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Ex-Husband’s Regret Novel Chapter 51

Chapter 51
Betrayed Ava

I stare. My heart beating erratically and my mind racing. How the hell did I get here? How the hell

did I not see this coming?

I was frozen. Mortified. Unable to utter a fucking word. My world was crumbling down around me.

Shattering into pieces.


That one word kept playing in my head. Driving me to the brink of madness then back. All this time. Wondering. Guessing. Searching. My enemy was right under my fucking nose.

“What the fuck is going on” the angry shout pulls me back to this painful reality.

I turn behind me, only to be shocked

Letty was tied to a chair. She looked afraid and pissed off at the same time. She was bleeding from her head. I guess the bastard that kidnapped us hit her on the head too.

I had been so occupied with my fears of dying and trying to get out of this situation that I didn’t notice that she was here. In my defence, she was behind me. I didn’t expect anyone behind me.

“Isn’t it obvious? I kidnapped both of you” our kidnapper says.

“Why would you kidnap her when I’m the one you wanted?” I ask looking down.

I didn’t want to face my betrayer. It was too painful to look at the familiar face.

“It wasn’t in the plan, but then I saw her outside breathing the fresh air. She is related to your family and I knew I could fetch more money if I keep her for ransom” he explains with a shrug.

It kind of made sense. She was Travis‘ girlfriend and from what I know he’s madly in love with

her. He would do anything to get her back including paying the ransom money.

“I don’t get it” Letty begins. “Then what is Ethan doing here? Is he here to rescue us?” She asks

hopefully. 2

His name drives a sharp sword into my heart. Why me? I thought that I had finally gotten a good

man. That everything was falling into place, but this? I never expected this to happen to me.



Letty asks again.

Our kidnapper laughs and answers for me. Something that I couldn’t do myself.

“Save you? Ha!” He laughs again. “He’s the one that hired me to kill Ava!”

I hear Letty gasp. I close my eyes at the pain that assaults me. Thinking about it. Guessing about it

and actually hearing it is two different things.

I had hoped that there was an explanation. That maybe he had an evil twin brother I didn’t know

about. The fact that he hasn’t said anything proves that everything his minion said is true.

I sag against the chains. They were the only thing that were holding me up right now.

How am I supposed to deal with this kind of betrayal? How am I supposed to look him in the eye

knowing very well that he wanted me dead.

All these months, were they all just a game to him? Toying with me and my feelings while he

planned on the best way to kill me.

“That’s impossible. Ethan is one of the good guys” Letty defends him, her voice shaking.

I didn’t want to believe it, but the truth was staring us straight in the fucking face.

Ethan has been playing me for months. Leading me on, getting into my head and my fucking

heart knowing very well that he wasn’t going to stay.

It fucking hurt. Nothing compares to what I’m feeling now. Not even when Rowan broke me did it

hurt as much as what Ethan has done.

Couldn’t he have just killed me without getting close to me? Without making me develop feelings

for him. That would have been kinder than what he did. This was downright mean and cruel.

How sick in the head was he? To make the person you want dead fall for you? He slept with me,

listened to my worries and made me hope for a future he knew wasn’t going to happen.

“Now that you’re here boss…would you like the honours or should I do it?” The man asks grinning

while giving the knife to Ethan.

I finally look at him. He wasn’t looking at me though. He was looking at the man he hired to kill

me.My breath catches when he takes the knife from him.



“Why? Just answer me that” I finally get the courage to ask him. “Why make me like you if you were only using me? If you were planning to kill me. Why pretend? Why sleep with me? Why

Ethan?” I ask him brokenly.

I couldn’t stop the tears that streamed down my face. His eyes were cold as he looked at me. No trace of any warmth. I felt like a piece of meat. Beaten to a pulp and then tossed aside. It

physically hurt to look at his beautiful blue eyes.

Eyes that hypnotized me from the first time I saw them. The day he knocked on my door after I had been shot. Was that day also planned? Did he plan the whole thing?

More pain tears through me at that possibility. That he staged everything to make himself look

like a hero just so I would let my guard around him. (3)

“You don’t have to answer the bitch Boss…she’s going to die anyway” the man sneers in my


They probably laughed at me a million times. Making fun at me for being so stupid and gullible.

Letty screams when Ethan pulls out his gun and shoots the bastard right on his forehead. His blood and probably brains splatter on me but I don’t scream. No sound comes out of my throat.

He turns the gun on me. Pointing it straight in my direction.

“Ethan, please don’t do this…this is Ava! You have feelings for her, remember? I don’t care how things started but I know that things changed along the way. There is no way you were faking the

looks you gave her” Letty pleads on my behalf, but I’m just so fucking tired.

“Do it!” I ground out.

“What the hell are you doing, Ava. Stop it. Stop pushing him” Letty screams at me, but I ignore her.

He doesn’t do anything. Just stares at me with nothing in his eyes. All the emotions I used to see

there is nowhere to be found.

“Fucking do it, Ethan” I scream, as my tears fall down my face.

I watch. My heart breaks into pieces as he moves his finger on the trigger. I want him to end it. To

end all of it, because being dead was better than facing the pain that was slowly destroying me on

the inside. 1

I close my eyes just as I hear a shot ring out in the empty space.

Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M.

Ex-Husband’s Regret by Evelyn M.M.

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Ex-Husband's Regret ava and rowan story by Evelyn M.M. Ava: Nine years ago I did something terrible. it wasn't one of my best moments but I saw an opportunity to have the guy I've loved since I was a young girl and I took it. Fast forward to years later and I'm tired of living in a loveless marriage. I want to free both of us from a marriage that should never have taken place. They say if you love something.... It was time to let him go. I know he'll never love me and that I'll never be his choice. His heart will always belong to Her and despite my sins, I deserve to be loved. Rowan: Nine years ago, I was so in love I could barely see right. I ruined it when I made the worst mistake of my life and in the process I lost the love of my life. I knew I had to step up in my responsibility and so I did, with an unwanted wife. With the wrong woman. Now she has once again flipped my life by divorcing me. To make matters even more complicated, the love of my life is back in town. Now the only question is, who is the right woman? Is it the girl I fell head over heels in love with years ago? or is it my ex wife, the woman I never wanted but had to marry?


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