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COLD TRAP Chapter 44

Chapter 44


One month later.

It has been a month since I’ve had the opportunity to spend some quality time with my wife, but it is not completely my fault that we’ve been distant.

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Ever since our last encounter–which happened to be the day I fucke

day I fucked her senseless in front of the lifeless body of the man she had

murdered, it has been seeming as though Mirabella avoids me deliberately. She walks the other way whenever she sees me coming, avoids my eyes by all means necessary and has refused to spend the night in our room.

It’s funny how I avoided her desperately a few months back but now, she seems to be the one avoiding me.

And it hurts. It hurts my heart, body and ego.

I miss her. Her body, her smile, her laugh, her luscious lips, her lust filled eyes, her warmth, her pussy, I could go on and on.

After trying everything within my power to get her attention without succeeding, I finally reach a decision to take Dean’s advice and prepare her a special dinner.

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And by special, I mean an aphrodisiac laced dinner

It’s sick but I’m a man with needs; needs that no one else can meet except my wife.

I made a deal with Dean that if his so–called sexual desire inducing dinner works, I’d pay him a million dollars for being helpful. But if it fails,

he’ll get a bullet in between his eyes.

He agreed. He was so sure about it that he linked me up with the chef who is now setting up the table as quickly as possible since Mirabella is almost nearing our home.

Our home.

I’ve become so good at this marriage thing.

Mirabella struts in with calculated steps, swaying to her hips seductively, her eyes boringly roaming the entirety of my body before shifting to

the well decorated table.

“Why am I here?” She asks uninterestedly.

“To have dinner.” I beam with an ear to ear grin. “I also want to apologize for whatever it is I did that has caused you to distance yourself from


With a roll of her eyes, she declares, “I’m not hungry.”

Theave out a sigh, motioning towards her unth I’m at a dangerously close proximity with her. “Come on baby, what have I done to deserve this? Don’t do this anymore please. It hurts so bad, the manner at which you avoid me.” I grasp her wrist gently, slowly sliding down on my knees, my forehead resting on her pelvis. “I’m sorry for whatever it is I did unknowingly, please forgive me and let me make amends.”

She regards me for a moment, looking down at me through her lashes. “It’s not you Matteo, it’s me.”

“Then tell me whatever it is and I promise to walk through it with you.” My hands caress her ass and she let out a strangled groan.” “Did you

Chapter 44

call me here for dinner or was it just a ploy to get between my legs?”

“I could do both. Just say the word.” I pride with a wink and she pushes me away from her, moving to take a seat. “Shall we eat then?


My lips curve into a mischievous smile as I watch Mirabella’s cheeks redden whilst she squirms in her seat, still chewing on the last piece of


“Are you okay?” I ask, trying so hard to conceal the snorted laugh threatening to break through me.

She clears her throat, avoiding my gaze as she mutters, “don’t talk to me.”

Keep playing hard to get wife, soon, very soon, you’ll be on your knees begging me to bury myself balls deep inside you,

“Okay then, as you wish.” I push my seat backward, standing up gently. “Il be in my office just in case you need something.” I murmur as I stalk over to her, leaning down until my lips make contact with her cheek in a feather like manner.

She let out a strangled moan, causing me to let out a breathy scoff. The heat of my breath mixes with hers. “Whatever you need, baby,just come upstairs to the first room by your left.”

Her fingers pale as they tighten around the glass cup. “Stop talking to me Matteo…

I had timed my wife mentally, assuring myself that she’d walk in through my door in thirty minutes but it’s been less than fifteen minutes and

I can hear her footsteps lightly slapping against the floor as she walks toward my direction.

I guess Dean is getting paid.

Her knock against the door is a hesitant sound that draws a low chuckle out of me. “Come.” I proclaim

She opens the door, peeking her head through but startles when both our eyes meet unexpectedly.

“I need…uhm…I need your help with something.” She murmurs, eyes moving haphazardly.

