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Enslaved by the Alpha King Novel Chapter 5

  1. The Alpha King

The other girls and I stood in a row to be auctioned off as instructed by that asshole rogue.

I glanced at Destiny, standing beside me, her tear-filled eyes a stark contrast to the façade we were all forced to wear. My heart ached for her. She had always been the gentle one, the peacemaker, and the thought of her suffering here was almost unbearable.

I grabbed her hand and gave her a reassuring smile. She looked back with a mix of gratitude and worry. We were each other’s rocks, and I had to be sure she’d stay safe.

The auction started and the auctioneer spoke like we were things to buy, taking away our value. There were both intimidating strangers and buyers in the crowd, all sizing us up with hungry eyes.

As the bidding continued, the atmosphere in the room grew more sinister. The buyers’ eyes seemed to light up with greed and lust as they looked at us. The auctioneer’s voice took on a menacing tone as if he was relishing in the power he held over us.

I tried to keep my composure, to remain stoic in the face of this dehumanizing experience, but my heart was pounding in my chest. I knew we were in grave danger.

But it wasn’t just the bidding that made my stomach twist with fear. It was the way the buyers looked at us – like we were no different than the cattle they raised on their farms. They talked about us as if we weren’t even there, discussing our worth in hushed tones like we were just objects to be bought and sold.

My heart pounded in my chest as the bidding for Destiny began. I watched as the price rose higher and higher, each new bid feeling like a knife twisting in my gut. I knew that whoever won her would show her no mercy, and my mind raced with thoughts of how to protect her.

Then, suddenly, a voice from the back of the room shouted out a bid that was far above the others. Everyone in the room stopped and stared as this mysterious figure stepped forward.

“I am bidding on behalf of Alpha Aldric Nilsen of the Blood Diamond Pack,” he announced.

The room fell silent. Everyone knew of Alpha Aldric, the most powerful Lycan in the region. He was the Alpha king, and he was a ruthless and cruel leader, and his ancient Lycan blood gave him unparalleled power. Rumors had circulated in our pack that he was behind some of the worst atrocities in recent years.

I had heard rumors of Alpha Aldric before and knew he was a ruthless and powerful figure, his ancient Lycan blood making him nearly invincible. He was said to be cruel and unyielding, with no mercy for those who stood in his way. I could feel my legs shaking beneath me, terror coursing through my veins at the thought of being taken home by this man.

I could feel Destiny’s hand trembling in mine, and I squeezed it tightly. We were both terrified, knowing that we could easily become his next victims.

His presence here was like a dark cloud looming over us. We were silent as he strode towards Destiny, his gaze burning with an intensity that made my skin crawl. He grabbed her arm and pulled her away from me without so much as a glance in my direction.

“No! Wait!” I screamed, and the Alpha King snapped his head at me.

“Who told you you could speak?” he growled.

“You can’t take my sister! Take me instead!” I offered, desperate to save Destiny from this beast.

My heart froze in my chest as his amber eyes bore into me, almost as if they were seeking to unlock the secrets that I was so desperately trying to keep hidden. His expression was a mask of stone, and I felt a chill run down my spine as I realized that he was the one holding the power over our fate. He seemed to relish in this knowledge, taking pleasure in knowing that his decisions would shape my life.

“Sacrificing yourself for your sister, how honorable,” he said with a hint of a smile on his lips. “But too bad you do not interest me.”

I felt my face flush with embarrassment and anger at his words, and I gritted my teeth in frustration. It was clear that he thought himself superior to us as if we were nothing but mere pawns to be toyed with and discarded at will.

“What? Why don’t I interest you?” I asked, my voice trembling slightly despite my best efforts to remain calm. He chuckled softly before answering, the sound sending shivers down my spine.

“Because your little sister here is my mate,” he declared, his voice as cold and hard as a glacier. Destiny gasped, her eyes widening in terror as she futilely struggled to free herself from his ironclad grip.

“That can’t be true!” she shrieked, her scream echoing in the darkness. But the truth was clear: there was no escape.

“Yeah, right. I can’t think of one reason why this would be false,” he scoffed bitterly, a scowl written in every line on his face as he spoke.

Destiny’s face scrunched up in confusion. “So why didn’t I feel anything?” she said.

“That’s because you’re not eighteen yet,” I said, unable to keep the exasperation out of my voice. Young werewolves can’t recognize a mate bond until they reach adulthood. Destiny was only seventeen, whereas Alpha Aldric had already hit his prime—so he could detect it easily.

“The bond I felt is undeniable. But make no mistake, I have no desire to be stuck with you for eternity. You’re nothing but a silly little girl who is too naïve to see the truth. Ha! Who in their right mind would want to be bound to someone like you?” His gaze was pinning Destiny to the spot, filled with disdain and animosity.

“Then you should just reject me now!” Destiny said. Her eyes were hopeful, and I felt a ray of hope, too. Maybe we can convince him to let her go if he thinks she is insignificant.

“Don’t worry, I plan on doing that,” Alpha Aldric said. “Once you turn eighteen, I will reject you and break our bond, but not before I have some fun with you first,” he said, grazing her cheek with his fingers.

My stomach turned at the sight. “You vile creature! Don’t you dare touch my sister!” I snarled, ferocity radiating off me in waves. “She is only seventeen!”

Alpha Aldric’s malicious laugh filled the room…”I suppose it would be too much to ask for your trust,” he mocked. “But don’t worry, I won’t ruin your precious sibling until she is old enough to handle me.” His words were like acid, dissolving all the hope from the air.

I felt powerless as I watched her being dragged away – this kind girl who had done nothing to deserve this fate. Tears sprang to my eyes as I realized there was nothing I could do to help her now – she was alone at the mercy of this Alpha who had no mercy to spare.

Enslaved by the Alpha King Novel by Angela Lynn Carver

Enslaved by the Alpha King Novel by Angela Lynn Carver

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Aria and Destiny's world have collapsed, leaving them feeling devastated. Just when the sisters thought things couldn't get any worse, they are taken captive by the Crimson Moon Pack, a notorious werewolf group governed by a cruel Alpha king. Forced to endure the pains imposed upon them, they must find their freedom and escape through this dark time. As days pass by, a spark begins to grow inside Aria. She swears to reclaim her freedom and put her life back together again alongside her sister. Her will and determination become stronger with each passing day, but things become complicated when Destiny finds out she is the cruel Alpha king's mate!


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