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Contract With Alpha Logan Chapter 122

Chapter 122
Kael POV
I was sitting with my brothers, Tracy and the rest of the group that comprised cheerleading girls mostly, in our luxurious cabin villa that mom and dad had bought for us near the woods.
Nestled amidst the lush forest, our cabin was modem, blending in with the rustic charm. It had a breathtaking view of the surrounding woods where me and my brothers often ran in our wolf forms.
Tracy was sitting on my lap with her tongue down my throat. We had come back after a taxing game with the rival team, Lakers Tahoe, and celebrating our victory. Testosterone was high. We all needed to let our steam off.
All the cheerleading girls and my teammates were here. Because we were underage, the alcohol was poured into paper cups.
Aiden was sitting with two girls while my twin brother, Toren, was standing outside, watching the forest with interest, sipping gin and vodka.
I squeezed Tracy’s hips as she fd my mouth with her tongue, I was planning to have her kneel in front of me for a bb, in front of everyone here. And she wouldn’t mind it in the least because she was an exhibitionist. She took pleasure in flaunting her unique closeness to me to the others.
Tracy was Alpha Dereck’s third pup. She was born a few months after me. I had gone to Aiden’s castle a few summers ago, and that’s when she decided she would pursue me. I didn’t mind it because she looked like a decent girl. But these days-her obsession was becoming imitating.
She moaned in my throat, rubbing her c l t over my hard erection. “Baby, I want your she breathed. Her hand shot to my zipper. She opened it and
shaft reached for my penis that was tenting my boxers. I needed this relief badly. She stroked it the way I wanted. “I want to suck you so much!” she said in a husky voice, making me jerk my hips up. She grinned, lowered herself to the ground, and sat between my legs with her eyes focused on my
As soon as she brought her hand to my shalt, my wolf howled inside me. Shocked, I sat straight and stared out of the windows. I growled, low and deep. I needed to get out of here and into the woods. My wolf was begging to break free, and I didn’t know what it was because he had never shown such urgency. There was something in the air that had every part of my body going crazy.
I got up, zipped my jeans.
“Kael?” Tracy whined. “What’s wrong, baby?” she asked, pouting. “Did I do something wrong?
“No, stay here!” Despite my obvious frustration, I replied to her, and went out to be with Toren.
“Kael?” he raised an eyebrow in surprise and looked back through the glass wall towards Tracy, who was staring at me.
My throat bobbed as I pierced my vision through the dark woods, as if trying to find someone or something. A cool gust of October wind blew, carrying the scent of mist, snow, woods, and… honeydew Goosebumps lined my skin as my woll sat inside me on full alert. I had to follow that scent. I sniffed the air and my ears perked up for any movement. Something was drawing me and the pull was like gravity calling me.
“Everything okay?” Toren asked, as he placed his hand on my shoulder. His eyes
swidened when he sensed the change i
inside me.
My woll was tearing me on the inside, wanting to surface. I needed to run, and I needed to follow that scent
Toren furrowed his brows. He knew what I wanted.
“I don’t think so!” The rage inside me simmered. In a few seconds, I felt like I would lose control. I jumped off the railing and landed on my fours. With my hind paw, I scraped the earth, my chest rumbling with a ferocious snarl, I took off towards the forest. I heard Toren jumping right behind me and joining me. A few minutes later, I heard footfalls of Aiden’s wolf.
He mind linked us, “What’s wrong?” he growled. “You guys better give me a good explanation, I was on the verge of getting a bb from two girls!” 15:53 Wed, 19 Jun Chapter 122 “Ask Kael,” Toren replied, and Aiden didn’t ask, because he also felt my need. Icy wind rustled through my fur, providing me with much-needed relief. My speed was twenty times more than what it was in my human form. Every sense was heightened. The intoxicating scent, the drum of a car engine, a tinny music and then a soft beat of a heart. It drew me like a siren. The heartbeat was something I wanted to feel next to my heart, my body. It was like a lullaby and I had to seek it before it got away. I didn’t know what the fk was wrong with me. There was no one who drew me like this. If I found fire at the end of my pursuit, I with going to jump in it and burn. But fire didn’t have a heartbeat, or did it?
