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Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel Chapter 60

Chapter 60

Along the way, Sophie was very nervous. Her hands could not help but turn cold.

Roger did not say anything, but he kept holding her hand.

His hand was very warm, making her subconsciously feel a little dependent.

Soon, the car arrived at the villa area where the Dawson family was located.

As expected of a time–honored family. The entire area was the Dawson family’s. After walking uphill for a while, they saw a straight boulevard.

In front of the boulevard was the castle–like villa. The carved fountain stood in front of the

door, the trickle of water shimmering in the sunlight.

The entire villa had a sense of history. The atmosphere was solemn.

Roger and Sophie got out of the car together.

Sophie looked up at the Dawson family’s mansion and could not help but feel a little nervous.

This was her home, but she had only been home for the first time in twenty years.

She was both excited and afraid.

Roger could feel her nervousness and said calmly, “I need you to lead me in.”

Only then did Sophie realize that this was not the Nicholls family. Roger was not familiar

with it.

However, the thought of going through the door together with him made her less nervous.

After all, compared to him, she was indeed the host of the Dawson family.

“Let’s go.” Sophie nodded and helped him through the door.

At this moment, the door of the mansion opened.

The butler hurried over with six servants.

“Mr. Roger, Ms. Sophie, welcome back.” Although it was his first time seeing Sophie, the butler called her Ms. Sophie very well–trained.

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Chapter 60

Sophie immediately felt a sense of belonging. She nodded and said, “Hi.”

“Please come with me. They have been waiting for a long time,” the butler said.

“Alright,” Sophie replied and followed the butler into the mansion.

The entrance to the mansion was a long palace–style corridor. There were swimming pools of different sizes on both sides. The corridor in the middle was shaped like a Gothic–style corridor pillar. When people walked in it, they inexplicably felt like royalty.

Unlike the Nicholls family’s ancient castle, although the Dawson family’s mansion had a more historical feel, its internal structure was relatively novel. Moreover, artificial intelligence screens, televisions, and even service robots could be seen everywhere.

Soon, the butler brought Sophie and Roger to the main living room of the Dawson family.

Just as the butler had said, Marcus and Bianca were sitting on the main seat of the sofa, waiting for them.

As soon as she saw the two of them enter, Bianca immediately stood up excitedly and said, “Hi, Sophie!”

Blood ties were really strange. Ever since Bianca met Sophie last night, she had not slept well for almost the entire night and had been thinking about her.

As expected, she received news from Timothy early this morning that Sophie was really her biological daughter.

After Timothy returned, he had already told them everything he had seen and heard about the Nicholls family. When Bianca heard that Sophie had actually suffered a lot in the Bourn family, she felt sorry for the entire morning.

When Bianca saw Sophie, her eyes could not help but turn red. “I’ve heard about it. I didn’t expect you to suffer so much in the Bourn family. How have you lived all these years?” Bianca said.

‘I am simply stupid. I don’t even know that my biological daughter is suffering alone outside and has even been pushed downstairs and paralyzed. How pitiful!‘ Bianca thought.

Marcus was no longer as distant as before. He said solemnly, “You’ve suffered at the Bourn family. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely let them pay for it!”

Chapter 60

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‘The people from the Dawson family will never be bullied! In particular, Russell and his wife had bullied my precious daughter! I will definitely not let you off!‘ Marcus thought.

Sophie did not expect Marcus and Blanca to be so concerned about her. For a moment, she could not help but feel warm in her heart and a lump in her throat. “Dad, Mom, are you willing to acknowledge me as your daughter?”

Seeing how uncertain she was, Bianca’s eyes reddened. “My dear, we’re family. What do you mean by whether we acknowledge you or not? It’s just that Mommy lost you for a long time. You don’t blame Mommy, right?”

Sophie shook her head with tears in her eyes. “No, it’s not your fault. I’m already very satisfied to be able to return to your side,” Sophie said.

Sophie knew that from today onwards, she was no longer an orphan without parents.

“You’re satisfied just like that? You are really easy to satisfy.” Suddenly, a clear voice sounded from upstairs.

Sophie subconsciously looked up and saw Benjamin, walking downstairs with one hand in his pocket. Behind him were her eldest brother, Kenneth, and her third brother, Wesley.

Unexpectedly, her brothers were all here. Sophie’s eyes widened in surprise. “You’re all


Wesley smiled gently. “Since you’re home, we naturally have to be present and welcome.


Wesley had personally tested her DNA. There was no mistake about this sister of his. After all, she really looked too similar to Bianca.

The eldest brother, Kenneth, said seriously, “Our family should know what happened 20

years ago.”

Sophie immediately nodded seriously. “I want to know that too,” she said.

As the few of them were talking, Timothy and Lucas returned home.

As soon as Timothy entered, he took out two bags of files. “We’ve investigated all the information on the newborns and the arson case twenty years ago.”

Lucas poured a glass of water and handed it to Timothy. “Drink some water first.”

Chapter 60

  • 10% 13:04

In order to rush back before noon, the two of them had been running around for the entire morning without even drinking any water.

Timothy nodded and took a sip of water.

Seeing this, Marcus said, “Since everyone is here, let’s sit down and talk.”

Everyone nodded and found their seats.

Only Evelyn, for some reason, did not go downstairs.

After Timothy sat down, he took out the information and said to everyone, “Twenty years ago, there was no surveillance in the hospital, and the police investigation conditions were limited, so we still haven’t found the real culprit of the arson. However, from the traces at the scene, someone did set the fire. Moreover, after Lucas and I investigated, we found something strange. This arsonist–only lit the curtains in the nursery and didn’t use lethal gasoline or other flammable things to set the fire. That’s why there weren’t so many arson tools left at the scene, and there weren’t any more clues.”

Kenneth frowned slightly and said, “If it was a deliberate arson, it should be very well- prepared. Could it be a last–minute idea?”

Timothy also nodded. “That’s what our colleagues in the task force suspect, but the motive is unknown, and we haven’t found the person, so it’s not appropriate to say anything. However, we can be sure that…”

“Let me explain.” Lucas saw that Timothy was getting addicted to deduction again, so he quickly got to the main point. “Although we don’t have any leads on the arson case, we can be sure that the nursery was set on fire, and the nurses moved the children away in a panic. The hospital speculated that they must have carried the wrong child at that time…”

Lucas gave a concise conclusion, and only then did the Dawson family’s people come to a


“So it was at that time that they carried the wrong baby! That’s why we didn’t know about Sophie’s existence all these years,” Benjamin said excitedly.

All these years, they had been raising other people’s children, but Sophie was suffering outside. This was really the biggest joke in the world.

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
Falling For My “Disabled” Wife by Veronica Winifred” Sophie Bourn finally managed to escape from the Bourn family. However, she never expected that it would be in the way of a marriage as a stand-in bride. It was all because Laura, the biological daughter of her foster parents, did not want to marry a blind man. Therefore, Sophie’s foster mother forced her to leave the Bourn family and take Laura’s place. To outsiders, Sophie seemed like a disabled girl who could only live in a wheelchair, but little did they know that Sophie was skilled in medicine and had long since cured her legs.Roger Nicholls was a pampered and privileged young man from a wealthy family, yet he was “blind.” At the arrangement of his family, he was forced to marry Miss Bourn, who was also disabled. After they got married, Sophie gradually found out that her “blind” husband was a bit strange. He couldn’t see anything but would ask her to close the door when she showered. When she got hurt, he would help her immediately. Could it all be a coincidence? It wasn’t until one day, when Sophie was almost killed and he came to her rescue, that Sophie realized he wasn’t actually blind.


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