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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 20

Chapter 20

Slowly, consciousness was drifting off my body, making it almost impossible for me to breathe. My body shook uncontrollably, a mixture of fear and cold intensifying every tremor.

My whole body was shivering and I was trying my best to keep my eyes open but there was no difference as my surroundings were already filled with darkness, making me even more anxious. If the mirror were not at my back, I would not have stood so long.

Just when my legs gave up and I was about to collapse on the ground, the door swung open. My eyes flicked open a little bit and through that blurry vision, I could see the flash light of a mobile and a tall figure, which appeared to be no less than a saviour to me..

His whispered words, soft and comforting, tried to reach my ears, but the panicked symphony in my head muffled them into an indistinct murmur.

When my body was halfway to the ground, he immediately wrapped his strong arms around my waist and pulled me close to his chest.

His cologne and the warmth of his body put me at ease. It seeped through my shivering form, a soothing balm to the chaos that had gripped me moments ago.

My eyes closed on their own, as if I had found a haven.

“Calm down,” he whispered, his warm palm moving in a soothing rhythm up and down my back

My car, which was pressed against his chest, could hear the loud thumping of his heart, indicating that he was as scared as

“Take deep breaths,” he insisted in his soft yet commanding voice.

I started inhaling with an open mouth by keeping my eyes closed. His embrace was assuring me that there was someone to protect me and this darkness or small place could do nothing. He would fight demons for me.

“You are not alone; I am here, dove.”

My eyes shot open as his words reached my ears and my brain discerned his words. This is not the first time that I have heard these words. Someone has said exactly the same in the past, even with the name he used to refer to me.

Pulling my head away, I placed my chin on his chest to look up at him, as he was not ready to let me go. He was afraid something might happen to me if he left me alone.

Just when I looked up, the lights were turned off.

The first thing I saw were a pair of ocean blue eyes looking down at me. They held concern and care for me. He was not even blinking his eyes, making sure that I was in front of him, alive and safe.

Our faces were just an inch apart, his breath fanning my forehead.

Suddenly something clicked in him and he pushed me away. I was taken aback by the sudden action and it took me a second to take hold of myself.

His eyes moved down my body for a second and I realised that all this time I was only in my undergarments.

Iam outside,” he ordered

1 could feel goosebumps all over my body because of the incident and also because of his after-treatment.

“Be quick,” I heard him say from outside

He was standing against the door, keeping it slightly open so that I wouldn’t get scared again.


13:58 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 20

With fumbling fingers, I changed the dress and kept Jasper’s coat in a bag. I will return it to him tomorrow.

When I stepped out of the changing room, I heard him taking a deep breath as his eyes ran down my body.

The dress that came in my hand was a white cotton frock that stopped at my knees. It was hugging my body perfectly. It was the first time that I was wearing clothes that fit me perfectly.

He blinked and moved his eyes away, walking away. Standing there for a few minutes, I followed him and found him ordering the staff.

“It is your duty to send all the selected dresses, along with shoes, sandals, makeup and jewelry, to my pantry by tomorrow morning.”

The manager nodded at his order

What was the need for all those things? It is not like I am going to stay with him for a long time.


I became attentive when he turned around and cocked his head towards me. In the last two weeks, I have started to understand what he wants with his mere actions.

He walked ahead and I followed him like a mad person.

We seuled inside the car and he drove towards the pantry. The journey was silent. It was just me stealing a few glances every now and then.

I stepped out of the car when he stopped in front of his house. The driver took the car for parking while we walked inside together.

“Where is Grandma?” He asked the lady who was taking care of Grandma.

“She slept,” she informed

“She had her dinner. He asked

“Yes, sir, she nodded.


He walked ahead and looked back to make sure I was following Him. Once in a room, he went directly to the bath in the next second, I heard the sound of a shower.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I drew deep breaths. Everything that happened to me today is replaying in my head tired to move even an inch. All I wanted was to rest and forget everything.

After a few minutes, he came out of the shower. His shirt was completely unbuttoned, giving a view of his chiseled ch

I looked away when he walked to the mirror and picked up the comb to set his wet hair. A few droplets from his hair fall

over me.

“Shoot,” he said all of a sudden

“Huh?” I looked up with a confused expression on my face.

We stared at each other through the mirror.

“I could see in your tiny doe eyes that you want to ask something. Ask it already or you won’t be able to sleep,” he said, turning around and now facing me.

Slowly, I stood

I was a bit hesitant to ask, but his eyes said that he was ready to answer anything l’asked.

13:58 Wed, Apr 3 DM

Chapter 20

“How do you know about my phobia?”

This is one of many questions that have stuck in my head since the moment he came for my rescue.

“Before hiring employees, I read everything about them, including their strengths and weaknesses,” he said

He always answers the same whenever I ask him about how much he knows about me.

“But how could you remember everything about me? I mean, there are thousands of employees.”

“Because you are special,” he said, coming back within a second.

Huh? My eyebrows drew together.

“Of course I made you my wife so I must know everything about you. What if any interviewer asks me about you?” He walked towards me, reducing the gap between us.

“Now,” he took another step towards me,

“don’t you


to take a shower and remove the touch of another man?”


My eyebrows drew in confusion once again.

“Jasper,” he clarified

“I only wore his coat, he didn’t touch me in any way.”

Rolling my eyes, I turn around, only for him to wrap his arm around my stomach and pull me close to himself. My back collided with his chest.

“I don’t like any other man’s anything over my wife, he whispered in my ear.

“I am your wife, only for the world. Stop pretending as if we have something in between us,” I retaliated.

“Even if it is for the world, you are still mine,” his hold tightened around my stomach as he pulled me even closer to his chest, “and I don’t share what is mine.”

I gulped and a shiver ran down my body as the words of Grandma replayed in my head. “He is very obsessive about his belongings’

“And I have shared with you enough for years,” he muttered under his breath. The words were almost inaudible but my were still able to catch them.

“What do you mean by you have shared me for years?” I asked, unable to keep it to myself.

I turned around to face him when he didn’t reply. When he expects me to answer his every question than he should


Wrapping his arm around my waist he pulled me closer to his chest. His finger gently moved down from my temple to jaw, tucking the hair strand behind my ear. His eyes following his finger. His move distracted me and I forgot what I aske him before.

“Go and take shower” he ordered in a very soft tone.

What happened to him all of a sudden?

“I am too tired to take a shower right now” I said.

He cocked his head and in the next moment I heard this sound of unzipping. Before I could understand what was happening around, the frock I was wearing was pushed down my shoulders and I was pushed back. I collapsed on the bed with a small bounce.

“It seems like I myself would have to remove his touch from your body”




13:58 Wed, Apr 3

Chapter 201

He removed the shirt which was already open, giving me view of his chiseled chest,

What he is upto now?

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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