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Contract With Alpha Logan Chapter 116

Chapter 116

Kylie POV

It had been three months since Katy got pregnant and I was five months pregnant. There was not a single day when we didn’t call each other and talked at length about how we were both suffering or enjoying ourselves.

I had just finished the conversation with her, when my eyes went to the pile of clothes that was lying in our walking closet. My housekeeper hadn’t turned up because of a stomach flu and so I was folding the clothes and cleaning up the space. Logan had asked me not to work at all, but I wanted to keep myself active.

It had been an hour and normal work that I could do within minutes seemed like a gargantuan task. My breasts were getting bigger than they already were, my tummy was huge, I couldn’t wear my previous clothes, I was sweating a lot, peeing a lot and getting irritated with almost everything. Unable to cope up with all the stupid trauma and hormonal changes, I started crying.

“Kylie:” Logan walked into the room. “Girl, what the hell are you doing? I told you to relax.” He came to stand in front of me and his eyes widened in fear. “Why are you crying?”

“Logan!” I cried, and he wrapped me in his arms immediately.

“Oh, baby!” He k*ssed the crown of my head. “Please don’t cry. Did I do something wrong?”

“No!” I sobbed. “I’m just–I’m just-” I looked down at the sundress that I was wearing. “I’ve grown so big. My clothes are bursting and I feel so exhausted. I’ve become so fat and I’m eating twice the normal. What is happening to me?”

He picked me up in his arms and gently walked to the bed with a smile on his face. “Love, you look so beautiful right now.” He set me on the mattress. As I shifted back and rested on the pillows, he crawled over me on his fours. His gaze slid to my engorged breasts. “I’ve been in awe of those breasts ever since, you know-” He lowered my sundress to expose my breast and wrapped his lips around my nipple. When he had sucked them to his heart’s content, he left it with a pop sound. He took my hand to his cock, which was already hard like granite. “Do you know all I dream of is your big boobs all the time in the office? And you’re saying that you’ve grown bigger? For me, bigger the better!” He cupped my breast, and I smacked his hand away, chuckling.

“You are nothing but a big pervert,” I said, wiping my tears. “But, look at me? I’ve grown so round. Is this even normal?”

He grinned. “For me, being with you is normal. I hate to stay away from you and, in fact, I am planning to shift my office to one of the rooms below.”

I shook my head. “Now you’re sounding crazy.”

We had held Beta trials for the Nord pack. Though Gamma Andrew was a fantastic candidate and should’ve been promoted, Logan declared Beta trials would take place. It’s a different thing that Gamma Andrew was now Beta Andrew. He proved to be a great asset. Not only had he worked closely with Ace, he knew the insides out nicely. He beat every other candidate in the trials that were a testament of toughness, bravery and intelligence.

“I am crazy, but for you,” he said and exposed my other breast. He lowered his face to my breasts and rested between them. “This is my favorite place to be.”

My lips curled up as I stroked his hair. “How is grandfather doing? He hasn’t visited us after marriage.”

He mumbled something in between my breasts. I fisted his hair and lifted his face. “Alpha Logan, can you behave just once?”

“No,” he said and went back to where he was. Moments later, he lifted his head and said, “Gramps will come here when you have birthed our pup.”

“I see….” I mused at his words. “You know what? I feel that we have more than a pup here. There are twins, in my opinion. I mean–look at me? I am so fat already!”

He whipped his head up, his eyes sparkling with joy. “Really? That is awesome! How about we go to the doctor and get it checked?”

“We can…” I replied dryly. “But not today…”

The constant ring on his phone forced him to take the call. “Andrew,” he growled through the phone. “What’s so important that you are disturbing my time with my wife?”

Beta Andrew sounded urgent when he said, “We’ve spotted Rebecca.”


Chipere 216

Loga jerked straight up “When be added his expression becoming serious

They are beaded towarth the human town.”

