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COLD TRAP Chapter 33

Chapter 33


“You’re sorry?” I stumble and every emotion there is and even the non existent ones flood me. “What does that mean?”

“Let me speak to you privately. In my office.” I don’t even wait for him to finish before lunging for him with my fist ramming into his face over and over again.

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“Where the fuck is my wife!” I roar as my body vigorously tremble in rage.

“My office now! Alone!” The doctor retorts as he storms away, leaving me with my raging emotions. Of course he can speak to me as he pleases because he has a good relationship with my family and he knows I wouldn’t do anything to jeopardize that.

I walk into the doctor’s office sheepishly with my eyes boring into his as I slump down on the seat he pointed out for me. “This is going to be a lot for you to take in but I want you to know that i am here for and with you if you need anything.” He mutters each word carefully.

I offer him a tight nod as I wait for the worst. “Your wife,” he clears his throat. Eyes moving around rapidly but never meeting mine. “We found seven different DNA’s in her vagina,” he heaves out a shuddering breath and continues, “her anal and her throat.”




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1 fist my hair in both hands and my gaze falls to the ground. My feet continuously bouncing up and down nervously whilst my tears drench my


“W–what?” I gulp down the bile threatening to rise in my throat. “S–s–seven what? What are…what are you talking about?”

I do wrong?! How many more times does this have to happen to the ones I love before it’s over? What have I done?

Whatever did I do

It’s all my fault. If I had waited, if I had even the littlest patience and heard what she wanted to talk to me about. If I hadn’t asked her to leave

the room.

“I’m sorry, Matteo, but those fuckers ripped her apart inside out.” He watches me intently as his eyes brim with tears, “she came in with fifty seven stab wounds, including two slices to her throat.” I don’t know how but my fist rams so hard into the glass table and it shatters.

“How is she?” My body shakes in fear as that question slips out of my lips.

“She’s in a coma.”

Oh God.


I palm my face, shutting my eyes tightly as my morals grind so painfully hard.

Please, someone just wake me up from this nightmare.

The doctor continues speaking.

g.“we were able to stitch her up but she needs to undergo another surgery and we cannot proceed until she shows any sign of life and improvement. We’ll get her blood sample in a few hours and test for some sexually transmitted diseases but since

18 Sat, 22 Jun

Chapter 33

viruses like HIV and HPV cannot be detected this early, we’ll have to knock her up with antiviral injections just to be on the safe side.”

The doctor is still in the middle of his speech when i bolt up from my seat abruptly, running into his bathroom. I shove my head down the toilet as I let go, choking, coughing and spitting out the bile in my throat.

“This is a joke right?” I break down all over again and I don’t care that I’m being watched by the doctor. “Augusto,” I sniffle, “she’s my wife for God’s sake. I should’ve protected her but I fucked up and see what has happened. Augusto! Everything you’ve said is a joke right? Tell me the

truth.” I scream my sob.

“Tell me that she’s okay. Tell me that she suffered a minor injury and will be awake soon. Please.”

The doctor–Augusto–crouches down and grips my shoulder in a consoling manner. “I’d love nothing more than to tell you the things you want to hear but you have to face the reality. She might not make it and even if she does, she will no longer be the same.”

“Oh God.” My fist slams against my tightening chest.

The doctor clears his throat, “Matteo?” I meet his eyes with mine, “I’m really sorry for your loss.” I furrow my brows.

“She’s not dead yet, Augusto. I snap.

He looks at me confused, “you don’t know?”

“Know what?”

“Your father. He was brought in earlier with two bullets in his heart. We couldn’t do anything to help him as it was already too late by the time

he came in.”


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