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Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Throwing Kaelyn Under The BusThen you should go said JaydenImpulsively Elyse reached over and clasped his pinky Thank you Jayden Youre incredibly kindwoShe had feared he might object considering she was meeting her ex boyfriends mother But his nonchalant response surprised herJayden grinned mischievously Youve got two hours If you come back home late you might find yourself sleeping at the doorstep tonightRolling her eyes Elyse knew he couldnt be that magnanimousAlright dont dawdle Jayden teased If you stick around any longer I might change my mindWithout further ado Elyse darted out of the studyAs soon as she was out of earshot Jayden straightened in his wheelchair rubbing his sore buttocks Shes becoming more daring by the dayAfter bidding farewell to Driscoll Elyse slipped on her shoes and headed to the appointed addressUpon arriving at the parking garage she unexpectedly encountered Zandra who had just parked her car The sudden encounter made for an awkward atmosphere between themHowever Zandra quickly regained her composure and remarked Bentley Continental GT huh Can you afford that now Seems like youre doing better than I expectedNoticing the implied disdain in Zandras words Elyse countered without hesitation This isnt even one of our top cars Mrs Ward Seems like your judgment hasnt evolved much still judging a book by its cover As the elevator doors opened Zandra strode ahead leaving Elyse in her wake Are you still holding a grudge about how I viewed you before Well I still do now still looking down upon you and your family she remarkedThen who do you hold in high regard Your son Elyse quippedAfter a moments pause she added simply If he hadnt been born into the Ward family hed be rather average particularly in terms of handling things Maybe his upbringing and environment have had some influence on him
Zandra turned to cast an uncommon glance at Elyse It seems youve grown sharper since we last metwEntering a restaurant together they were seated at a table by the windowOnce theyd placed their orders Zandra took a sip of water and posed a question Do you know why I asked you hereI dont but Im certain its not for a stroll down memory lane Elyse replied shaking her headIve always thought highly of your selfawareness Youre much better than your father whos only concerned with money Zandra remarked after a moments pause But thats not enough Your family lacks wealth making you unsuitable for my son Frankly when he first introduced you to us I was shocked How could he be with someone so ordinaryElyse remained silent It was evident Zandra held her familys lack of affluence against herAlthough I dont approve of you marrying my son I regret how your relationship ended But it seems youve landed on your feet I hear youve hitched yourself to the Owen family Zandra remarked idly swirling her fingertips on the glasscAs she polished the glass Elyse sensed the underlying motive behind Zandras visit She understood she wasnt valuable to her but the allure of the Owen family and Jayden was undeniableMrs Ward whats on your mind Do you need something from me Elyse inquiredNo you cant help me Your husband is just a discarded member of the Owen family Nevertheless you lucked out by marrying him Your father must be thrilled Zandra retorted sharply tapping her fingers on the table But I must remind you now that youre married refrain from any scandalous behavior Stay away from my sonAm I hearing this correctly Are you suggesting Ive been bothering your son Elyse found the accusation absurdYou know exactly what youve been up to Zandra insistedI dont Ive cut off all contact with him Elyse countered a smile playing on her lips But even if its not me theres another woman around him Mrs Ward I know youve always been focused on securing a suitable match for Theo You aim to elevate your family through his marriage Yet theres always been another woman in his life She sabotaged my wedding with him and she could do it again with his next marriage Are you willing to have such a ticking time bomb around your son

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

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“You need a bride, I need a groom. Why don’t we get married?” Both abandoned at the altar, Elyse decided to tie the knot with the disabled stranger from the venue next door. Pitying his state, she vowed to spoil him once they were married. Little did she know that he was actually a powerful tycoon. Jayden thought Elyse only married him for his money, and planned to divorce her when she was no longer of use to him. But after becoming her husband, he was faced with a new dilemma. “She keeps asking for a divorce, but I don’t want that! What should I do?”


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