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COLD TRAP Chapter 17

Chapter 17
That feeling of dread.
The knowing that things are about to change drastically and there’s no way out of it except embracing that change even if it would cost your
That’s what I feel as I board the yacht with the boys. The crew members welcome us on board and lead us straight to the cabin where we’d meet with the Colombians to talk business.
The smoke from their burning cigarette sticks fills the room as we walk in, naked girls walking around and taking whatever disgusting treatment those frs dish them. Strippers sliding up and down the strip poles and a good number of the men and women drugging themselves up to a point of unconsciousness. What the fk.
I clench my jaw and manage to remain as polite as I can be as I greet their Capo.
“I hope this isn’t the reason I was invited out for this meeting: getting drugged up and cruising around the Mediterranean.”
Irresponsible frs. e women. But you see, my wife is not to be compared If I wasn’t so taken by my wife’s body, I’d be more than happy to have some fun with the with these whores; it’d in fact be an insult to her if I compared her to these…dirty things. She’s too perfect. I look over at the boys and they’re all wearing their-this is time for serious business-faces. Exactly why I love to attend business meetings with them; they’ve never and will never be swayed by any kind of fun until every business is successfully or unsuccessfully completed. The unsuccessful times being the time where we go loco and make the world light up with our guns. The adrenaline. Thankfully, the boys loathe these fg Colombians as much as I do.
“Come on, Matteo, don’t be too serious. You should join the fun because that’s what today is about. Either that or you’d be directed to your various rooms and be in waiting until we’re ready to fully kick off the meeting.” The Capo-Arturo-declares through his breathy laugh and !
Disrespectful f*. “You’ll address me as Don, Arturo.” I state and all his men rise from their slumber. Frs, if I *wanted to take him out, he’d be dead by now. “We’ll join the fun but make sure it ends as fast as it began and don’t fg speak to me casually. Do you understand?” I seethe and he gives me a slight nod as his eyes express the hurt he feels from how thoroughly I ruffled up his ego. I don’t mean to join the fun but I’d rather be in here and see for myself what truly is going on than be in a room while these frs plat my death. I relax on the cn and light my cigar as I wait. June 12:34 Fri, 21 Jun Chapter 17 The first twenty four hours pass and they’re still having their fun. I wait patiently but the foul play on display doesn’t go unnoticed. The strippers keep passing vials that contains a certain kind of substance to the high ranking members of the Cartel and I’m curious to know what it contains. I communicate the matter with the boys and they already know what the next line of action is. Steal the fg drugs. Thirty six hours later and we finally commence the meeting. Arturo grabs the same vial and holds it up, “this is exactly why I called you here Don,” he starts his speech. “The substance in this vial. A very strong substance that can knock you completely out if administered wrongly. Its strength has never been seen or heard off.” Interesting. “So?” “Someone has been making and selling them to the Japanese. The said person suddenly moved to the Koreans and it has gained itself a great deal of reputation. Every fr in this business wants to get their hands on it.” “So? Arturo be clear with words ti prego.” “The Russian Godfather was able to get his hands on the drug and ran series of tests on it. He discovered that i lips and my eyes widen in realization. “It contains The Seed?” I ask in desperation. “Exactly!” Arturo beams. My heart pounds so hard against my chest that I think it’s plotting to jump out. My muscles tense. No one is supposed to have access to The Seed. Everyone who did before were wiped out. I’m definitely stealing every fg vial; I have to run some tests and see for myself. “The seed is supposed to be extinct. Who the f*k has access to it?” I demand answers and Arturo gulps down.
it contains…” Arturo bites his
n an individual. We believe it to be an organized crime group seeing how meticulous “That’s the thing, Don, we don’t know who. It’s not even and well thought out their production and delivery falls through. But we do know one thing for sure, the business transactions is sometimes concluded by a female and sometimes a male.” He rushes his answer and I hum.
This issue is on a whole new level and I have to figure it out as soon as I can. But I have to-pretend as though I don’t care about it, just for the
I’m not giving these *rs the benefit of the doubt. “Arturo?” I call out his name in a whisper and he shifts in his seat. “Yes?” He answers through his trembling lips. “Where do I come in?” “The last transaction that was made was received in Sicily. The person or people is right under your nose and I need you to help me get my hands on them.” He states. “And this request is coming from The Russian Godfather?” I question and Arturo humps, gaining a chuckle from me. “Well then, you go back to 57%自 Chapter 17 The Godfather and relay this message; “If you want me to become your hunting dog, you come down to Sicily yourself and ask it of me. You’ll pay me respect as the Don of the Sicilian Mafia and soon to be Godfather of Italy, only then can we discuss any form of alliance.” Relay my message word for word, Arturo, do you understand?” Arturo gulps harshly. I understand his unwillingness considering he could take a bullet between his eyes before he’s done relaying the message but I could care less. We go back and forth with other topic of discussions regarding the production and transportation of cocaine until we finally come to a conclusion. Seventy hours has passed without me laying my eyes on my wife and it’s mentally straineous to say the least. Fortunately for me, I’d be home in less than twenty minutes and I’ll make sure to make out all the time in the world to spend with her. Our new chapter is about to begin in just a short while. “We’re entering the gates in fifteen,” Alessio declares and the corners of my lips curve up. The thought of seeing Mirabella and probably making her cm clouds my mind, causing my ck to twitch. The taste of her, the way her body reacts to my touch, her beautiful psy, her purity, her voice, her fg eyes. It’s all imprinted in my mind. Fuck. I thrust my hips into air and adjust my pants. “You seem excited,” Maxwell chuckles. “Are you starting to enjoy being married to her?” I chuckle and feel my cheeks burning hot like a f*g teenager. “I’m getting a hang of it,” I murmur and slightly nod my head.
