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Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Chapter 106

Chapter 106


“That monster is my brother’s wolf,” Alpha Louis confessed, revealing how he had witnessed his sibling’s descent into darkness, driven by an insatiable thirst for power despite already possessing the throne. The Alpha recounted the tragedy of his brother’s inability to rein in the lupine part of his nature, so he resorted to transforming it into its own malevolent entity. Alpha Louis acknowledged his own culpability, admitting that his oversight and preoccupation with the Emerald Bright Pack, his soulmate, and newborn son, Reuben, had led to devastating consequences. If only he had diverted his attention from his immediate concerns to his brother, he could have stopped and exposed exactly what types of evil deeds he was committing, perhaps the outcome would have been


“Louis, is this the reason you pushed for Reuben to assume the position of Alpha King?” inquired Alpha Adam.

Alpha Louis nodded solemnly. “I kept my brother’s secret at the behest of our father, it was his dying wish. He was aware of every nefarious deed that had been committed by my brother, but his hands were tied as he lay on his deathbed. The problem was that he valued our family’s reputation above all else. If my brother’s transgressions were to come to light, it would besmirch our royal lineage. I agreed to honor his final request, especially since Dark’s disappearance meant that he was not an immediate threat. I believed that a wolfless King could rule the Kingdom without issue, as long as my brother’s misdeeds remained hidden. However, I desired Reuben to ascend to the throne for the Kingdom’s welfare, never anticipating Dark’s eventual return. My brother had assured me that he would never come back but now I realize that he lied. He even hide the fact that Dark, who is originally his wolf, can take his own human form thanks to the evilness he had gathered over the years. How could a human be different from his wolf? They both are the same,”

he recounted.



Chapter 106

Upon hearing the backstory, my head spun. I exited the children’s room and made my

way to the bathroom to splash water on my face, hoping to clear my thoughts. The deceit and malevolence of the past now threatened to engulf Reuben and Willow, who remained oblivious to these revelations. Yet, it was Willow that stood the most to lose in this mess due to her evil blood. She was like a once sleeping volcano with that evil blood inside her that could erupt at any point!

I clenched my fists, consumed with worry. What if the evil inside of her manifested itself? With Dark already wreaking havoc, the prospect of Willow becoming another harbinger of destruction loomed ominously.

I closed my eyes out of frustration, berating myself for being aware of such crucial information yet powerless to act on it. Moreover, Reuben remained blissfully unaware of his mate’s lethal powers capabilities.

I drew in a slow deep breath, at that moment memories of my past encounters with Willow flooded my mind. Suddenly, I noticed something peculiar. “Damn it!” My eyes shot open.

I hastily exited the washroom and made my way to Bix’s house. “Bix!” I called out upon entering the living room. His home resembled a witch’s den, with every object carefully placed, nothing was to be disturbed or touched unnecessarily.

He emerged from his bedroom, concern etched across his face. “What’s the matter?” he inquired.

“Mind–link Reuben immediately!” I urged, my tone desperate.

He furrowed his brow. “Regarding what?”

“The dormant evil within Willow’s blood that must never be awakened under any circumstances!” I stepped closer to him. “Do you recall how Willow overpowered me in the clearing a few days ago without even shifting into her wolf form? As a pure Omega



Chapter 106

blood, it’s impossible for her to defeat me. Yet, she did so with ease. Do you know why?

Because that day, she was consumed with outrage over my ill remarks about Walter. She

was emotionally provoked and lost control without her being aware of it,” I explained


“Still, how does that correlate with the awakening of her evil blood?” he raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“Every time she’s emotionally provoked, shattered, or loses control, her evil blood is triggered!” I exclaimed.

“What the…” Bix stared at me incredulously. “Are you absolutely certain?”

“I am! At least, that’s what I’ve observed when it comes to Willow. We can’t gauge the extent of emotional damage she’s endured during the last few days with Dark. It would be safe to assume that she is teetering on the edge. If she were to lose her temper, become emotionally provoked, or shift into her wolf form, then we’re in for something far worse!”


“Alpha King?”

I stared at Dark with wide eyes. His expression remained calm and unchanged when he locked gazes with me. He did not care to oppose or deny that Dark was indeed… “Alpha King Alden!”

The corner of his lips curled into a smile, “I am Dark, Alden’s wolf,” he admitted.

“The Alpha King’s wolf?” My jaw dropped, “Does that mean the Kingdom has been run by a wolfless King all these years?”

“Yes, Alpha King Alden is just a puppet King without a wolf,” Reuben stated, walking in. “Due to the fact that the fucked up other half of his nature is wandering around wreaking



Chapter 106

havoc,” he added, his eyes locked on Dark.

