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COLD TRAP Chapter 31

Chapter 31
Few minutes after father left and my ears pick up on hushed whispers by a far corner. “Hello?” I begin approaching the part where the voices came from but there’s no answer.
I ignore my head voice screaming at me not to go any further and continue taking calculated steps forward until I find about four men standing in a corner and making an exchange.
I’d run but one of the men seems familiar and that relaxes me. “Lex? What are you doing out here?” His eyes widen and he gulps down on nothing, causing my brows to furrow at his sudden discomfort on seeing me.
“What are you doing here ma’am? How do you recognize me?” His voice comes off nervous and I chuckle.
“I’ve seen you around the house many times, especially with Pablo. Pablo speaks highly of you a whole lot.”
The sudden silence that ensues sends cold shivers down my spine. I see fear in Lex’s eyes but in the other men’s eyes, I see danger. “You should not have come out here,” Lex’s voice comes out in a monotone and his demeanor immediately changes to something so dark and
I gasp aloud when one of the men pulls his gun out of his waistband.
He begins motioning toward me and I’m immediately aware that I made a mistake by wandering into this part of the garden even after father had warned me to stay put. The look in their eyes spits fire and they’re four of them who look very ready to destroy me.
I gulp down the lump in my throat and spin around on my heels with hopes to make a run for it but little did I know that three more men had taken their stance behind me.
n men.
“Where the fk do you think you’re going?” One of the men roars in my face and I take backward steps. As though he senses that I’m about to scream, his fist immediately collides with my face and not even a second later, something comes around my mouth from behind muffling all my screams. My eyes water uncontrollably and I know the men are aware that I’m pleading with them. Despite knowing that I have very slim chances of making it out of their midst, I still attempt making a run for it, which is a mistake because one of the men plunges his fist right into my eye and that blurs my vision. My tears blur my eyes and I stumble backwards, and backwards as I try to hold my stance but I’m unable to hold my ground anymore and i give up, crashing ass first to the ground. I shudder and whimper as I curl myself into a ball “So this is the Don’s wife?” The one I suppose is their leader directs his question to Lex and by the smirk that appears on the man’s face, I believe Lex affirmed it to be true. I’m pulled up and held strong and steady by both arms, and before I can decipher what is about to happen, a fist rams into my face over and over again. “Please…” I murmur as more tears spevy from my eyes. Then a fist rams into my stomach and scream at top of my lungs even though my scream is muffled by the cloth covering my mouth. Like a $79% Chapter 31 mother, I become possessed by the urgent need to protect my child and kick one of the men holding me hard against his balls. My action catches him off guard and his grip on my arm is released. I take advantage of the opportunity, pulling down the cloth covering my mouth. “Somebody help me! Help!” I scream as loud as I could never fathom. DE “You think you can scream?” The man in front of me expands his palm and slaps me so hard across the face with a force that plunges me right into the ground. “Get her up! Let us see how high her voice can gol” He roars and the other men obey. His fist rams into my stomach again. “No please…Help mel” The words slip out of my lips and the man clicks his tongue as though his patience has run out with me, immediately ramming his fist into my throat and I crash to the ground again as I choke and strain for air. My eyes almost pop out of its sockets, the veins in my neck popping out painfully as I clutch and claw at my neck. “Get her up! She wants to scream? Let her scream!” The man roars again and I shake my head “no” as tears spew uncontrollably from my eyes. They pull me up and this time instead of hitting me, the man’s hand connects the hem of my tank top. Just one tug and he rips it apart, leaving my breasts out in the oper My arms instinctively go around me and the men burst out laughing. “So this is why that greedy bastard has kept you hidden, hmm? Enjoying all of this by himself? Wow,” the man blows out a breath as his fingers forcefully-tug at the waist band of my leggings, ripping it to shreds. “What are you doing? Please not Matteo! Papá! Someone! The sharp edge of a knife connects my throat immediately and not a second later, my blood begins seeping out. A strained whimper escapes my throat. “You make another sound and I’ll truly slit your throat you fg bh.” The man seethes. I gulp down and whisper, “please,” as tears brim my eyes. Another fist to my stomach and I crash to the ground with a certain feeling of pain settling in my core, causing me to grunt as I roll around the ground. My vision blurs and I continue blinking rapidly but my body jerks awake when I feel a liquid dripping down my face. I manage to look up only to find one of the men peeing on me and a few more of them stroking their dks as they stare down at my naked body.
