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Contract With Alpha Logan Chapter 84

Chapter 84
Kylie POV
Zoe looked at Graham and took his hand in hers as her eyes brimmed with tears. “We were both in love with each other ever since we were in school. We both found mates and got married to them. But the Moon Goddess brought us back together.” She rubbed her belly bump slightly. “And this is the fruit of our love.” She sniffled. “Please Elder Hanks, for the sake of my pup, null the charges against us. Kylie has made baseless charges on equally baseless assumptions.”
“That’s right, Elder Hanks,” Graham supported her. “These are ludicrous charges. Why will I kill my father-in-law? I like Alpha Jonas. He was my father’s friend. And Kylie was my mate. How could I hurt her by killing her father? A mate bond is so strong. She is insulting that bond by accusing me.”
Elder Hanks genuinely looked surprised at his words. I was shocked and Katy snorted. Other Elders shifted in their places and I saw one of them, snickering. Logan sat there calmly.
“Do you wish to say anything. Luna Kylie?” Elder Hanks sighed.
I nodded. “I am so happy that you have finally come to understand the importance of the mate bond, Alpha Graham. Where was it when you brought Zoe into the marriage? Where was it when you spent all your nights with her after she came back to you? And where was it when I was admitted to the hospital after your infidelity to me?” I turned to look back at Elder Hanks and added, “Zoe said that she did it all because of her mate, Alpha Liam.”
“That’s ridiculous!” Zoe shouted. “Alpha Liam abused me. I would do nothing for him!”
I continued, “They did it with the help of an omega.”
“Which omega? Are you dreaming?” Zoe shot at me.
“Xena, the omega you murdered,” I replied.
She started laughing. “Really Kylie? Now you are accusing me of murdering an omega?” She gazed at the Elders. “This all sounds so st upid. I hope you realize it. At first, she accused us of killing her father and now she is accusing us of killing an omega who helped us to kill her father? How ludicrous is this? This is a good cooked-up story! A nice soap-opera.”
“No, it is the truth,” I said.
She stared at me with wide eyes. “You think we will believe you? There is no evidence. Your accusations are unjustified.”
“I didn’t accuse you just like that, Zoe,” I said and waved at the door. Shir walked in through the door with an elderly couple who seemed frightened as they glanced at us. “Do you remember them?” I asked her.
And this time Zoe paled. Her breath lodged in her throat. She looked frozen to the spot.
My gaze went to Graham, who looked confused as he watched the couple walking in along with Shir.
Shir bowed to the Elders and then to us. “Here they are, as instructed by you, Luna Kylie.”
“Thank you, Shir,” I said. He walked to sit behind me beside Katy
“Who are they?” Elder Hanks asked, narrowing his eyes.
I got up. “Elder Hanks, these are the parents of the omega who poisoned my father, Mila and Peter. I would like to interrogate them if it’s okay with you.”
Pin drop silence ensued. And the silence was deafening.
Elder Hanks looked at the other Elders and then nodded at me to continue with my interrogation.
11:14 Wed, May 15
Chapter 84
I turned towards Mila and Peter and asked, “Are you the parents of Xena?”
“Yes,” Peter said. He appeared extremely nervous.
“Are you aware of what Xena did to your Alpha?”
Mila started crying silently as Peter’s blood drained from his face. He fell on his knees and said, “Luna Kylie, we don’t know why Xena poisoned your father, but we were not a part of it. After Alpha Jonas was killed, we were asked by Beta Henry of the Lunar pack to leave the pack and never come back.”
I took a ragged breath in. “How do you know that Xena killed my father?”
Peter’s eyes brimmed with tears. “After we heard that Alpha Jonas suddenly got a heart attack, we were very surprised. We wanted to ask Xena about it because she was his personal maid, but she didn’t return home. Both of us went to search for her. She wasn’t at Alpha’s house or in the pack. We found her body outside the Nightbloom pack. When we brought her back, we found Beta Henry waiting for us. He gave us a thousand dollars and asked us to leave the pack before it was merged with the Lunar pack. Otherwise, he would throw us in the dungeons for killing Alpha Jonas. We were surprised, but as omegas, who were we to question him? We left as soon as we could.”
“None of it is right!” Zoe blurted. “There is no proof that we killed Alpha Jonas.”
Peter’s lips trembled. He took out some papers from his pocket and handed them to me. “When we were leaving, we went through Xena’s room and found these papers. They are handwritten letters from Zoe and Alpha Graham to her. And there are instructions on how to use wolfsbane and when to give it to Alpha Jonas.”
Wolfsbane was the deadliest poison that could kill a werewolf if given in purest form.
Graham looked like he was about to faint while Zoe’s mouth dropped to the floor. They both stared at Peter with wide eyes in disbelief.
I took the papers from him and read them. My vision became blurry when I read the instructions in Graham’s handwriting, Why did he use letters? Because a phone call could be traced. And he was sure that Xena would destroy the letters, but the girl outsmarted him. She didn’t get rid of the letters in case of an emergency. “These are the proof that Alpha Graham and Zoe killed my father,” I said, wiping my tears as I gave them to Elder Hanks.
After Zoe had said that an omega was involved in killing my father, all my focus was on finding her family. It proved to be challenging because her parents had left my pack before it was merged with the Lunar pack. Using Logan’s contacts, I reached every pack to ask if they had Peter and Mila registered as their pack members. I got the confirmation from one pack in the south a week back and since then I was keeping my cards close to my chest.

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

Contract With Alpha Logan by Misha K

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Kylie stood by quietly, observing as her husband k*sses his high school sweetheart, Zoe, during their two-year wedding anniversary party. Despite his reassurances, Kylie can’t shake the feeling that Zoe’s presence threatens her marriage. Trapped and suffocated, Kylie longs for freedom, even contemplating ending her life. But the Moon Goddess has other plans for Kylie. Fate intervenes when she crosses paths with Alpha Logan, the most powerful Alpha in North America. He offers her revenge against Zoe and her husband in exchange for becoming his Luna for a year. As Kylie grapples with this dangerous proposition, she is drawn to the enigmatic Alpha. Will she agree to the contract, and what will happen as her attraction to Alpha Logan intensifies?


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