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COLD TRAP Chapter 40

Chapter 40


It has been over an hour since Matteo walked out my door, I cried about it but not for long, because I’ve gotten so used to him being so cold

and distant.

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I understand his struggles but I’m no longer willing to put up with it, which is why after having a bath, I’m now seated and fully relaxed on the cushion, reading through the annulment papers with great focus.

If he is willing to walk away from me, then I should be willing to do the same, I can no longer hold him against his will.

Continuous loud bangs resound against my door and after a while of ignoring it, I walk over to the door full of rage as I swing it open only to be met by Matteo’s shirtless torso, hooded eyes and messy hair.


I squeeze my thighs together,

It’s been too fucking long!

He tries walking into the room but I shove him back with my palm on his chest while my eyes narrow to slits, my glare venomous and molars grinding. “Yes?”

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Silently, he stares at me for long minutes, his features expressing confusion. “I’m sorry for walking out on you. Let me come in so we can talk?” He rushes out and I chuckle dryly.

“An hour too late for that, Matteo. You came in here, we talked and you chose to walk away. Not my fault and I’m done talking.” I speak bitterly.


Those eyes. These magical fingers. That magical wand in between his legs.



Fuck! 1 want to dig my fingers into that scalp.


“I’m sorry princess, please let me in.”

I snap, “who the fuck do you think you are?! How dare you come here and demand to be let in when I gave you the opportunity to stay and you chose to leave? Fuck off, Matteol Don’t blow hot and cold with me, do you understand? no longer tolerate that treatment from you! It’s either you’re in or-”

“Shut the fuck up, Mirabella!” He bellows, “I’m here, am I not?”

Iflinch. “Don’t fucking yell at me!”

Heavy breaths.

Softened gazer


Chapter 40

“Let me in. Please.” He pleads with remorseful eyes


“You walk in here and you give me your all I state and he nods as he takes calculated steps into the room. I take a step backwards with each step he takes forward until we’re all the way inside the room.

He slams the door shut with a click to the lock.

“I’ll give you my all, Mirabella.” He murmurs, “my heart, body and soul. Take them all but just give me an opportunity to make this right. Let me do right by you.”

I crane my neck back so that I’m able to get a better look at his face. “This is not a joke Matteo.” I mutter.

“Do you see me laughing?”

“This will no longer be a husband and a wife consummating their marriage. It will become so much more.” I state and Matteo nods with a hum.

“Yes Mirabella. This is so much more. I want it to be so much more.” He drawls and in a split second, his head dips, his lips capturing mine in a trance inducing manner. “As long as it’s with you, then I want it to be so much more.” He murmurs against my lips.

We both moan into our mouths.


My heart starts beating so fast and rough that I feel it all up in my throat. My hands grip Matteo’s shoulders to keep myself from stumbling. I feel wussy, downright flushed with a certain kind of weakening warmth washing through my bones.

This is so much more.

The words repeat in my head like a chant because it truly is so much more than I’ve felt with Matteo. A new kind of intimacy.

I’ve never had a kiss this delicate, gentle, rough, claiming and toe curling all at the same time.


I’m about to come just by having his lips on mine.

Matteo pulls away from me with one string of saliva still maintaining the connection between our lips. Both our eyes move rapidly from left to right as we breathe heavily and unevenly with our mouths gaped open.

We practically gasp our breath.

“Mirabella…” His lips caress my name and I moan involuntarily, “I knew those lips would be the death of me.”

He groans.

Matteo’s head dips again and this time he’s roughly eating out my mouth. His tongue darting out, intertwining with mine as they battle for dominance.

His palm delivers a tight squeeze to my breast and I squirm, immediately sliding my fingers into his hair, tugging hard. He moans.

He likes it and I know because he murmurs, “harder,” against my lips and oblige him.

Chapter 40

Each time gaining a moan from him.