Pablo chuckles.
Maxwell scoffs.
Dean gasps his surprise.
I heave out a sigh.
Alessio grumbles. “You hate her father,” he seethes.
“I do.” I affirm.
“She’s a liar,” he states an obvious fact and I nod. “She is but I believe she’s ready to tal-”
Everything happens in a blur and before I can decipher why there’s a loud thud, or why there’s a screeching sound or why I and the boys are screaming at Pablo not to step on the brakes, my car is already crashed into a pole. I choke aggressively and gasp for air as do the boys.
“What the *k happened Pablo?” I breathe out as I continue gasping. “A car crashed into us,” he answers. Fk 12:35 Fri, 21 Jun ti. Chapter 17 I’m quick to grab my phone and call the main house, passing them a stern instruction to make sure my wife’s safety is their utmost priority. We’re surrounded by men in black in a split second, a few loud bangs on the car is all I hear before one of the men starts speaking. “Walk out of the car with your hands right where we can see them. Don’t try and act smart or you’ll be faced with the consequences. Don.” The way he snickers when Don rolls out of his tongue. Dol sense mockery in his tone? Bloody frs. The Colombians. I and the boys slowly get down from the car with our hands above our head and the anger I feel has no comparison. These little boys stepping all over me in this manner. Fk them all. “Were we such bad hosts that you had to steal from us and disrespect our boss? Don?” One of the men asks and the rest snicker when he says Don. I chuckle and the man steps forward. “How much I hate this fr!” He growls as his palm connects the side of my face full force. I chuckle again. My pride screams at me in my head. Those intrusive thoughts creep in and yell at me llat me to pull pull out my gun and do what I know how to do best. It’s a challenge I’m willing to take on. “Don’t do it Matteo,” Pablo warns and I smirk as I subtly lower one of my arms, immediately grabbing my gun and taking down two of the men. Chaos. The boys take advantage of the distraction and pull their guns and begin lighting those frs up. Shit. I stumble back and my hands instantly clutch my abdomen. I feel the force of my blood as it gushes out and I groan. I go to alert the boys that I’ve been shot but I choke on my blood and everything immediately becomes a blur. I crash to the ground with a loud thud. The ringing in my ears blocking out every sound but I can hear my name being called; faintly. Nothing and everything is happening all at once, making me feel as though I’m being submerged underwater and waiting on someone to pull me out. I have no thoughts of my own at the moment Except for one. My fucking wife. Fuck, Mirabella has done a number on me. “Where’s my wife?” I grunt and cough out more blood, “Where the fuck is Mirabella? Why isn’t she here?” I mutter a kneeling by my corner, firmly pressing a material on my gunshot wound in his attempt to curtail the bleeding, as I gasp for air. Dean is “Your wife is at home,” Pablo whispers as he lifts me off the ground, placing me in the backseat of a car. Those frs f*d me up,” 1 chuckle and groan in frustration.
The pain.
“They did. We’ll pay them a visit as soon as you’re safe.” Pablo affirms.
Chapter 17
I keep screaming and asking for Mirabella as though her name is the only one I can remember. How sick. The boys carry me into the mansion on a stretcher, straight up heading to the medical room.
You’d think it’s a mini hospital in here the first time you walk seeing how fully equipped it is but those are just normal precautions to take when you’re entangled with drug business. You never know when an attack is launched.
Plus, my father is a doctor, hence his obsession for medical equipment.
I’ve lost a lot of blood and is still loosing more, the bullet hit a very delicate part of me and the boys are unable to help me in any way. My
father on the other hand is away on business.
My bones and body weaken and I barely stay conscious. I know I’m about to go, about to take my last breath but I suddenly develop a need to fight for my life when I hear her voice; smell her even.
Is she in here?
“Where is he? Let me see him!” I hear her voice and it all feels like a dream but it’s not because she runs into the medical room and freezes in place when her eyes connects mine which are on the verge of closing shut.
“Dio mio,” she mouths and I scoff with my last strength.
“There she is…my wife…I’ve been asking for you.” That’s the last thing I say before I completely let go, giving in to the darkness.

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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