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Faking It With Damian Black Novel Chapter 39

Chapter 39
I looked up from the magazine I’d been reading when the door opened. Like a puppy waiting for its owner, I sat taller on the couch, shoulders slumping when it wasn’t Damian standing at the entry.
Candice and Andrea stood by the doorway, their hands cram-full of groceries and shopping bags. Our eyes met. I forced down the disappointment coasting through my chest and put on a convincing huge grin… or so I thought.
“Gee… if I had known we weren’t welcome here, we wouldn’t have gone through the trouble of buying you Korean food and assembling the cavalry.” Candice rolled her eyes and stepped aside, allowing the said cavalry to make their way up the threshold.
Gianni Molina.
“Oh my Go d.” I gasped, hands coming up to my mouth at the same time mist clouded my sight. War mth inst antly swallowed my gloomy mood. Gian barrelled through the house, enveloping me in his warm embrace, and I c ould n ‘t h o ld . my so b s back.
Gian and I had been friends since college, and I hadn’t seen him in over a year.
“I hope those are happy tears, Amore,” he murmured against my hair. I nodded and curled my arms around his waist, soaking his shirt with my tears.
Candice and Andrea joined our little group hug.
“I’m a little hurt that you didn’t cry when you saw us, but I also cried when I saw Gian at the airport, so I forgive you.” Andrea mumbled. I chortle against my so bs.
“I’m still mad that Gian would leave his little hut in Thailand for Millie and not for my wedding, Candice butted in, making all of us laugh.
Gian went off the grid, only sending us emails and holiday greetings to let us know he was still alive and well.
“Isn’t my gift enough to compensate for my absence?” Gian murmured in his defense. He gifted Candice and Aaron an all- expenses-paid trip to Italy, which she had yet to use.
“You can’t bribe me, Gianni Molina!” Candice giggled, wiggling out of our group hug slapping Gian’s shoulder playfully.
“Me! Me! You can bribe me,” Andrea squealed, hands raised. “I’d love to see Italy.”
“Did y
you get married?” A crease formed on Gian’s forehead as though he were ruminating over his own question
Andrea frowned, lps pouting. “That’s not fair. I hate weddings! “You’re a wedding planner!” I pointed out. “That’s why I hate weddings!” she countered, crossing her arms and stomping her feet like a petulant child. All Gian could do was shake his head and draw the three of us into a giant bear hug again. “I can’t say I miss the tantrums and draina.“ And we fall into a fit of laughter. “Damian called you?” I asked Candice, laying the takeouts on the island one by one. They brought ingredients for samgyupsal along with japchae, rabokki, kimchi, bulgogi, tteokbokki, and soju. 09:27 Sat, Feb 10 Chapter 39 Damian flew to California yesterday afternoon for business. To say I hadn’t gotten a wink of sleep last night would be the understatement of the year. To Damian’s credit, he called me as soon as the plane landed in California, asking me how I was doing. I lied, of course, but as always, the guy knew I was lying. A week has gone by, and I’m already attached to Damian and this house like a love-sick puppy. “Yeah.” Eyes narrowed to slits, Candice tallied all the ingredients like she was at a budget meeting. “We forgot the portable burner, Andrea sighed, frowning. “Damian has a camping cook set somewhere here,” I said, sliding from my seat and searching the shelves for the camping stove. 2-On her “Yeah?” Andrea questioned, amusement dancing in her eyes. “You’re really playing house well with Damian, huh?” tippy toes, she helped me search the top cabinet for the cook set Sitting silently on the other side of the island, Gian asked. “When did this even happen? You and Damian?” Apart from being Candice’s stepbrother, he doesn’t know Damian on a personal level. Gian and I met in college, he instantly became the girl’s version of Candice in my life. I’m sure he doesn’t know about my childhood crush on Damian, but why does it sound as if he does? This isn’t part of my plans. If Candice hadn’t bought my lie about Damian, I had no doubt Gian would also see through my lie. Gian’s assertiveness was on a different level Shoulders stiff, I tried my luck and grabbed the camping stove from the top shelf, set it on the island, plastering a toothpaste-worthy commercial smile. “I think we’re really meant to be,” I said. Andrea and I settled back in our seats. “You remember I had a huge crush on him in high school?” “You did?” Andrea’s eyes were wide as dinner plates. “I didn’t know that!” The accusation was crystal in her tone as she pulled up her long, red hair in a high ponytail. Guilt gripped my throat. I’ve forgotten that Andrea doesn’t know about my agreement with Damian as well. “I did,” I said, helping Candice place the meat on the grill pan, the mouthwatering flavors of meat permeating