My body involuntarily moves backwards, “what are you doing? Please don’t. Lex! Stop them please.” I plead and go on all fours in attempt to crawl my way out.
The men don’t move a muscle until I stand on my feet. One of them charges at me full force and before lean stumble, his dagger is plunged right into my stomach. He pulls it all the way out, plunging it right back in and my body gives out on me.
I stumble backwards a few times before the underside the man’s boot rams into my stomach, causing an immense pain to surge through me. “Please,” I finally lose my voice and this time, I’m begging them in a whisper. Both my hands clutching my abdomen tightly. I’m so focused on the pain and the thought of my growing baby that I don’t realize when one of them goes between my thighs and rams his dk into me. Pain. Sorrow. Heartbreak. Disgust. Every dreaded emotion surges through me. I’m a disappointment, I fought against this all my life only to be caught up in it. “No…no…no…please.” My voice comes out cracked and I will my body to move but a knife comes at my throat again, forcing me to stay Chapter 31 still and just take it; whatever they’re willing to give to me. The men wag above my head groan in unison and their semen begins oozing out of them, settling on my face and cleavage. I shut my eyes tightly and thin my lips as I sb from my heart.
“How strong is your will to live?” The man f
g me groans and plunges his dagger right into me without pulling it out. As if my scream of pain is a form of pleasure to him, he spills inside me and pulls out.
I will my weak arms to move and I begin clawing at the man’s face. “Please help me.” I murmur.
“It’s not happening,” a hysteria laugh wracks through me.
“I’m okay…”
“I’m okay…
“It’ll pass…”
“I know I’m okay…I’ll wake up and see that this never happened.”
And just like that, the second man rams into me and begins fg me like an animal while I bleed out from every cut and every stab they’ve dealt me. “Show us your will to live.” Comes his strained voice as he pulls out the dagger that was plunged into me, immediately plunging it right back in. I scream but my y voice comes out low pitched. And like a ritual, the third man follows the same procedure. And the fourth. And the fi fifth. And the sixth until all seven of them has their way with me, each time stabbing me. Right now, I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been stabbed and the dampness between my legs goes beyond semen. I know it is blood and I can only wish that I’m not losing my child. It cannot be my baby. I just found out about it a few hours ago, there’s no way it’ll be ripped from me in this manner. But I can only wish. When they’ve all had their turns with me, I will myself and go on all fours as I groan and whimper in pain. I try to crawl but my body is unmoving One of the men whistles and declares, “I didn’t realize that a looked this good.” I feel a strong hold on my hips by the time his statement is done. Finally, a loud scream escapes my throat when he rams into my al from behind. This time I’m ignoring the pain and screaming so loud, causing on of the men to plunge his dk right into my mouth as he screams, “shut the fk up!” All seven of them once again take turns fg my a** and my mouth until they’re satisfied.
And that’s when arguments ensue amongst them. They only now realize how badly they’ve fd up and they argue on whether to keep me alive or kill me. They finally settle for the latter and one of them begins stabbing me over and over again. 79% Chapter 31 My body is unable to move and I’m unable to see a thing. I fight with my consciousness but from the look of things, it has abandoned me already. My ears pick up on heavy footsteps and then what seems like gunshots. A body thuds to the ground beside me and another body follows suit. I see nothing, I feel nothing but my sense of hearing is still functioning in the slightest bit. I hear dogs barking and people screaming. I try to scream for Matteo but my mouth doesn’t move. My view blurs even more and my hands go limp and so do my legs. But I hear him screaming, “don’t fg look at herl Turn around all of your Nobody will look at her!” And my soul finally leaves me with the

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“Are you wet enough?” He questions with hooded eyes. I nod curtly. “Only the sound of your voice and my p**sy jumps in excitement.” “Good. Turn around.” He orders as both hands grip my waist, flipping me around before I can argue. “Sit on it and go crazy.” *** She’s a liar. He’s a sociopath. She’s patient. He’s impatient. She’s kind. He’s a monster. She’s desperate. He’s powerful. When love ignites between two worlds forced together, tragedy arises, hate becomes and resentment settles in. They fight. They struggle. They almost push through. But the bl**d and bones hidden in a perfectly designed cupboard are discovered and the truth of the imperfectly perfect union destroys the desires of the heart.


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