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Captive of My Mafia Crush Chapter 10

Chapter 10
D84% 13:09
I don’t get much sleep after that, though I do finish my whole sandwich, hungrier than I thought I’d be. But when I push the empty plate away I stare at the ceiling in the dark for a long time, feeling disheartened.
Honestly, what has my life become?
I’m a little glad, really, that Christian never read the emails that I sent him, because they were all…lies.
Not bald lies – not attempts to deceive. But portrayals of my life that hid all the bad parts and really made everything seem a lot rosier than it actually was. Like, I spent a lot of time over the last few months telling him about this new job I got where I was making so much money doing the thing I loved: dancing.
Of course, I omitted the fact that I was dancing nearly naked and letting guys stick my paycheck into the strap of my underwear.
And I also omitted the fact that I was handing that paycheck over directly to my boyfriend, who I also said was the nicest, brightest, most wonderful guy in the world.
Except for when he turned out to be a complete sc um bag willing to sell me to the mafia to pay off his debt.
I groan, putting my hands over my face and thinking about what a disaster this all is.
I mean, I don’t even have a home anymore.
I’m a homeless stripper.
What the hell!?
This is…so not where I ever imagined my life going.

I sigh, turning over and pressing my face into pillows, and despite myself – I burst into tears, completely overwhelmed.
I cry for a long time, mourning the disaster of my life, but I guess sleep eventually finds me. I only know for sure that I slept because the next thing I know light is pressing
ot against my eyelids.
I groan a little, turning over in bed away from the bright sun shining through the window, seeking to go back into
Emergency calls only MO
Chapter 10
that state of oblivion…
*三国84%) 13:09
But my anxiety has other ideas and my mind starts to race again. I mean, I have class today. What the hell am I supposed to do about that when I don’t even have any clothes, let alone my books or any way to get there?
I pull myself out of bed, dipping into the bathroom for a second to clean up. I scowl when I see there’s no spare toothbrush, so, completely unwilling to borrow Nico’s, I brush my teeth with toothpaste and my finger before! head out to the main part of the penthouse.
My bare feet are very cold on the wood floors and I’m scowling, wishing for some socks, when I hear the click of the door as it pushes open. I go still, my eyes widening when I see a woman standing there with a vacuum cleaner and a bucket full of supplies.
She gasps a little when she sees me and then we both just…stare at each other.
She shakes herself and apologizes vehemently in another language, bowing back out of the door and pulling it closed behind her.
I’m still staring in surprise when the door to the master suite flies open and Christian storms out.
“What the” he says, glaring at me and then pointing to the door. “Did you just open that!?”
“No,” I say, shaking my head, desperate for him to believe me. “It was a woman
“What?” he snaps, leaning towards me with disbelief on his face. “What the hell are you talking about!?”
“I’m not lying to you, Christian!” I insist, gesturing towards the door. “It was a cleaning lady – I have no idea, I just got up —
“What the hell is happening,” a voice murmurs, and I jump and spin to see Nico’s head popping up beyond the tall back of the couch. I didn’t see him before – I guess he really did sleep on the couch. He rubs his head, still half asleep.
“Nico!” Christian snaps, making me jump again. Go d – I’m going to need to get less skittish if I’m going to be around these guys. “You didn’t cancel the maid service!?”
Nico groans, covering his face and falling back against the cusions. “I’m sorry,” he murmurs. “I…fell asleep. I forgot.”
Emergency calls only M
Chapter 10
Christian groans, glaring at his cousin and then storming into the kitchen, pulling a phone out of his sweatpants pocket on the way. He leans against the counter with his back to me, murmuring furiously to whoever is on the
other line.
“What’s up!” Frankie’s voice calls out from behind me, and I spin to see the brown-haired young man stretching his arms above his head as he comes out of the second bedroom down the hall. I grin when I see him – I can’t help it. “Are we getting this breakfast party started?” he asks, looking around, sleepy but eager.
“Nope,” I reply, pointing to the couch. “Nice’s in trouble.”
“Awesome,” Frankie breathes, grinning at me and putting his hands on his hips. “I love it when that happens.
“Shut up, Frank,” Nico grumbles.
“What’d you do?” Frankie asks, going to peer over the back of the couch.
“Forgot to cancel the maid,” Nico sighs. I move to the couch too, likewise looking down at Nico.
“We’re canceling Yolanda?” Frankie gasps, spinning and looking sadly at the door. “Oh nooo, but she tucks in the sheets so nice and tight…”
cancelled the chef too,” Nico says, his voice full of dread. “Boss’s orders.”
Frankie groans louder, turning away as if it’s a true disaster. I have to laugh at this. “What,” I say, locking between the two of them. “Two big tough guys like you can’t cook and clean for yourselves?”
“Ask me that again,” Frankie says, looking over his shoulder at me like I’ve betrayed him, “only after you’ve n Francisco’s cheesecake, Bambi. Then you will know the true devastation that I now feel.””
I can’t help it again I burst into laughter at Frankie’s anguish.
“Enough,” Christian snaps from the kitchen, sounding exhausted. We all turn to him, Nico sitting up fully now. took care of it. It’s cold cereal instead of omelets for a little bit, but we’ll all survive.”
“Don’t remind me about the omelets,” Frankie murmurs, burying his face in his hands like he’s experiencing a true loss.
Christian just ignores him, turning his gaze to me.
Emergency calls onlyM
Chapter 10.
084% 13:09
“Is this…” I say, taking a step towards him and looking around. “Did you do this all because I’m here? Why?”
“Because,” Christian says quietly, his voice a little dangerous now. “Bonetti is still looking for you, Iris, and while our service staff is vetted, I’m not taking any unnecessary risks of a leak
“What?” I breathe, taking a few more steps towards him. But I stop dead in my tracks when I realize that…
That I’m not going to class today, am I? If Christian is cancelling his help, not letting anyone know that I’m here… that means he’s keeping me – maybe for a long time.
Christian sees me comprehend and gives a slow nod, letting me see that I’ve got it right.
I just stand there, staring at him, realizing that this is who I am right now.
Not a homeless stripper.
Instead…the captive of the Mafia King
Gd, how long is this going to last?
“Do we even have anything to eat?” Frankie asks, breaking my dark train of thought as he pushes past me and into the kitchen. “Is there even any coffee?”
“Whatever Francisco left for us last time is what we’ve got,” Christian says, pushing off the counter and starting to walk back to his bedroom. “Pull something together. Frankie, and put in an order for whatever’s missing.”
Christian strides into his room, pushing the door shut after him,
“What is he…doing?” I ask quietly.
Frankie glances over his shoulder at me as he peers into a cabinet, starting to pull out some boxes of cereal. “Getting dressed,” he says with a shrug, as if it’s obvious.
“Why?” I ask, still standing in the middle of the room. “Where’s he going?”
“Out,” Nico says, his voice closer to me than I expected. I jump a little in surprise as he, too, moves past me and into the kitchen. “He has a job to do, after all. He’s an important person. Is there seriously any coffee, Frank? I’m going to die if there’s not.”

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Iris, still a college student, became a stripper to help her boyfriend, only to find out he had sold her to the mob. Worse yet, Iris was kidnapped by the most ruthless mafia king, for reasons unknown. She pleads for her life, only to be shocked when she discovers that her captor is her brother’s best friend, and also her childhood crush… He: My little one, I will never take my eyes off you.


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