the air as it simmered in the pan. “But it was a long time ago. I mean, I was in high school, and I thought I hid it well.” I nudged Candice’s shoulder. My best friend rolled her eyes. “You have googly eyes every time Damian is in the room, Millie.” Andrea’s eyes sla nted. “I think there’s a backstory here, but go on. Tell us how it happened,” she said, scooting closer to Gian as though she had found an ally against Candice and me. I kept a steady face, looking straight at Gian’s striking blue eyes, ignoring the chills spiraling down my spine. Gian was the silent type of guy back in college, and we only got together when we needed to do a project together. He might have kept to himself, but because of his natural Italian streak, he attracted attention from the opposite S* without even trying. He stood a towering six foot three, with dark blue eyes, natural glowing olive skin, sharp jaws, and messy dark hair. And he had that unapologetic gaze that tells you he’s assessing you whether you like it or not. Right now, I am the subject of those dark eyes.
“Well, you already know how things ended between Hunter and me, right?” I busied myself by turning over the sizzling meat on the pan.
Candice and Andrea hummed, but Gian’s jaw fluttered. I forgot he was out of the loop.
“I told you that stronzo is good for nothing,” Gian said through gritted teeth, reaching for the bottle of soju. He ran his gaze down the label, frowning. “Where is the f ucking wine, Bambina? He asked Candice..
Candice pouted. “Can’t you at least try something other than wine?”\/\
ask something. Bambina? Hm?” Gian stood. As if he’d been here before, he went straight to the wine cabinet and
09:27 Sat, Feb 10
Chapter 39
took out a bottle of Cabernet Sauvignon. Taking a wine glass from the side of the island, he took a long sip. Each gulp and bob of his Adam’s apple felt like a timer to my sentence.
In my time knowing Gian, I learned how overprotective he could be with the people he cared about.
“Tell me how that stronzo hurt you, and I’ll decide what to do with him.”
“Gian-” I groaned. “It’s all in the past.”
“Past my as s.” Candice grabbed the soju Gian abandoned and filled two shot glasses, handing one to Andrea. Since I was still on medication, it’s classic orange juice for me. My mouth watered for a single taste of their alcohol.
Gian’s eyebrows knitted together, pinning me with a ‘dare to f ucking lie to my face look.
I sighed and narrated how I found Hunter and Natalie in his apartment. When I was done. he had almost finished the entire bottle of wine.
“What are you thinking?” I asked, stuffing a bacon strip into a lettuce leaf and chewing it slowly.
“You don’t want to know,” he murmured, accepting Andrea’s stuffed lettuce leaves.
“What is that supposed to mean?” I frowned. It’s not his statement that bothered me; it’s the way he looked and how dark his eyes were. The urge to physically hurt someone vibrates off of him. It’s both scary and surprising.
Tell me about Damian,” he pressed. “Is he treating you right?”
Oh, he’s treating her like a princess, Andrea answered for me. “Have you seen those bdyguards patrolling outside? He turned this place into a fortress in just over a week.” Apart from the bdyguards, Damian had installed alarms and smart locks in the house.
“And she deserved to be treated like a princess,” Gian murmured. “That goes for you two as well. If Nick ever treats you like sh it, tell me, and I’ll put him in his place. And I don’t care if you’re married to Aaron. If he f ucks up, he’s dead.”
Candice made a pff sound. “What the hell happened to you in Thailand? You sound different.”
“Yeah. You almost sound like Nick and his crazy motorcycle gang members, Andrea piped in..

Faking It With Damian Black Novel by Louise Jane

Faking It With Damian Black Novel by Louise Jane

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I didn’t mean to say I was dating a guy hotter than my ex- fiance who cheated on me with my friend.In my defense, I had nine glasses of wine, my career as a social media influencer imploded in my face, and the Mean Girl at my high school reunion got into my head.I scanned the crowd, looking for an escape, and my eyes landed on him, Damian Black, my best friend’s stepbrother. He was the hottest guy back in high school, and like most girls, I had a huge crush on him.l asked him for a favor, to be my pretend boyfriend for the night. To my surprise, he agreed, but then he said, ‘I’m gonna collect. A favor for a favor. ‘Of course, I agreed, except the word of our relationship spread like wildfire in real life and on social media. I was ready to publicly apologize and set the record straight right away, but then Damian was ready to collect his favor. He asked me to take the role of his girlfriend and move in with him. I had to abide by our deal, and it was all for a show. What could possibly go wrong?


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