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COLD TRAP Chapter 38

Chapter 38


I am beautiful.

I am powerful.

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I am extraordinary.

I was created for great things.

I wasn’t put on earth to wallow in misery….

Two months

It has been two months since I first used my legs after the incident.

The moment I got up on my feet, I decided there and then to put myself first. To talk about myself correctly, to stand strong, to take care of myself without relenting And I’ve done just that.

Swallowed my pills religiously, started intense psycho and physiotherapy and the way I feel right now is enough proof that my hard work is paying off.

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Recovering hasn’t been the easiest, considering that the memories of that night still exist; the nightmares and panic attacks, but I find myself becoming stronger and more resilient after each dreadful episode of panic attack. That’s the most important part of it all

Today, I’m sitting in my father’s office after he had invited me over to talk about very important matters–his words not mine–except, I’ve been seated here longer than thirty minutes and he has said not a word.

“I’ve been here over thirty minutes and you’ve yet to say why I was invited here. Believe me father, I only came because for the first time in your life, you had the courtesy to actually summon me respectfully so it’s either you start talking or I leave.

He heaves out a heavy sigh, pulling out a few vials and slamming them on the table whilst his eyes bore into mine.

My eyes twitch.

Those are mine.

I’m sure.

I made those…how does my father have his hands on them?

Compose yoursell Mirabella! Don’t let him see through you.

With a shrug to my shoulders I ask, “what is this?”

“And I thought that

It was my line,” he snickers not so amusingly. “You have The Seed, do you not?”


etay calm.


Chapter 38

“What is The Seed?”

Father’s eyes flash with amusement as he stares at me with his mouth gaped open. I see it in his eyes and the way his features are straining, how he’s forcing himself to stay calm and that can only mean one thing:

He needs my help.

“Your mother was working on it before she died and you were the only person she ever let into that lab of hers but every trace of it. disappeared after your mother’s death,” a shaky breath breezes through his parted lips. “Did you take it? I know you did! Is that why you became a scientist? You wanted to continue from where she had left off?”


I chuckle. “Slow down father. I have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about.”

Of course I do.

Father leans back so that his back is resting on the backrest of his seat. “Then someone else must’ve had access to it and the said person is processing it into torture drugs. They sold a lot to the Japanese and Koreans.”


I sold only to the Japanese. The Yakuza.

No one else.

My brows twitch the slightest bit.

“The Koreans made a deal with the Russians and now both the Russian Godfather and the Colombian cartel have their hands on it.”

I grip my thighs to keep them from shaking as confusion, anger and more confusion engulf me. And the only name ringing in my head? Ares.

That fucker.

I heave out a sigh, “why are you telling me this? You do know that I have no care for the mafia or whatever gangs and cartels there are.”

Laughter bubbles out of father. “You’re married to the Don.””

“Not by choice!” I growl.

“You’re a scientist Mirabella and I know that you have connections amongst other scientists. I need you to find who has the seed.” He rushes out desperately.

ay toward the door when my father’s voice stops me dead in my tracks.

No. My answer is no.” I jump to my feet, making my way

“Have you stopped to ask yourself why those men were in that garden that night?” I whip my head around with furrowed brows as father stalks over to me with an ear to ear grin like he has just achieved a great success.

“Your stupid husband stole those vials from the Colombians out of curiosity and they needed it back so I gave them access into the estate in exchange for a few vials.” He chortles, “this is deeper than you think. Every fucking player in this game wants The Seed because of the power it’ll bring them and whomever has their hands on it is wielding that power. If they hadn’t sold these drugs, maybe just maybe you wouldn’t have gone through what you went through that night.”

Tears brim my eyes.

Chapter 38

“Would you not want to get your hands on the fuckers making these drugs and put an end to them?”

I blink rapidly. “You knew about that

at night?” Father nods and I gasp aloud. “You have some nerve Marcelo, asking for help when you couldn’t even visit your own daughter while she was dying. You led them into the estate? You stupid fucking bastard! Why would you do such a thing?”

“Keep p your voice down you dumb fucking bitch!” He snarls in my face, “all they had to do was make an exchange with an inside man but you had to wander and that part isn’t my doing in anyway, Go home and think about my offer.”

I storm out and all I can see is red. My breath erratic, head spinning with different thoughts and chest constricting.

Dont cry.

Dont cry.

I chant the words like a mantra. No one can see me weak; not anymore.

Sitting in the backseat seat of the car I growl, “Get out of the car and give me some fucking privacy!” The driver hurriedly exits the car, shutting the door behind him.

I take out my phone and dial that one number.

“Ares,” I grit through my teeth, “I’ll ask this question once and I expect an honest answer. Did you make a direct supply of those drugs to any other organization besides the Yakuza?”


Deafening silence.

“Ares! Answer the fucking question!”

He hums, heaving out a heavy sigh and answers in a monotone. “Yes I did.”

My nose flare and I blow out steam from my parted lips. “Are you insane? Are you trying to get me killed? Why would you do such a thing?”

“We were running low on money and I had to do what I had to do.”

I chuckle. “We were running low on money,” I repeat his words with distaste laced in my tone of voice. “We were running low on money?! Why wouldn’t we when all you do is gamble and fuck whores?!”

“Mirabella!” Ares yells, “don’t fucking speak to me like I’m some errand boy. I have equal rights to this business and I have the authority to make decisions that’d serve us.”

Laughter bubbles out of me. “I made this business happen! If it weren’t for me, you wouldn’t have gotten your filthy hands on The Seed. It was I who sat in that lab day after day and night after night making sure that I made available enough stock to last us a lifetime whilst you paraded around like a dick on a stick.”

“What about me?!” His voice thunders, “I’m the one who does all the field work! I put myself out there, making business transactions happen! Making connections while you beg for your husband’s attention like a desperate fucking whore!”

I gasp and

d tears snow fo

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