“Get inside and close the door Mirabella.” I order and she obeys. She walks in fully with her head lowered to the ground and her fingers

interlocked in front of her.

I love seeing her shy. Fuck! Her demure is making me go insane.

“What does my beautiful wife need?” I gesture to her, urging her to get closer.

“My dress,” she motions towards me until she’s trapped between me and the table. Bracing her palms on the glass surface of the table, she mutters, “I wanted to use the restroom but I couldn’t because my zip got caught up with my hair

I chuckle, sliding my hands beneath her dress until my fingers make contact with her bare thighs. “You could’ve just lifted the dress up…just the way I’m doing right now.” I whisper as i slowly lift her dress by the hem, making sure my fingertips brush against her skin..

“I didn’t…mmmm!” My wife’s moan is breathy when I tease her clit with my index finger.

“Tell me exactly what you want, wife.”

“Matteo… I need you.”


Chapter 44


“To what?” i murmur my question, fondling her breast whilst standing up with my groin pressed firmly against her ass

Mirabella mutters incoherent words under her breath, pushing her ass into me. “Fuck me. Matteo, I need you to fuck me

Of course you do.

My heart jumps in victory. “Are you sure?”

“Yes. Fuck me hard and fast. I need you desperately.”

I too desperately need to feel her warmth, I need to fuck her like an animal and for that reason, I oblige her. Wrapping her hair around my fist, I push her legs wide apart with one of mine whilst setting my dick free from my briefs.

We’re both too desperate to engage in any form of foreplay at this moment.

With a swift move, I push into her fully gaining a strained whimper from her. I pull all the way out, slamming back in with so much force that surges the table forward

It’s in that moment that I almost lose my sanity. The feeling of my wife’s warm pussy wrapped around me so perfectly has my eyes rolling to the back of my head and my voice straining as grunts after grunts elicits my lips.

“Keep this away from me one more time and watch me make a mess of you.” I grunt, slamming into her in a repeated and calculated motion.

“Oh God! Matt…go faster!”

My wife moans

as she repeatedly pushes her ass backwards, matching my pace and meeting me halfway.

“You like that?” I pull her hair hard, wrapping it tighter around my fist until a screeching sound escapes the back of her throat whilst the

surface of the table scrapes under the viciousness of her fingernails.

“Yes! I love it! Harder…please!”


My wife has gone wild.

Or have I awoken her sex demon?

“Touch yourself baby!” I scream, bracing my palm on the table top as I slam into her relentlessly. I know I’m close and she’s nowhere close to being satisfied but she’s in luck, seeing that I’m a man of great stamina.

not a one and done kind of man.

Like I said, I’m not

We both moan aloud, our skin slapping together, the table scraping the floor and pushing forward with each hard thrust as we struggle to experience that heightened pleasure.

“I’m close!” Mirabella moans out loud, her continuous whimper following as she works her clit with her fingers whilst I pound into her from behind.

“50 am I…together princess, we’ll do this together.”

And we do, screaming profanitles as we jerk and quiver uncontrollably, I bite down on her exposed shoulder and she bites down on the back

of my palm as we come undone, shattering against each other with harsh pants and rhythmic grunts.

Her body goes limp against the table top and I crash ass first against the chair, heaving out exasperated breaths


Chapter 44

ZZ Jun

About five minutes of comfortable silence passes between us before my wife declares.

“I want more.”


Turning around to face me, she heaves out a shaky exhale with her eyes heavily locked down on mine as she declares, “want more.”


I indeed awoke her sex demon but I love it. I love that now, she’ll play by my rules without any form of argument.

She’s desperate for me and I’ll be sure to use that as an advantage.

I let out a smirky scoff, gesturing her to lean down. Once she does, I grasp her chin between my thumb and index finger, pulling her face closer until her lips are brushing against mine.

“Get on your knees and beg.” I command.

Her brows furrow. “What?”

“If you want me to fuck your pretty little cunt Mirabella, get on your knees and beg for it.”

She holds my stare for long minutes before dropping

pine down on her knees.

Good girl.


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