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Faking It With Damian Black Novel Chapter 63

Chapter 63


Xander peered down at me, his brown eyes questioning. For someone who took pleasure in pushing my buttons, I’m surprised by his assertiveness. No doubt, recognition was written all over my face.

I had to give this one to Damian. I did not see this coming.

“Thanks for the dance.” Xander lifted my hand to his mouth, k*ssing my knuckles and winking at me.

I was so fixated on Damian that I didn’t bother glowering at Xander.

Damian. My God. He looked different but the same. Still beautiful and never fails to take my breath away. Everything faded as he stepped closer. The music played by the band and the people swaying around us became inconsequential in his presence. Nothing mattered but the man smiling at me, his seeking eyes roaming over my features.

“Millicent,” his voice was low and steady. My name was a sweet sound falling out of his l*ps.

My breath got caught in my throat, my heartbeat galloping. He was really here,

“Damian,” I swallowed, pinching myself back to reality. “What… what are you doing here?”

I bite my tongue. ‘Really, Millicent? That’s all you got for him? What are you doing here?’

In our month-long separation forced by his absence, I’ve pictured this moment a hundred times and rehearsed what I would say to him. ‘What are you doing here?’ was definitely not part of the script.

I’ve got questions that demand answers. He ignored me. I was mad and annoyed and aching inside, but I knew I had no right to be. How f**ked up was that?

“I believe I asked for a dance,” He flashed that same smile that had my heart melting into a puddle of goo.

Pursing my l*ps, I stood taller, shoulders squared, and leveled him with a stare. “No.”

His eyebrows knitted. “No?”

“No, Damian,” my voice was firm.

Chapter 63

“What?” He blinked, surprised that I declined.

Does he think I would be pliant to whatever plot he’s playing again? Not anymore.

Fist clenched on my side, I turned and forced my shaking legs to move, taking one step at a time, careful not to trip and fall as I walked away from him. Weaving through the dancing crowd, I exhaled loudly when I made it through, but Damian was on my heels before I could get far.

“Millicent, wait.” His rough fingers circled my biceps. His hold was gentle, loose enough for me to snatch my arm back as though his touch burned me.

“What is it, Damian?” my voice was pitchy.

“Can we talk?”

“Talk? What for? You didn’t bother talking to me for a month,” I huffed.

“There’s no excuse for that,” he murmured, looking around. We’re at the corner of the reception, far enough to have privacy, but Damian has another idea in mind. “I’m here to clear the air between us.”

I could decline. It’s f**king tempting to deprive him of the right to ever speak to me again and let things end this way. We don’t owe each other anything. He made sure I got that message loud and clear in the last four weeks.

If I let him explain, it would complicate everything again. My brain and b*dy couldn’t be trusted when it came to Damian. But then the fact remained. He will always be a part of my life. I would see him at family gatherings and important holidays, and knowing myself, I would always wonder what happened and why he suddenly disappeared, so I nodded.

His tensed shoulders loosened as he sighed, then he tipped his head to the dimly lit walk path circling around the villa.

“Walk with me?”

He steered us away from the reception, away from the glowing lights of the lanterns and the chatter and music of the celebrating crowd. We walked in silence. Electric pulse zapped my skin each time his knuckles would brush against mine as we lumbered under the light of the moon,

He was in deep thought. I could hear the gears in his mind moving against the cacophony of mine.

“I went after Aidan,” he said once we paused at the banks of the lake behind the villa, the moon glowing against the waters.

Chapter 63

“Where is he?” I asked, dreading the answer he’d give me.

“He can’t hurt you again.”

Struggling not to panic, I asked calmly. “What did you do to him?”

“Do you really want the answer to that?” I sucked in a breath, looking at him with wide eyes. The gray moon illuminated his side profile. There was a crumple in his forehead, and his mouth pulled down into a frown. He’s brooding. Something dark lurked underneath that calm mask he was wearing.

Words elude me. Do I want to know? From Damian’s tone, something had happened to him and Aidan. Something that would change the way I looked at him.

He turned to face me, hands tucked in the pockets of his dress pants. His hair was longer now, its ends rubbing the collar of his dress shirt, a few strands falling over his forehead. He looked tired and weary. Offering a sad smile, he murmured, “I kept my promise, Millicent. That’s all you have to know.”

Oh, no.

Though fear and panic made my belly clench, I tried to keep my voice controlled, repeating my question. “You didn’t-” I shook my head, the words trapped in my throat.

Damian remained perfectly calm, his breathing shallow as he smiled at me. “I didn’t kill him, if that’s what you’re asking.”

Relief washed over me. His answer didn’t mean Aidan was unharmed, but at least he’s still alive, right?

I licked my dry l*ps, rubbing my hands together as the cold air caressed my bare skin. “Is that the reason you didn’t return my messages and calls?”

Gazing into my eyes, he pinned me with a stare that poured loads of bricks on my chest. I prepared for this day since I realized I’d fallen in love with Damian. He’s about to end everything. Put a period on our story.


I choked on my emotions, staggering back on my heels. “You don’t have to explain,” I said. “I perfectly understand?

His eyebrows curled. “You do?”

I hummed a yes, facing the waters. “Can I tell you something?”

“Go on.”

