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Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace Chapter 4

Chapter 4
Have you ever heard sirens in your ear in silent places?
This is what I am hearing right now as I step onto the twentieth floor, which belongs to the CEO. It is the first time. that I have come here.
I have never come face-to-face with him in the two years of my working here, but I ended up spending a night
with him.
This is how st pid I am!
My heart was pounding in my throat as I stepped out of the elevator and his secretary bent in front of me, welcoming me.
It felt really strange and I wanted to tell her that it was a rumor but she didn’t give me time and guided me to his
“Sir is waiting for you inside,” she told me, going back to her work.
My heart thumped even louder and my palms became numb and cold as I stepped forward.
“What is this, Luciano?”
I flinched as I heard the loud voice of a female. The doors to the office were slightly open, which allowed me to peek inside and I got to see a girl’s back who was shouting at Mr. Valentino.
“Keep your voice low, Sabrina; you are forgetting to whom you are talking,” Mr. Valentino said..
Though I couldn’t see his face as it was blocked by the woman standing in front of him, his voice was so thick and intense that a shiver ran down my spine.
“How can I keep calm after this?” She threw some papers on his desk, which I believe must be the newspapers “It was supposed to be us.”
Oh! So she is his girlfriend.
“I am telling you this for the last time; give me some time and you will know everything. For now, just leave.”
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Chapter 4
Luciano ordered
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“Leave.” His word came out thick and commanding, leaving no option for her but to comply with his order.
She picked up the newspaper and turned around. I became attentive when she stomped out. She was truly beautiful and her figure was no less than that of a model.
I gulped when she saw me. Her eyes moved between my face and the newspaper.
“You b itch,” she said, throwing the newspaper on my face, which took me off guard “How dare you!”
She grabbed my arm in a painful grip but I was still processing what was happening to me and not reacting.
“Leave her, Sabrina, or it won’t be good for you!” I heard Mr. Valentino’s voice from inside.
The girl breathed heavily as she left my arm and stomped away, abusing me under her breath.
“Come inside,” Mr. Valentino ordered me.
With shaky breath and shuddering hands, I stepped inside his office. He was sitting on his mahogany chair, like the owner of the place he was in.
It was the first time I saw him in my senses, which left me with no doubt about why I ended up giving myself to him.
He is drop-dead gorgeous. The living definition of handsome.
“Lock the door. I don’t want anyone to disturb us,” he said.
“Lock the door, Venessa. Don’t test my patience.”
Clearly, he was not in a good mood and something in me was telling me not to mess with him.
But wait a minute!
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Chapter 4
How does he know my name?
Oh, how could I be so stu pid? My name, along with his, is in bold letters all over the newspapers; not only he but the whole town knows my name now.
I turned around and locked the door, as he said.
“Have a seat,” he said, gesturing at the seat in front of him.
I kept my gaze low as I sat on the chair. I didn’t want to meet his gaze, partially because his gaze was so intense that it made me shiver and partially because I didn’t have enough energy. I was sitting in front of the CEO, who could fire me with one flick of his finger, but I didn’t even wish him good morning.
At the moment, I feel like a kid who has been called by the principal for some shenanigans.
“So,” he said, but I didn’t look up. “Do you remember anything from last night?”
I shook my head meekly.
“Do you?” I asked, looking at him with my lashes, hoping that he was also intoxicated just like me and hadn’t. seen everything but his words took me by surprise.
flicked down my body before returning to my face and I looked down again.
“I hope you have also read the news,” he asked.
I nodded.
“So, what do you have to say in this?” He asked me.
“I was not in my senses; you could have…”
“No man could resist a woman who is offering herself on a silver plate,” he cut me off.
I looked up at him in disbelief and found him leaning back on his chair with his arms crossed against his chest.
“Me… I…”
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Chapter 4
“I have a long line of women dying for my attention and you think that I would go for you?”
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is stung
right in the heart.
It was my mistake to drink so much. It would have never happened if I had been in my senses.
“Damage has already been done. There is no use in lamenting over it. It would be better if we thought of what we could do to fix it,” he said, sounding sensible.
“We should go to the media and tell them that it was just an accident and we are not married,” I told him.
“Woah, how intelligent!” My eyes lifted up to him when I heard amusement in his voice: “Who hired you?” He
asked me.
“I could see why you haven’t gotten any promotions in the last two years.”
I wanted to cry.
Why is he being so rude to me?
I am not over what happened to me last night and here he is humiliating me. I can’t even say anything to him orl will end up losing my job as well.
“It would be easy for you to do that because no one knows you but I will lose my reputation in one minute, which I have built in so many years,” he said. “The town will get a new hot topic to discuss and I will be identified as a bad boy who f ucks their own employees. My shares will go down.”
I looked down in embarrassment. The words he used didn’t sit well with me.
“My tear
team is looking for the person who is behind all this and once he is captured, the news will be taken down and everything will be fine, but by then…”
He opened his drawer and picked out something before standing and slowly walking to me. My eyes followed his every step and my gaze lifted to him when he was standing beside me.
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Chapter 4
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I gulped as he bent down to my face level. My body froze in place when his hot breath fanned my face and his intense gaze bore into me.
How could someone look so stunning and smell so heavenly?
I was getting drawn into him more and more when I felt him sliding a ring onto my finger and before I could react, his next words took me off guard.
“You have to pretend to be my wife.”

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

Fake marriage From Betrayal to Billionaire’s Embrace by Dayyyyydreamerrr

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