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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 35

Chapter 35

“Let give you the taste of heaven while I taste you”

could fully understand what he meant, his mouth was already on her soaked vagina.

Before she co

He blew over it making her shudder and close her eyes tightly.

His fingers reached out for her nipple and pinched them painfully.

“Keep your eyes open and look at me” he ordered.

His voice came out so thick and dominating that she couldn’t help but follow his command.

“Believe me, I will stop the moment I saw you looking somewhere else” he threatened.

His finger thrust into her and at the same time he flicked her clitoris with the tip of his tongue.

“God! Luciano”

She screamed, her fingers locking into his curls. She found herself pushing his head more in between her thighs when all she wanted was to push him away.

He laped over her vagina as a hungry beast while his another digit joined the first one and he moved them in and out of her in a perfect rhythm. Her eyes were wide as she stared down at him.

He looked up, locked his gaze with her as she came undone. Her eyes widened even more, her body lifting up the bed and her soul almost left her body as she moaned her name once again hitting the first orgasm of her life when she was in full senses.

She could see stars in the room, as her body collapsed back with all the ecasty she has just felt.

She was panting heavily when her eyes flicked open slightly and she saw him removing his clothes completely.

Her eyes

blinked multiple times to clear her vision. Holding her

are comowed his full clothes.


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Chapter 35


Vanessa’s mouth ran dry at the sight. She has never seen a naked man before. Her eyes moved down his rock hard chest, tracing his well built body down to his torso to his manhood which was standing erect and long.

A gasp escaped her mouth when she realised that he was well gifted down there. A fear rose to her chest. looking at it. She was scared what it might do once inside her. Or will it fit or not.

She was so lost in staring at him that she didn’t realise when he came on the bed. His hands slid from her waist to gently squeeze her breasts.

“What comes to your mind seeing it?” He asked.

Her eyes flicked to his and she slowly sat up in front of him. Her head felt a bit dizzy with the pleasure which Luciano gave her a few moments ago.

“More than one thing”

He chuckled and her eyes once again dropped down.

“Will you keep staring or do something?” He asked.

“I don’t know what to do” she bite her lips.

He smiled at her, thinking that she is as innocent as she looks. She could never imagine even in her wildest thoughts what men thinks about her when they sees her.

“I want you to touch me,” he said thickly, openly confessing his desires.

She stayed at her place, still not sure what to do. Taking her hand into his, he guides her to his shaft.

“Hold and move your hand along” he told her.

Her eyes moved between him and his hard on before her fingers were hesitantly wrapped around his penis.

It was hard and thick, pulsing in her hand.




Emergency cans only

Chapter 35

A soft moan escaped his lips as he felt her fingers around his penis for the first time, though in his wild imagination she has already done more than just touching

Luciano cocked his head asking her to go ahead, too lost in the moment to utter any word.

She stroked her hand upward and watched Luciano arch in response. Her small thumb stroked over the sensitive head, and he grunted.

Feel empowered, a small smile made it’s way to Vanessa’s lils. She stroked it downward before moving his hand once again upward.

Luciano stared, his mouth ajar as he watched her soft, little palm trying to cover her girth as much as possible.

Vanessa stopped when he grunted louder.

“Did I hurt you?”

“God! No!” Luciano groaned. “Vanessa!”

His grunts and words confused her. His hands reached up as he squeezed her bossoms and pinched her nipples.

“Keep moving your hand” he ordered, frustration quite audible in his voice.

He is not a man with patience but with her he was trying his best to keep his beast at bay because he didn’t want to scare her. He wanted to go po


“That feels good,” he breathed as she began to rub him.

Her palm stroked down slowly, then her fingers would grip around him before easing back up. She rode the length repeatedly, mesmerized bus

look of utter pleasure that across his features.

Gulping down, he opened his eyes which were now dark shade of blue with pure pleasure.

“You need to learn a lot” he muttered before pushing her back on the bed once again.


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Chapter 35

Before she could understand, his hands were all over her body. Mauling, squeezing and caressing her, leaving her a moaning mess.

“You are ready” he said huskily, his fingertips brushed her swollen .

“I don’t want to think anymore.” Luciano whispered against her lips.

He her again, guiding her mouth wider and feeling her thighs clenching together in response.

He spread his thighs apart and sat in between them and she shivered.

“Please, Luciano” she cried.

“What please?” He asked, teasing her.

“I don’t know” she cried and he chuckled.


He smoothed his palm down her thigh, his cock heavy between them. When he felt how soaked she was he gently gathered some on his fingertips, rubbing the slickness across his shaft.

Vanessa was breathing faster, staring at him, feeling her heart might explode. She felt something press against her and arched, eager for more. There was an ache inside her that needed to be satisfied.

“May I?” Luciano asked.

She knows that it will hurt but she trusts Luciano that he will make it less painful.

Luciano drew her leg up his side and pushed forward. Vanessa cried out and clung to him, her nails sharply digging into his shoulders.

It hurts!

She tried to endure the pain but a loud scream left her throat when he once again pushed inside her.

“It will pass,” he said, her forehead.


Emergency calls only

Chapter 35




He waited a few seconds allowing her to accomodate before once again pushing inside, filling her completely. Her teeth sharply dug into his shoulder, her nails scraping her back.

“Just breathe. I will wait.” he cooed in her ear and she relaxed a little bit, moving her head to his neck.

She whimpered into the warmth of his neck, willing the dull pain to subside.

Pulling slightly back, he pushed inside her in one thrust.

“LUCIANO!” She moaned, feeling so full when he was inside her, then incomplete when he pulled out, but soon after she was blissfully filled.

Her eyes were unfocused on his handsome face, suddenly aware her body was rocking with his thrusts, the pleasure was too much for her to handle. His hand sneaked between them to toy with her little nub.

“Luciano,” she moaned, writhing against him. “Luciano, please…”

“Yes,” he muttered. “Beg, dove. Beg me.”

“Please!” she gasped, not believing what she was experiencing.

After several more thrusts, Luciano watched her eyes go wide with and his balls tightened in response.

urgency and surprise. She cried out

“Yes,” he grunted, one hand cupping her face to steal another s. She was pulsing now, squeezing his cock and he couldn’t last.

She moaned again, urgently, sucking on his tongue. He felt her tight walls spasm around his shaft, and hharder. He groaned and strained against her with his own release, reaching to grip the bedframe to pull himself deep as possible.

Spent, he relaxed, both of them sweaty and panting. Finally, he withdrew and lay aside, pulling her to his chest.

“Good night” he whispered

She was too spent to even move her lips. Soon she drifted into deep sleep listening to his heart beat.

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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