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Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel Chapter 64

Chapter 64

Seeing that Clifford admired Roger so much, Marcus stopped talking.

This was because the Dawson family was able to develop to its current state because of Clifford’s ability to choose the right people.

The person Clifford had his eyes on would never make a mistake.

Although Roger was blind, he might really be the best heir of the Nicholls family in the future.

After all, when Roger’s father, Peter, was alive, others knew how Clifford supported him.

Since Clifford did not agree to break off the engagement, Marcus could not say anything.

“Dad, since you’re here, let’s sit down and have a meal together,” Marcus said as he stood up and gave up his seat for Clifford.

Clifford sat down pleasantly and said to Marcus, “You all know how bold Peter was when he was alive and how smart Roger was when he was in school. I believe that Roger will become better than Peter. Even if he’s blind, his heart is not. In the future, with the Dawson family’s support, Roger will definitely not lose to the Nicholls family’s two brats.”

At least in Clifford’s opinion, the two brats from the Nicholls family were inferior to Roger from head to toe.

Kenneth and the others were a little surprised. Clifford never vouched for anyone, but they did not expect him to be so sure of Roger now.

Seeing that Clifford was unhappy, Marcus quickly comforted him. “Dad, we were just making a suggestion. Since you support Roger, we won’t object to this marriage

Clifford had a unique vision. Marcus was very sure of this.

Seeing that Marcus was sensible, Clifford smiled slightly. “That’s good. Roger can accompany Sophie back home today, which means that he has Sophie in his heart. Moreover, God has already arranged it. Then we’ll accept this marriage. The two of them have already registered their marriage. There’s no reason to break off the engagement,


Chapter 64

Clifford said.

Sophie listened from the side with an indescribable embarrassment on her face.

She had never thought of breaking off the engagement, but her family had indeed almost convinced her for a moment just now.

After all, gratitude was not love.

However, she did not expect Clifford to actually admire Roger. Her thoughts immediately dissipated.

‘Clifford is right. Perhaps this is fate, Sophie thought.

Since Clifford was so sure of him, Roger did not remain silent. Instead, he said in a low voice, “Clifford, please trust me. Since Sophie is married to me, I will definitely treat her well. Moreover, I will also think of a way to treat my eyes. Even if I don’t think for myself, I don’t want Sophie to be mocked and criticized in the future.”

Roger’s words were sonorous and powerful, causing the Dawson family people to fall


Only then did Benjamin say in a deep voice, “That’s more like it. If you’re willing to be treated, we’re also willing to help you find the best doctor.”

They really did not want Sophie to take care of a blind person for the rest of her life.

“Alright, thank you very much, Benjamin,” Roger replied to Benjamin with a smile. Seeing that Roger was so sincere, Benjamin did not object to this matter anymore.

Marcus also heard Clifford’s words, but he still said solemnly, “The engagement will not be broken off, but now, you are still missing a wedding. We don’t care what the previous Bourn family people did, but the rule of the Dawson family is that there must be a wedding before the real marriage can be considered. Only after the wedding can I let my daughter live with you. Please understand, Roger.”

After all, they had not seen Sophie for so many years. Now that Sophie was married, they would like to let her stay at home for a while.



Chapter 64

Sophie did not expect Marcus to talk to Roger about this. She felt a little embarrassed for

a moment.

These days, she was already used to living in the Nicholls family. When she thought about moving back to the Dawson family before marriage, she actually felt a little nervous.

However, Roger thought for a moment and seemed to understand Marcus’s thoughts. So he said, “It’s what I should do, I owe her a wedding. This is indeed my fault. I also understand that you have just found your daughter. You must want to spend more time with her. I’ll talk to my grandfather about this when I go back. I will send Sophie back to the Dawson family first. She’ll move back after the wedding.”

Seeing that Roger was about to send her back without any hesitation, Sophie was actually a little disappointed.

‘After all, we have lived together for half a month. Although we didn’t have any physical contact, we are a couple now! How could he send me back just like that?

‘But then again, since I live in the Nicholls family, he could only sleep in the study. Forget it. I will be merciful and go back home for the time being.

‘After all, it is good to reduce the conflict with other family members and reunite with my family,’ Sophie thought.

The Dawson family’s brothers were also very supportive of this suggestion. All of them were very happy that Sophie could go home.

Only one person at the table had a dark expression.

Evelyn originally thought that even if Marcus and Bianca acknowledged Sophie, she was already married and would definitely rarely go home. Evelyn would definitely have more opportunities to accompany Marcus and Bianca than Sophie. Sooner or later, they would love Evelyn again and chase Sophie out.

However, Evelyn did not expect them to bring Sophie back to stay for a while.

When Evelyn thought about how she would have to see Sophie in this house every day in the future, she felt indescribably angry.



Chapter 64

However, no one cared about what Evelyn was thinking. In fact, no one even noticed her


Clifford admired Roger very much and would talk to him from time to time.

Sophie and Roger were the focus of everyone’s attention, and Evelyn had completely become the foil for this family!

Soon, the family finished eating.

The Dawson family warmly led Sophie and Roger to the living room to chat for a while. When the sun was setting in the west, Roger said, “It’s getting late. I’ll go back first today. I’ll send someone to send Sophie’s things back tomorrow.”

Roger’s words made it clear that he did not intend to bring Sophie back home.

Sophie’s heart instantly felt empty and uncomfortable.

She actually felt that for a moment, she was like an abandoned puppy.

But when she came back to her senses, she quickly pulled herself together.

‘Sophie, when do you become so dependent on others?

‘Roger’s eyes were still blind. How can you rely on him so much?‘ Sophie thought to herself.

After regaining consciousness, Sophie immediately said to Roger, “Then I’ll stay in the Dawson family today. Thank you for having to send me my luggage.”

To be honest, Sophie was touched that Roger was so considerate.

It was just that the thought of separating from him made her feel a little awkward.

Roger smiled gently. “It’s my duty. You are welcome.”

Then, as if sensing her disappointment, he leaned closer to her ear and lowered his voice. “Don’t be anxious. I’ll go back and prepare for the wedding. When the time comes, I’ll marry you legitimately.”

This sentence instantly made Sophie blush. “Who’s anxious? I’m not…” Sophie said.



Chapter 64

‘I don’t want to marry you at all, Sophie thought to herself.

Roger smiled. “Alright, I was anxious. Take good care of yourself these few days. Call me if

you miss me.”

These words made Sophie blush even more.

‘Who would miss you? How pretentious!” Sophie thought to herself.

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel by Veronica Winifred

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist: ,
Falling For My “Disabled” Wife by Veronica Winifred” Sophie Bourn finally managed to escape from the Bourn family. However, she never expected that it would be in the way of a marriage as a stand-in bride. It was all because Laura, the biological daughter of her foster parents, did not want to marry a blind man. Therefore, Sophie’s foster mother forced her to leave the Bourn family and take Laura’s place. To outsiders, Sophie seemed like a disabled girl who could only live in a wheelchair, but little did they know that Sophie was skilled in medicine and had long since cured her legs.Roger Nicholls was a pampered and privileged young man from a wealthy family, yet he was “blind.” At the arrangement of his family, he was forced to marry Miss Bourn, who was also disabled. After they got married, Sophie gradually found out that her “blind” husband was a bit strange. He couldn’t see anything but would ask her to close the door when she showered. When she got hurt, he would help her immediately. Could it all be a coincidence? It wasn’t until one day, when Sophie was almost killed and he came to her rescue, that Sophie realized he wasn’t actually blind.


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