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Contract With Alpha Logan Chapter 41

Chapter 41

Graham POV
I was having Sx with Zoe when the pain that started from my chst went all the way down to my stomach. It was so intense that I pulled out of her and slumped to her side with my hands pressing into my stomach. In a minute, I was breathless and felt like I would die. I shouted in pain as Zoe looked at me with horrified expression.
“Alpha Graham!” she said as she sat beside me and stroked my forearm.
Throughout the night, I experienced terrible pain, and I knew the source. It had to be Kylie having Sx with Alpha Logan, I had already thrown up twice and my bdy was drenched in sweat when excruciating pain struck me. How could Kylie do this to me? We were fated mates. However, now I knew what she experienced when I had Sx with Zoe and I had Sx with Zoe every day, many times.
My wolf howled inside me for hurting our mate. He wanted to go back to her and forced me to get her back into the pack. The first time it happened, I called her to stop what she was doing. But she didn’t pick up the phone. I texted her at least twenty times to call me back. There was no answer and by the time it was morning, I was feeling sick and pale. I needed my wife back so badly that it became an urgency.
When Zoe came back into my life, I was so happy. She was my childhood sweetheart. I had always loved her. I was sure that Kylie, being the Luna of the pack, would understand my love for her. When I took Zoe in, I was sure that Kylie would accept her, but she didn’t. My love for Zoe doubled when, after ten days of staying with me, she said that she was carrying our pup. An heir is important for a werewolf pack because that consolidates the position of the Alpha amongst the pack members. Since Kylie had produced none, I was ecstatic that Zoe was expecting my pup.
I tried my best to fix the issue, but Kylie just drifted apart. Unlike the other Lunas, she didn’t like to share her wolf. Initially, I thought I’d divide my time between Zoe and Kylie, but I was so attracted to Zoe that I couldn’t stay away from her. And it costed me. My Luna was in someone else’s arms.
Angered as hell, I contemplated attacking Alpha Logan, but frustration mounted because I knew that if I attacked him, I would easily lose the battle. And after that, every other Alpha in the pack was going to ridicule me.
“Alpha Graham,” Zoe said as she kneeled in front of me. “I know you are hurting because of Kylie. I expected our Luna to be more sensible, but she turned out to be such a s c u m.”
“Zoe!” I growled at her. “Kylie isn’t just your Luna, but she is the Alpha of her pack as well. How would a Beta’s
Emergency calls only MO –
Chapter 41
daughter understand Kylie’s actions?”
Her eyes welled with tears. “I’m sorry Alpha Graham, I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. All I ever do is think about you. While we were in the Nord pack, 1 pleaded with her to come with me for your sake, but she refused.”
I recalled how I behaved with her over there. I had bashed her badly. What could I do? I was so jealous of seeing her prettily dressed up and entering the ball with Alpha Logan. Besides, Zoe said how Kylie treated her. But none of that justified what I did to her.
Asher had informed me that there was something going wrong with my pack’s finances. When Kylie was here, she looked after all the businesses and finances and we were in profit, but now we were making suddenly making losses and I didn’t know how to handle. I stabbed my fingers in my hair and took a deep breath in. My wolf, I and my pack needed Kylie.
“Is it alright if I propose an idea to help you get back Luna Kylie?” Zoe’s voice reached my ears and my irritation
“She left because of you. How will you get her back?” I spat.
Her eyes glinted with something dark, and she said, “It’s easy. Allow me to take some decisions.”
“What are you thinking?” I asked, narrowing my eyes.
Zoe lowered her mouth to my pants and opened my zipper. She pulled out my member from inside the boxer and stroked it lightly as she kssed it. “Alpha Graham, I know that Ga m m a Shir belongs to her pack, and she is very close to him.” My brows furrowed as I stared at her, wondering what she was up to. She told me her plan, and for the first time in twenty-four hours, I smiled. “Do you think she will come?” “I am sure she will,” Zoe replied. Then she wrapped her lips around my coc k and started sucking me like she would die if she didn’t do that. I closed my eyes and let her suck my d i c k. This was what I missed about Kylie. Zoe loved me like she would die if she didn’t have me. She was available for me to f u c k her anytime, anywhere. She was submissive, like an omega. Abused by her husband, her trust in marriage had vanished. But with me, she said it was natural. She trusted me and loved me, and I loved her back. Why couldn’t Kylie see this? 2/3 Emergency calls only MO Chapter 41 10081%) 18:40 I hardened immediately and soon came into her mouth. When I opened my eyes, I saw her licking my c u m and my lips curled up. My mood improved, and I became certain that with Zoe’s plan, my old life would return. And this time, Kylie was going to submit to me. This would also teach her a lesson never to mess with me. My fingers went to my nck where she had marked me. “F u c k!” I hissed. It burned under my touch, which took
me by surprise.
By evening, Shir was apprehended from his home and brought in front of me, shackled in chains. Fenris and a few others accompanied him with horror in their eyes.
I was sitting in my office at the head of the table with Beta Asher on the right and Zoe standing behind me. I tilted my head and accused him, “We caught you spying for Alpha Logan.”
Shir gulped as he looked at Fenris for a moment and then brought his eyes back to me. He looked like a deer
caught in the headlights. “I-I wasn’t,” he replied.
“Then how do you explain this?” I shouted, hurling an envelope towards him. “These are your pictures. My spies took them when you were handing my pack’s secret information to Alpha Logan’s spy.”
His eyes widened in surprise. “That’s insane! Why will I hand over any information about our pack? I’ll never do that, Alpha Graham.”
I knew Shir was close to Kylie and that he would never betray me, but for Kylie to get back, I had to sacrifice him.
“Shut up!” I roared. “You did this on Kylie’s orders!”

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

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Kylie stood by quietly, observing as her husband k*sses his high school sweetheart, Zoe, during their two-year wedding anniversary party. Despite his reassurances, Kylie can’t shake the feeling that Zoe’s presence threatens her marriage. Trapped and suffocated, Kylie longs for freedom, even contemplating ending her life. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for Kylie. Fate intervenes when she crosses paths with Alpha Logan, the most powerful Alpha in North America. He offers her revenge against Zoe and her husband in exchange for becoming his Luna for a year. As Kylie grapples with this dangerous proposition, she is drawn to the enigmatic Alpha. Will she agree to the contract, and what will happen as her attraction to Alpha Logan intensifies?


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