFor a moment Elyse was taken aback She had always believed Theo was aiding KaelynJayden added Whats more the one spreading rumors about you online is your own sister I can assist you in handling herWhat Mabel A bitter smile formed on Elyses face following the revelation Often it was those closest to them who could inflict the deepest wounds Mabel had proven as venomous as a snakeo
I need to head home she declared her smile tinged with sadnessSeeing her gentle demeanor Jayden reassured You might choose to confront her alone but I wont just watch Ill ensure your sister faces consequencesElyse remained silent and did not plead for Mabel She understood that pleading with Jayden could only anger him potentially damaging their relationshipJayden in turn knew her well enough to recognize her dilemmaDespite her sisters misdeeds Elyse wasnt ready to sever tiesWhile tolerant of her softheartedness he was resolute in protecting his wife from harmHe closed his eyes accepting there was little more he could dowAfter getting changed Elyse joined the bodyguards Jayden had arranged for her and returned to her parents placeIn the past visits home filled her with a sense of depression but today she felt unusually calm and composedThe security guard recognized her immediately and opened the gate without hesitationAs Elyse approached the door where the maid assisted her with her shoes she heard Mabels cries from the living roomWho did this Who posted the list I wasnt at that party Why was my name on the listBound By Love Marrying My Babled HusbandThis is bearnovels copy

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

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“You need a bride, I need a groom. Why don’t we get married?” Both abandoned at the altar, Elyse decided to tie the knot with the disabled stranger from the venue next door. Pitying his state, she vowed to spoil him once they were married. Little did she know that he was actually a powerful tycoon. Jayden thought Elyse only married him for his money, and planned to divorce her when she was no longer of use to him. But after becoming her husband, he was faced with a new dilemma. “She keeps asking for a divorce, but I don’t want that! What should I do?”


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