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Contract With Alpha Logan Chapter 120

Chapter 120
Astrid POV
The experience left me rattled. Feeling a thousand shades of scared, I stopped only in the driveway of my uncle’s house. It was a nice cottage with a wrapped around porch and lots of greenery surrounding it. The light of the porch was ori, its warm glow falling on the lone swing a carefully crafted plants.
Somehow, I couldn’t stop the feeling of being watched all the time. My mind was into an overdrive of emotions. What if the wolf was watching me with its pack and would attack me any time?
I pounded on the white door, waiting impatiently for them to open. Hurried footsteps across the wooden floor sounded from the other side. When the door opened, I found myself looking at a pair of matching green eyes but dark hair. Nate and Briana..
They both grinned. “Heyyy!” Briana squealed and launched herself at me. “We’ve been waiting for you, girl!” She hugged me tightly, giving me Daisy-like
My gaze went to Nate, who was also grinning. When Briana left me, Nate also hugged me. Though I felt awkward at such a warm welcome, it was a lovely change. I felt like there was a family that liked me, and G o d knew how much I needed this alter mom and dad died.
*Hi!” I breathed, tucking a strand of hair behind my ear, holding my tears back.
My uncle and aunt came over as Briana tugged me inside the house and went outside to get my luggage.
Fred had a strong resemblance to my mom-same strawberry blond hair and green eyes. His wife, Bres, had dark hair with dark eyes on an angelic face.
While Fred stayed behind like his reserved sell, it was Bree who wrapped me in her warm embrace. “How are you?” she murmured kindly.
about your mom and dad. The moment I heard about your parents, I insisted
My throat bobbed as I managed to nod. Bree removed herself. “I’m so sorry about your to Fred that you come and stay with us.”
“Thanks for having me,” I said with gratitude.
“Not at all, love,” she said, immediately making warmth flooding in my chest. “Briana will show your room to you. Freshen up and come. We’re waiting to have dinner with you.”
Ismiled, nodding and glancing at Fred. He had his hands in his pocket and the awkwardness between us grew a nigh high. I didn’t know why he was so uptight about me and mom, but it wasn’t the time to ask.
Briana took me up a flight of stairs as Nate lugged my luggage upstairs. When we reached the landing, she veered left and opened an oak door, revealing a small and cozy room. There was a single bed with a running carpet on one side. A cupboard was on the left with a door to the bathroom. “You can put your clothes and other things here,” she said.
As I scanned my room and Nate placed my luggage in the corner, Briana came to me and held my hand. She bugged me to the bed, and we sat down. “Astrid,” she said softly. “I hope you like it here. Dad may not come across as the friendliest person, but believe me, he has a very salt heart”
“Wicked my lips. “You all are very sweet.”
“We’ve been waiting for you. Dad has also enrolled you in the Cedar Academy”
“What? Already?” I was surprised because I didn’t have those plans
Nate leaned on the bedpost behind his sister. “Officer Hana called us. She wants you to stay here for three to four months Kander ils ont can be a potential threat.”
15:52 Wed, 19 Jun
Chapter 120
Feeling miserable, I shook my head. “Xander…”
“Officer Hana sent your school records to us and dad showed them to Principal Henson. Girl, you are on a roll. To get a 3.9 GPAT That’s brilliant Principal Henson was more than ready to take you in. He even offered a scholarship to you!”
I blushed. I was the top student in my class and had advanced biology.
“Since it’s a Sunday tomorrow, we’ll show you the town, but you can start classes on Monday,” Briana suggested.
“Okay, give her some room. Brin!” Nate said. “She must be hungry.” He looked at me. “Did you have anything on the road?”
That reminded me of the wolf 1 saw. “I have a question. Do you have many wolves in this area?”
Briana frowned. “Wolves? We ve heard people sighting them occasionally, but nothing serious. The wolves remain in the forest. Did you encounter arry?
“I saw a massive black wolf!” I replied nervously.
“Whoa! Tell us all about it,” Nate said.
Bree shouted for them from the kitchen.
“D m n!” Briana got up. “We will wait for you downstairs. Tell us everything about it.”
I joined my family for dinner after taking a good bath. The dinner went rather quietly, with Bree trying to load my plate with more food than required. Fred was, as usual, quiet.
“Why don’t you show our town to Astrid tomorrow?” Bree said to her kids.
“Gladly!” Nate replied, winking at me, and I giggled.
Aber dinner, Bree came to my room with a hot cup of coffee. “Astrid, can we talk?”
“Of course.” I took the coffee from her and crossed my legs on
on the
e bed. After the bath, I wore shorts and a tank top without a bra.
things are low for you at the moment, Astrid, but I’m sure that everything will be okay soon. The Cedar Bree sat down at the edge of the bed. “I know things: Academy is wonderful. It has the best football team in North America. If you like, you can get on their cheerleading team.”
I laughed. “No, thanks!”
Her lips curled up. “Don’t mind Fred, okay? He is reserved, but very caring.”
I bristled and sipped my coffee. I couldn’t help asking the question that was at the tip of my tongue. “Why didn’t he ever visit my mom? He visited only once when I was five.”
She pursed her lips and sighed. “David, his best friend, was engaged to be married to your mom. She left him standing at the altar, choosing instead to elope with your dad.
“What?” Shock rippled through me. “That’s not true…” murmured.
Bree shook her head, taking a deep breath in “Fred was ashamed of Bree, and you know what a small town gossip mill is like? He just couldn’t come to terms with the fact that his sister abandoned his best friend at the altar. Now seeing his sister’s daughter, who looks quite like her, hela, umm shocked? But don’t worry. Everything’s gonna be tine, okay?”
Wow. This was too much for me to Lake In. So i sipped my coffee furiously, wondering if this was the cause of my mom’s stress.
15:53 Wed, 19 Jun
Chapter 120
Bree left after talking a bit more about our family and the weather. “It gets cold here at night. I’m closing the window. She got up and closed it.
Once I was alone, I switched off the bedside lamp and drifted off to sleep quickly. But nightmares of my parents’ charred bodies and wolves hounded me. I got up with a jerk and found myself staring into a pair of gorgeous golden eyes of a man more beautiful than Adonis, who was partially hidden in the shadows. Overwhelmed by confusion, I gasped and instinctively reached for the bedside lamp, questioning the authenticity of this moment and whether it belonged to the realm of reality or dreams. When I turned back to look at him, there was no one. My mouth dropped as cool wind rushed through the room through my open window, which I remember was closed.
My heart pounded like a drummer gone mad. I rushed to the window and stared at the darkness outside. The moon hung low on the cedars, casting its silvery light over them. I chuckled at my madness for dreaming things and closed the window before going off to sleep.

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Kylie stood by quietly, observing as her husband k*sses his high school sweetheart, Zoe, during their two-year wedding anniversary party. Despite his reassurances, Kylie can’t shake the feeling that Zoe’s presence threatens her marriage. Trapped and suffocated, Kylie longs for freedom, even contemplating ending her life. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for Kylie. Fate intervenes when she crosses paths with Alpha Logan, the most powerful Alpha in North America. He offers her revenge against Zoe and her husband in exchange for becoming his Luna for a year. As Kylie grapples with this dangerous proposition, she is drawn to the enigmatic Alpha. Will she agree to the contract, and what will happen as her attraction to Alpha Logan intensifies?


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