Logan glanced at me. I narrowed any evex and took the phone from him. Andrew”

Yes Lube wait a little malen aback

Capture Rebecca at all costs. I don’t care if you don’t get hold of anyone che”

of course” be replied and disconnected the phone

Rebecca had gone rogue and because he was constantly changing her place, it was difficult to trace her. Rogues weren’t usually near the pack because they were killed when they came near Rebecca took advantage of it. They finally found her after five months, and I wanted to seek revenge for Kay

When I gave the phone back to Logan, I found him smiling at me. “I love you.”

“I love you to0”

And Logan brought his face back to his favorite place

After a chase of two hours Rebecca was finally caught. Andrew brought her to us. As I stood with Logan, I couldn’t believe what I saw.

She looked horrible. And she was stinking so badly that I retched. Her hair was matted and there were dark circles under her eyes. When she saw me, she shouted, “You bloody b*tch! Because of that sickening sister–in–law of yours, I am in this condition. You guys killed my dad and forced me to be a regue. You all are cruel, mean and I hope the goddess gives you the worst punishment!”

Unable to restrain myself. I stepped forward and slapped her hard across her face. She shrieked and fell down and started sobbing. “I knew it she mbled. You all are so wicked! For your own happiness, you’ve destroyed me.”

“We’ve destroyed you? Logan growled. “You were the one who supported Luce to cast a spell on Ace. Wasn’t it?”

She jerked her head up, surprise flickering through her eyes. “N–no. It wasn’t me.”

“Oh. please” I said to her, “Stop with the dramatics. We all know that it was you. Luce has confessed it already.”

When Beau was thrown into the dungeons by Alpha Derek, Luce had cried and cried. The foolish girl was blindly in love with the man who tormented her regularly. I guess it becomes your mentality to accept torture from the hands of someone you love so much. Luce was a gone case. In order to free Beau from the dungeons, she spilled the truth. It was Rebecca who had orchestrated the entire plan.

“She is lying” Rebecca cried. “It was Luce and Queen Cassie!”

“Well, who cares who it was?” I said, crossing my arms across my chest. “Eventually, you were a part of it and that is a crime. Casting spells by winches is banned for a reason. If you like, we can hand you over to the Elder High Council and they will put you in their dungeons, which would be a lifetime of hell for you.”

She scrambled back, shaking in fear. “No, no. Please don’t do that!”

Logan gritted his teeth. “Guards“” he shouted. “Transport her to the Elder High Council. I have all the papers against her. She is not my prisoner. She has committed a crime of the highest nature. And so she should be handed to the Elder High Council.”

Rebecca kept shouting as Logan held my hand and walked out of the place. He took his phone out and called Katy. When he told her what he had done with Rebecca, she said nothing for a few moments. And then she said, “Thanks brother.” I knew she was crying on the other side. I would talk to her later.

Two months later.

Ar seven months, I couldn’t look past my belly. I really wanted to meet Katy, but neither of us could come physically to meet.

Katy, being Queen Katy, had to ensure the safe birth of the heir of the Viking Pack. Besides, Ace didn’t allow her to step out of the castle without him accompanying her.

1 had started feeling so hungry that Logan would get up at midnight to make snacks for me. He was turning out to be the worst cook a girl could find. I couldn’t resist my love for him, so I indulged in all the burnt, buttered breads and sweet omelets.

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

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Kylie stood by quietly, observing as her husband k*sses his high school sweetheart, Zoe, during their two-year wedding anniversary party. Despite his reassurances, Kylie can’t shake the feeling that Zoe’s presence threatens her marriage. Trapped and suffocated, Kylie longs for freedom, even contemplating ending her life. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for Kylie. Fate intervenes when she crosses paths with Alpha Logan, the most powerful Alpha in North America. He offers her revenge against Zoe and her husband in exchange for becoming his Luna for a year. As Kylie grapples with this dangerous proposition, she is drawn to the enigmatic Alpha. Will she agree to the contract, and what will happen as her attraction to Alpha Logan intensifies?


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