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Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband Chapter 68

It has to be her Elyse exclaimed her fists punching the air in anger Why does she always have to resort to dirty tricks Why cant she just compete honestlyJayden watched her transition from feeling down to being spirited in seconds and he sighed half amused by her resiliencePerhaps your acute gastrospasm was caused by holding back too much Will you do that again next timeNext time Im not drinking any water Elyse responded firmly her lips pressed together in frustration at being set up by Rebekah once more However her spirits were quickly buoyed by the memory of her flawless performance and the approving nod from WandawAt that moment her phone chimedJayden noticed the caller IDit was Lanny As soon as Elyse picked up Lannys voice irritable and anxious filled the space Elyse could you try to arrange another meeting with Theo Id like to accompany you to discuss Mabels issueHearing this Elyse couldnt hide her exasperation Dad Theo isnt going to marry Mabel Please accept itBut Mabel wants to marry him You need to support her as her sisterLanny called his tactics shameless and unreasonableTo Elyse this was typical of himJayden cut off Elyse as she was about to speak brought the phone to his lips and spoke coldly Lanny what do you think of my wifewwooMr Owen are you with Elyse right now Lanny stammered losing his composure upon hearing Jaydens voiceJayden ignored his hesitant query his tone chilling further You know Elyse had a past with Theo before she became my wife Yet you still pushed her to help your useless daughter Are you hoping to leverage that past to influence TheoMr Owen that wasnt my intention I just wanted toLanny tried to explain but Jayden cut him off with an icy rebuff Its just her virginity If thats so important to you I can recommend a hospital But if you keep dragging Elyse into this I assure you your daughter Mabels reputation will sufferLanny sensing the threat in Jaydens words quickly backpedaled I wouldnt dare trouble Elyse further Its Mabels mistake Ill handle it appropriately
After hanging up Jayden turned to Elyse who was looking at him admiringly You cant even handle a scoundrelElyse shrugged Annoying as he is hes still my fatherI dont think you resemble his daughter at all Jayden retorted irritablyMany have said that but I cant help it Its genetics she repliedtaking her phone back with a smileAnyway Im sure Ill make it through the first round and join the performance team If I get through the final selection Ill be the principal violinistJayden chuckled If you become the concertmaster Ill organize a solo concert for youHold you to that Elyse beamed and squinted her eyes joyfully a sight that gradually filled Jayden with happinessAfter ending the call Lanny was in his study when Mabel rushed inDid Elyse agree Will she take me to see Theo Her eyes shimmered with hope She had considered reaching out to Theo herself After all they had been intimate They were more than just acquaintances right The thought made her cheeks flush with a rosy tintCatching sight of her lovestruck expression Lannys temper flared and he rebuked her sharply How can you even suggest that Do you realize the trouble youve caused Dont you understand your position He doesnt care for you at alloNonsense Theo wouldnt treat me like that Mabel retorted defiantlyWouldnt he He didnt even pick up when I called Hes blocked my number Lanny exclaimed slamming his hand on the table in frustrationYou cant reach him but Elyse can If she calls Theo hell definitely answer Mabel insistedEnough Shes married to Jayden now Stop bringing up Theo Lanny retorted shaking his head as if to clear it He seemed resolute when he added Your mother and I will find someone suitable for you Prepare yourself to get married and forget about TheoNo I will marry Theo I must Mabel countered her voice escalating to a cry She even began a hunger strike in protest However Lanny remained unmoved by her actions The Lloyd household was engulfed in turmoil over the following days

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

Bound By Love: Marrying My Disabled Husband

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“You need a bride, I need a groom. Why don’t we get married?” Both abandoned at the altar, Elyse decided to tie the knot with the disabled stranger from the venue next door. Pitying his state, she vowed to spoil him once they were married. Little did she know that he was actually a powerful tycoon. Jayden thought Elyse only married him for his money, and planned to divorce her when she was no longer of use to him. But after becoming her husband, he was faced with a new dilemma. “She keeps asking for a divorce, but I don’t want that! What should I do?”


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