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COLD TRAP Chapter 12

Chapter 12
“Get over here! Come here and prove to me that you’re worthy of this empire!” Grandfather commands and I fall on my knees.
I’m shaking my head vigorously, tears running down my face uncontrollably as I sob. “Please pa don’t make me do this,” I plead.
I am now at Grandfather’s feet, at his fg mercy and I grasp both his ankles as I continue to beg him. My father being held down by a few men in a corner, my mother hugging my five year old sister in another corner. My life flashing before my own eyes. I can’t bring myself to do what grandfather is asking of me. Never. The butt of a gun slams against my forehead over and over again until my blood is spewing uncontrollably but i do not quit begging. With each slam to my forehead, my plea becomes louder. “Matteo, fratellino; it’s okay, I understand. Go ahead and do it,” my eldest sister says in between her sobs and I shake my head ‘no’ Her voice keeps taunting me and I can no longer take it. “Stai zitto per l’amor di Dio!” I scream at my beautiful, beautiful sister. Maria; she has my mother’s name. Grandfather tsks and in a split second, he pulls his trigger and my eyes almost follow the bullet. My father’s scream is heard and his body hit the ground with a thud. I clench my jaw so tight and grind my teeth so hard my head begins shaking uncontrollably. “Cazzo,” I whisper breathily and attempt running over to my father when Grandfather’s voice echoes. “You’ll do as I’ve commanded else, instead of three, you’d end up loosing four loved ones here today. And it is going to be your fault Matteo for being a scared little bh.” Grandfather laughs and his men mirror his action. They’re taunting me in every despicable way possible and I finally cave. I pick up the gun and aim it at Bianca’s head, she nods at me once and my eyes slams shut when I click the trigger. I hear one of Grandfather’s men snort a laugh and that is all I need to go completely insane. I click the trigger two more times and charge towards the man full force. I put him in a choke hold and tighten my grip around his neck so hard his eyes looks like they’re about to pop out of its socket. “Tell me why you’re laughing!” I slam my fist against his jaw hard enough to break it and he screams like a fg bh.
“Tell mel”
“Sidol” Slam. “Coglione!” 1/4 12:28 Fn, 21 Jun Chapter 12 Slam. D Gunshots go off three times in a roll and I halt my action as my eyes go wide. Ljerk awake and I find myself on top of Mirabella’s petite body. Only I’m not fg her, I have her in a chokehold, strangling her like my Goddamned life depends on it; must be the nightmare.
t’s a great surprise that she isn’t awake, she’s very much asleep but not at peace in any form. It’s almost funny how I’m strangling her and she’s clawing at my face; even when I let her go, she’s still clawing at my face as her toes curl into the sheets.
For whatever reason it is, I find myself unable to move or get off Mirabella’s body. I watch her like a hawk as she mumbles words that I’m
unable to fathom.
She’s also going through her own phase of nightmares.
I admit, it is extremely dangerous having two traumatized people on the same bed.
We’ll fg kill each other if we continue sharing one bed. Fk. I lightly slap my wife’s face in a way of waking her up and her body goes calm. I take the opportunity to get off her and out of bed, Immediately taking a walk to the far corner of the room and plop myself on the cushion. I watch Mirabella as she gently wakes up and stays silent for a bit. The next minute has me wondering if I’m married to a mad woman when her laughter echoes through the room. She laughs hysterically, as loud as her voice can get and all I can do is scoff at the sight. A time arrives in ones life when they’ve gone through so much pain, so much so they grow tired of crying and complaining. It is that time that gives birth to a part of us, a part that feels the need to laugh about everything; but that laughter can only signify the tears we’re no longer able to cry. I’ve become more curious about my wife’s story now more than ever, seeing that we share one thing in common. Trauma. “There’s not a moment of peace in my life!” She screams out loud and kick her legs into the air. Mirabella’s body comes to an immediate halt when she rolls over to my own end of the bed. She stays put for a minute before heaving out a sigh. “Great! That aeating, ugly, broken, mad son of a bh is out of here.” She seethes as she climbs out of bed and walks straight to the mirror. Who observes themselves in front of a mirror in the middle of the night after waking froma nightmare? My fg wife.
She completely takes off her eye mask and I swear, I almost go down on my knees and worship those eyes of hers. The dead ice cold iris shines in the dimly lit room and the emerald green one has its own uniqueness to it.
Both her irises complement each other pretty well.
Who the f
k took their time in creating such a goddess?
Lord help me that I survive through this marriage.
12:28 Fri, 21 Jun 0
Chapter 12
I go to speak but Mirabella takes me by surprise when she grabs the hem of her top, pulling it over her head.
Jesus Christ.
My wife plans to render me useless all in one night.
God, those breasts. Not too big but big enough to fill my palm and ask for more space to fit in. So tight and perky; and the way it bounces ever so slightly when she moves.
The room is dimly lit but my eye sight has suddenly become sharp.
Fg hell; I want to get my hands on those nipples. Trust I’d do a good job on them. I guess I should become a better husband if I ever want to get an opportunity to hold those perfectly sculpted breasts. “That is quite the opinion you have of me,” This is not what I want to say but I open my mouth and it is what comes out. I almost lose my balance when I stand up and stalk over to Mirabella. She’s freaking out and I know, seeing that her hands are trembling vigorously. Something that happens whenever she’s caught off guard. I wouldn’t fault her for freaking out, considering the fact that she has to conceal her identity which would mean that I’m not supposed to see her eyes. And right now she has to figure out a way to conceal both her breasts and her eyes. Fg cover the ts and let me look into those heavenly eyes. Mirabella allows herself sag against the ground as she curls herself into a ball. I take a few steps back when she bursts out sobbing very loudly. My wife is a crazy woman. “Did I say something wrong?” I question her with concern laced in my voice. I truly am concerned. Mirabella continues sobbing and I suddenly realize why she’s such a mess. Finally, my brain goes into full function. I scoff. I fg scoff.
How sd do I have to be? She obviously feels violated and I scoff? Wow! “Get out!” She screams. “You pd son of a bh! Why did you watch me take off my shirt? You couldn’t even alert me that you were here, idiota.” I chuckle and a small laugh is evident in my chuckle. I immediately conceal it with the most sd thing to say to someone whom you’ve just met at a time when they’re most vulnerable.
“Jesus Bella, don’t be so dramatic.” I snicker as I walk out of the room.
Fri, 21 Jun
Chapter 12
Great. You a** eating selfish, idiotic son of a bh. Mirabella’s words are starting to rub off on me; fg hell.
I should stay away from her a few days until I’m able to think with my head rather than with my fg ck.

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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