His hands fondle my breasts before sliding down to squeeze my ass. “There’s so much going on here. Fuck! I don’t know where to begin. My wife is the full package.” His voice husky and laced with lust.

I chuckle, letting out a startled gasp when he attempts ripping my dress off.

“Shit. I’m sorry princess.”

I shake off the memories of that nigh

t night and smile at him, “it’s okay, I’m fine.”

“No. I should be gentle with you. Fuck! I’m fucking this up again, am I not?” He grimaces.

I cup his cheeks in my hands as I stare deep into his eyes, “you’re doing good, Matteo. So good.”

“Yeah?” Matteo’s fingers work as fast as his lips. He begins undoing the buttons on my dress, his tongue trailing lazily across my neck line, sucking on the skin until he’s marked me.

Gently, he slides my dress off my shoulders, leaving me completely naked, bare and vulnerable before his piercing gaze. “Dio Mirabella! You’re so beautiful and sexy.” He whispers as he leaves trails of chaste wet kisses all over my exposed body.

“L” Kiss.







“Every. Inch.”

“Of You.” He immediately drops to his knees “Leg over my shoulder.” I whimper at his commanding tone and do as he has instructed. I throw my right leg over his shoulder, a moan immediately escaping my lips at the feel of his tongue.

He grunts against me and the vibration causes my hips to jerk forward. “Oh.my.God.” I throw my head back, my fingers pulling at his hair even harder and my hips rocking against his face.

“Matteo…slow down, Please.” My body trembles vigorously as I moan at the persistence of Matteo’s tongue.

He suddenly lifts me all the way up with both my legs thrown over his shoulders and his face still buried deep into my pussy as he walks us to the bed. My back gently lands on the bed with a squeak and I let out a squeal with a strained groan as Matteo continues working my clit relentlessly

“Fuck me Mirabellal You taste so fucking good. As good as I remember, even better.”

I prop myself up by my elbows, watching him through my lashes as his tongue flattens on my clit. He immediately glides his tongue slowly from the top of my pussy down to my entrance and begins teasing at my entrance with his rolled up tongue.


12:20 Sat, 22 Jun

Chapter 40

My hips buckle, my thighs tighten and my head falls backwards as sweat glistens on my forehead. “Ohl Christ Matteo.. I’m…..


“Come for me baby. Let me taste all of you.” My body surges forward, legs shaking vigorously, more sweat trickling from my forehead and my core clenching light as I come down from my high.

An unexplainable euphoric experience.

“Matteo!” I muffle my scream against the back of my palm as Matteo’s mouth and tongue continue milking my pussy of every liquid pooling out of it.

“Si principessa.” He comes up, immediately slamming his lips on mine, chewing on my lips like a starved man, making me taste myself. I arch my back with a moan

He braces one e palm on the bed, pulling his sweatpants down with the other, kicking it off with his feet. His tip teases at my entrance and I gasp aloud with my eyes tightly shut.


“Please help me.”

“It’s not happening

“I’m okay…

“I’m okay…

“It’ll pass…

“Show us your will to live.”

I don’t realize that I’m hyperventilating until Matteo gently places his lips on my temple, “hey…baby. It’s just me, Mirabella. Open your eyes and see that it’s me.” He soothes and I slightly part my eyes, still breathing hard.

“No. Please.” I feel my eyes well up with tears.

Matteo mutters incoherent words under his breath. “Prince

Please look at me for a second. Fuck having sex!” he growls from the back of

his throat. “Just look at me baby, please.”

I murmur, “I can’t. Please don’t make me.”

“Of course you can, baby. Please open those gorgeous eyes of yours for me. It’s just me, Matteo, your asshole of a husband.”

I chuckle.

Alone tear slides down my face and I gulp as my eyes flutter open. Matteo’s gaze softens at me and I stifle a sniffle. “I’m sorry.” I whisper as he

trails chaste wet kisses down my neck line muffling a, “thank you.”

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