I growled as I got closer to the sound of the car running on the highway. A few seconds later, I saw the red Beetle w h i z z n g past me. I could take over it. In a frenzy, I chased it and ran past it, only to stop in the middle of the highway, waiting for the car.
The car stopped and my eyes fell on the most beautiful redhead I had ever seen in my life. Her nose and cheeks were freckled, resembling a condensed constellation in the night sky. Her green eyes were like emeralds t w i n k l i n g in the night’s dark and her parted lips were naturally rosy.
The storm raging inside me found its calm. My restlessness, which was like waves crashing in an angry sea, felt tamed in her presence. I prowled towards her, our connection like a dance of shadow and light. My growl came out as a purr ast walked to her car, to sniff her, to feel her, to make her feel my wolf
I approached her and realized that she was drenched in fear. Her heartbeat had d u p, and she watched me with horror. My woll didn’t like this fear. asked him to take a step back. He argued with me, but he stepped back
I tipped my head up to the sky and let out a howl to tell my brothers that I had found someone they shouldn’t come close to
They howled back in response, understanding my predicament, my urgency
But I knew I was in deep trouble. The girl in the car was a human and my possible mate.
A human mate was never heard of amongst the werewolves. That was the reason we had to stay quiet amongst the humans. We couldn’t reveal that we were werewolves.
Though my father and mother, Alpha Logan and Luna Kylie, wanted me and Toren to stay back in the Nord Pack to train as Alpha and Beta, we both wanted to explore the world. The Cedar Academy was one of the best in the country, and it needed a revamp of its football team. In came me, Toren and Aiden, and the team became a success in a few months. Initially, my father paid for our education, but now we were on a football scholarship. We had already started getting a lot of invitations from the sports companies and colleges to join them
With one last look at her, I ran back to my brothers.
r? Alden asked, bewildered, as we entered the villa. He couldn’t believe that my mate was a human. “Fk man! That’s huge” “You’ve met her?” / “Keep it low!” I growled at him. “No one should know,” He made a gesture of zipping his lips. “So now what?” Toren asked in a low voice, glancing at Tracy who was flanked by her friends and sipping wine. “I want to meet her in my h human form,” I said, wearing my shirt and jeans. “You guys want to come?” “Hell, yes!” Aiden rasped. “I want to see that human!” “But I’m not sure that she’s my mate,” I replied. “Woll, you are giving those fg vibes” Alden chuckled.
And so I tracked her scent and came to know that she was in Briana’s house. My wolf wanted to pee around that house to mark my territory. Unable to control myself, I sat behind her house until it was midnight. And as soon as the lights went out, i climbed through her window into her room. Watching her sleeping, hearing her soft heartbeat, was the most soothing thing I had ever experienced. It took everything in me not to climb into her bed, wrap my
15:53 Wed, 19 Jun
Chapter 122
arms and legs around the little one, and bury myself in her.
Suddenly, she woke up with a start, and I froze when her eyes fell on me. She leaned over to switch on her bedside lamp. I took the chance to slide back out of her window. With my brothers, I went back home but could not sleep.
The next day, I stalked her and eventually pinned her in the diner’s bathroom.
“Astrid,” she said, shaking my hand. A jolt ran down my body, right to my c o c k. She had a body made just for me. She was in her bra and shorts, which made my wolf edgy because I didn’t want anyone to see her like that.
“Nice meeting you, Astrid.” I continued to stand in the doorway, silently commanding her to wear her shirt. She complied and wore the shirt.

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Kylie stood by quietly, observing as her husband k*sses his high school sweetheart, Zoe, during their two-year wedding anniversary party. Despite his reassurances, Kylie can’t shake the feeling that Zoe’s presence threatens her marriage. Trapped and suffocated, Kylie longs for freedom, even contemplating ending her life. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for Kylie. Fate intervenes when she crosses paths with Alpha Logan, the most powerful Alpha in North America. He offers her revenge against Zoe and her husband in exchange for becoming his Luna for a year. As Kylie grapples with this dangerous proposition, she is drawn to the enigmatic Alpha. Will she agree to the contract, and what will happen as her attraction to Alpha Logan intensifies?


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