Chapter 63

I smile at the dimness of the night, remembering how everything started. I never thought this was where my drunkenness would lead me, falling for my best friend’s stepbrother.

“Kissing you at the reunion was the silliest thing I had ever done. And entering that contract…” I shook my head. “I was so scared no one would believe we were together, except everyone did. Even our families.”

Damian chuckled. “I had the same thought. It was a desperate move on my part. I pretended I wanted to save you from humiliation when you were the one saving me from my mistakes.”

My voice cracked when I said, “I would miss it.”

He glanced down at me, his eyes traipsing over my face. “Me too.”

“Thank you, Damian,” I whispered, blinking away the sting in my eyes.

“I should be the one thanking you, Millicent,” he said, pulling his gaze away from me and facing forward. “You showed me how it is to be properly loved and cared for.”

There was a crack in my heart that began to grow, creeping through each nook until it burst into a million tiny, irreparable pieces. This was it. F*ck it hurst. It took my

all not to fall back on my a*s and hug my knees. “You were a pretty amazing boyfriend.”

He grinned at me, showing me a glimpse of the man I’ve grown to love the more I get to know him.

“Don’t gloat.” I rolled my eyes, punching him on the shoulder. “You deserve an Oscar, but that was it. It’s all for a show. And it came to an end.”

He hummed in agreement. “We were both pretty into it.”

Except that my feelings became real. I’ve fallen without a safety net or parachute. Now, I must find the strength to pick up the pieces of myself again or what’s left of it. This breakup was different. I already knew it was meant to take place, yet it still f**king stings.

Hands clenching the fabric of my skirt, I thought of an excuse to extract myself from this conversation. “I have to-,”

“I have-” Damian said at the same time.

I didn’t have the strength to continue this ending anymore, so I smiled at him. “I have to go back to the reception. Will you be staying the night?”

He nodded. “I booked a room at Summerfields and had an interesting chat with your dad.”

Chapter 63

I frowned. “With dad?”

“Yeah.” His smile was strained. “I kinda had to.”


It took him a while to respond. Dragging a hand over his hair and blowing a heavy breath, he said, “I told him about our contract.”

“You what?” I winced. No wonder Dad was insistent I take his offer to work here at the farm. “Why did you do that, Damian?”

“I had to,” he murmured, his gaze piercing. “You deserve better than a fake relationship.”

My frown deepened. “Yeah. We already established that, but why drag my father into this? He had nothing to do with this.”

“He had everything to do with us, Millicent,” he stated firmly.

‘Us,’ my brows met in the middle, confused. There was no us. He just ended it. What kind of game is he playing?

I sighed, and my head began to throb. All these push and pull were making my head. spin. “I don’t understand what you mean, but whatever. It’s over now.”

“Yes, it is,” he pressed.

I narrowed my eyes on him. Does he have to slap that in my face?

“Fine.” I spun around, gasping when he grabbed me by the waist, yanking me to his chest.

“You look adorable when you’re mad, you know that?”

I couldn’t keep up with this conversation anymore. Splaying my hands on his chest, I pushed him away. He yanked me closer. “What?”

He lifted his hand to my face, tucking a few strands of my hair behind my ears. “You deserve better than a fake relationship,” he murmured, his breath hot on my cheeks.

“I know. Now let me go.” Fist curled, I feebly pummeled his chest with it.

Ignoring my protest, he pressed his forehead against mine. “You deserve a real one, Millicent.” My eyes widened. “We need to end pretending and start a proper one.”


Chapter 63


He shook his head. “I want to give it all to you if you let me.”

He had to tell my father about our deal so he could ask for his permission.

As though he read my mind, he smiled. “Now you understand why I had to tell Robert? I need his permission so I can court you properly. Bring you flowers and chocolates, ask you out on dates while your father threatens to kill me if I don’t take you home before midnight.”

I giggled, tasting salty tears rolling down my cheeks. Damian swiped his thumb over my cheeks.

“So, will you let me?” Hope shone in his green eyes

“Let you what?” I asked coyly, nibbling my lower l*p.

He groaned. “Let me love you properly, Millicent.”

He knew the answer before I even gave it. The bastard was fighting off a smile. How could someone break my heart and piece it together like it was brand new? Only Damian Black.

I nodded, threw my arms around his neck, and pressed my lps against his. A glimpse of our new beginning flashed before me with each glide and caress of our l*ps.

Faking It With Damian Black Novel by Louise Jane

Faking It With Damian Black Novel by Louise Jane

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I didn’t mean to say I was dating a guy hotter than my ex- fiance who cheated on me with my friend.In my defense, I had nine glasses of wine, my career as a social media influencer imploded in my face, and the Mean Girl at my high school reunion got into my head.I scanned the crowd, looking for an escape, and my eyes landed on him, Damian Black, my best friend’s stepbrother. He was the hottest guy back in high school, and like most girls, I had a huge crush on him.l asked him for a favor, to be my pretend boyfriend for the night. To my surprise, he agreed, but then he said, ‘I’m gonna collect. A favor for a favor. ‘Of course, I agreed, except the word of our relationship spread like wildfire in real life and on social media. I was ready to publicly apologize and set the record straight right away, but then Damian was ready to collect his favor. He asked me to take the role of his girlfriend and move in with him. I had to abide by our deal, and it was all for a show. What could possibly go wrong?


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