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Falling For My “Disabled” Wife Novel Chapter 76

Chapter 76

In an instant, the brothers fell silent. Wesley wanted to bite his tongue. What was wrong with him? He really touched a sore spot!

Anyway, there was no way to hide the truth. Timothy said calmly, “Evelyn is indeed studying at Habourland University. Ever since I started school, she has been causing a ruckus at home. My parents had no choice but to let her study two years in advance, so she’s in her fourth year of university this year. She’ll be reporting to school today.”

Sophie was speechless.

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She had no choice but to enroll in her fourth year of university just for her graduation certificate. She did not expect that Evelyn would also enroll in her fourth year of university just because she studied two years in advance.

“I see,” Sophie replied, pretending to be calm.

However, at this moment, Evelyn uddenly entered the dining room and said in shock, “What do you mean by I’ll report to school too? Other than me, who else wants to go to Habourland University?”

Her brothers had already graduated! She should be the only one still studying at Habourland University. Why did

her brothers say that just now?

Upon seeing Evelyn, the brothers felt a headache coming on.

Wesley patiently explained, “I forgot that you were grounded the day you came back. I didn’t tell you that Sophie is going to Habourland University to study too.”

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“She’s also going to Habourland University to study?” Evelyn was filled with resentment after being locked up for three days. She was happy that she had come out of seclusion early because she was going to report to school. She did not expect to hear such bad news when she went downstairs!

Unable to suppress the anger in her heart, Evelyn asked directly, “Why? She didn’t even go to high school. How is she qualified to attend Habourland University? Moreover, the university has never recruited transfer students,


Sophie wanted to go to Habourland University? Dream on!

Evelyn’s attitude was very overboard, causing Kenneth’s expression to be a little ugly. “On what basis? Just because Sophie’s results in the college entrance examination back then were good, and she was the top scorer in the middle school examination. After the principal of Habourland University saw her results, he agreed to let her


“What? The principal has already agreed?”

How was this possible?



Chapter 76

Even if Sophie was the top scorer in the middle school examination, she had not even taken the college entrance examination. How could they make an exception and enroll her in Habourland University?

Looking at Evelyn’s incredulous expression, Timothy said in a low voice, “Of course, if the principal doesn’t agree, we won’t fight to send our little sister off”

Evelyn gritted her teeth.

As soon as she went downstairs, she vaguely heard her brothers fighting to send Sophie out.

So it was to send Sophie to school!

Every time Evelyn wanted her brothers to send her to school to show off, they would always make excuses!

Now, they were so attentive to Sophie!

These people were indeed fence–sitters!

Just like Marcus and Bianca, they were liars who were full of lies!

They said that no matter what, they would treat Evelyn as family!

Actually, in their hearts, Evelyn was not even worth a strand of Sophie’s hair!

Evelyn had never hated anyone so much, but at this moment, she really wanted Sophie to die!


Benjamin’s face turned cold as if he had noticed the terrifying gaze that Evelyn was giving him. “Evelyn, you’ve been locked up for three days. Haven’t you reflected on yourself? You’re still so indignant. You’re so unrepentant.”

At the mention of confinement, Evelyn’s eyes flashed with hatred and fear.

After three days of confinement, she clearly realized that she was no longer the daughter of the Dawson family.

In fact, she had even lost the right to call Marcus and Bianca her parents.

They were no longer her mother and father.

This was even worse than an adopted daughter!

Therefore, Evelyn could no longer openly hate Sophie.

Because they were a family, hating Sophie would only make the Dawson family people want to chase Evelyn, this fake daughter, away.

Gritting her teeth, Evelyn could only endure it. She pinched her thigh and forced her eyes to turn red.

“I, of course, I know I was wrong. I just couldn’t accept it that day. I called them ‘Dad‘ and ‘Mom‘ for 20 years, but


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Chapter 76

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they’re no longer my parents. That’s why I rushed out so impulsively. I’m sorry, Kenneth and Benjamin. I won’t mess

around anymore.”

Unexpectedly, Evelyn suddenly changed the topic and admitted her mistake.

This made Benjamin a little uncomfortable. He quickly glanced at Kenneth.

Kenneth was very calm. “It’s good that you know your mistake. Sit down and eat.”

Evelyn saw that she had succeeded and immediately sat down.

Sophie looked at Evelyn’s expression and her eyes darkened. She felt that it was a little unreal that Evelyn had suddenly admitted her mistake.

At that moment, Marcus and Blanca had also walked into the dining room. As if they had heard Evelyn’s words, Marcus said, “It’s great that you know your mistake. Evelyn, it’s indeed time for you to change your temper.”

Evelyn’s eyes flashed with unwillingness. Ever since Sophie returned, Evelyn had been scolded and lectured. It was rare for Evelyn to get her father’s approval, so she immediately lowered her head.

“I know I was wrong. I’ve thought about it a lot in the past three days. Indeed, if I hadn’t taken over my


identity, she wouldn’t have been wandering outside for so many years and suffering so much. It’s all because of me that she couldn’t reunite with you guys. It’s all my fault. I won’t argue with Sophie anymore in the future. I won’t let my father worry anymore.” After saying these pitiful words, Evelyn suddenly raised her head and addressed Marcus

as her father.

However, Evelyn instantly changed her words in disappointment. “I forgot that I’m no longer qualified to call you my father. If you’re willing to adopt me, I’m just an adopted daughter of the Dawson family. You’re right. From today onwards, I’ll stop calling you my parents.”

Evelyn’s eyes were filled with desolation, and her small face had changed from being arrogant to miserable.

She was once the Dawson family’s arrogant and spoiled little princess.

At this moment, she looked like a little girl who had been picked up.

Bianca’s heart felt like it was being torn apart.

After all, she had raised Evelyn for 20 years.

Bianca subconsciously looked at Sophie. “Sophie, your sister already knows her mistake. She hasn’t found her family yet. We’re considered her adoptive parents. It’s indeed a little strange for Evelyn to stop calling us her parents. We’re not used to it either. Why don’t we become her godparents?”

Sophie knew that Bianca was soft–hearted.

Evelyn’s words were tear–stained. If Sophie refused again, it would seem like she was being insensible.



Chapter 76

Forget it. If Evelyn sincerely repented, Sophie would try to get along well with her.

“Evelyn, you can decide on this. I don’t object.”

Seeing that Sophie had agreed, Blanca’s heart could not help but relax, and her eyes were filled with guilt.

Sophie was really too sensible. She was so sensible that her heart ached.

Evelyn watched the mother–daughter relationship from the side, but she was very jealous.

It was hard to accept that Sophie was the one to decide what Evelyn called Marcus and Blanca!

When had she ever been so lowly?

‘Sophie, just wait and see! Sooner or later, I’ll return these feelings to you, or even worse!‘ Evelyn thought to herself.

However, on the surface, Evelyn pretended to be generous and said, “Thank you, Sophie.”

Seeing that Evelyn’s attitude was still alright, Sophie did not argue with her and ate in peace.

Sophie did not eat much to begin with. After drinking some milk and eating an omelette, she put down her bowl and chopsticks and waited for the others to finish eating.

At this moment, Kenneth suddenly said, “Sophie, are you done eating?”

Sophie did not understand what her brother meant and nodded suspiciously. “Yes, I’m done eating.”

Kenneth stood up immediately before the others finished eating. “I’m done eating too. Let’s go. I’ll send you to


As soon as these words were spoken, the brothers finally reacted. They had not finished eating yet, but their big brother had already snatched Sophie away!


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