“You are not welcome here, boy,” Dark smiled but it was sharp enough to cut glass, “I am thrilled that you could manage to make it this far alive to get to my palace. I will be generous and allow you to leave this place with your life still intact,” his voice was grave and full of pointed threats. Though, what really surprised me was the location that Dark had been holding me in. It turned out the dark maze was none other than the Alpha King’s palace! A place that no one would have expected me to be but Reuben came searching for me here. My heart squeezed.

“Obviously, I am going to walk out of here alive…” Reuben crushed the cigarette with his shoe, “with my soulmate,” he countered, his eyes blazing with confidence, causing Dark’s smile to instantly drop.

Dark’s aura grew darker and colder as the room around us got darker and darker. It was a very bad sign. “Your mate bond with my Rose was a mistake. Now she is mine, I have rightfully claimed her,” he remarked, his voice even more grave.

Reuben didn’t even glance at the darkness around him, “Nothing belongs to you motherfucker. Not my soulmate or the world that you dream of ruling,” he glared veins popping out of his neck.

Dark chuckled, “did you just say your soulmate, lover boy? How about you look at her neck, it will help you clear any misunderstandings you may have. So you can fucking give up as you can see I am in no mood to shed blood on my wedding day. The New Moon is close and I don’t fucking have time to deal with a love sick puppy like you?”

Reuben’s eyes moved from my face to my neck. I clenched my fists, fearing his reaction. Was he going to think that I betrayed him? He tore his eyes away from Dark’s mark on my neck and met mine. The blank look in his eyes was the scariest thing I had ever imagined. “What’s with your crying face?” he chuckled, “You have only lost my mark, I still bear your mark on my neck,” he smiled as he spread his arms wide, “A mating mark doesn’t define our love, right? Come here, Willow,” he smiled, making my heart beat intensify. We


Chapter 106

were…. still soulmates.


I bit my lip and nodded, ready to give in to my instinct to run over to him.

“That single wrong decision will not only cost your children’s life but him as well,” Dark’s voice came from behind, freezing me on the spot. I found myself standing in the middle of the room, between Dark and Reuben as Dark’s mocking voice entered my ears, “Choose wisely, Rose. This decision will bring another storm of death into your life just like the one you made eleven years ago.”

I glanced over my shoulder at him then at Reuben whose heart was rapidly beating in his chest over the matter as it was about our children’s life. My heart clenched when I recalled the illusion of Wyatt and Lori’s death. I had to choose between Reuben and children.

“Willow, our children will be safe,” Reuben promised, looking deep into my eyes. “We will go visit them very soon,” he added, stretching his hand out to me.

I looked at his hand but did not move a muscle. Dark’s victorious smile grew wider at Reuben’s expression. I took a deep breath then without a second though, I raced all the way over to Reuben and hugged him tightly. “Reuben…” My whole body shook with the rollercoaster of emotions of losing him and finding him again.

He immediately returned my tight embrace, “It’s alright,” he kissed my head, his heart beating faster in happiness now that I had chosen him over Dark.

Dark frowned bitterly, “Did you just choose him over your children?”

pulled slightly away from Reuben, placed my hand on Reuben’s chest, then glanced over my shoulder at Dark, “I am choosing to trust my mate,” I whispered.

“You still haven’t learned who your real soulmate is, right?” Dark’s eyes turned red in rage, “You have a great deal of confidence in him, don’t you?” he growled, the darkness took on a very frightening state around Reuben and me. “Now you will be responsible for his



Chapter 106

death!!” he roared, then vanished into the darkness. He had some mysterious powers that I was not sure that we could defeat. Moreover the door that we could exit had disappeared into the ether, leaving both of us alone in the creepy darkness.

“Where did he go?” I gasped, looking around only to be stunned by the three large black wolves pouncing on us out of the darkness. “Reuben!!” I yelled, immediately shielding him with my body, ready to shift into my wolf and fight to death but a black wolf with mismatched eyes smirked up at me as a fourth wolf came at Reuben from behind. Their target had only ever been Reuben.

“Don’t shift, no matter what happens,” he whispered, suddenly pushing me away. “I don’t want to loose you again…”

I staggered away. What… what did he just do? Had he pushed me away? He saved me and… facing Dark alone?

my heart dropped in my stomach thinking about his actions as I immediately looked back to find all four of them closing in to kill Reuben.

“NO! REUBEN!!” I screamed at the top of my lungs but what I saw next stunned me. Reuben shifted into his wolf but not just one, he also turned into four wolves that pounced on Dark’s four wolves.

Dark was caught off guard. Reuben ripped off half of his wolf’s face, before he violently kicked away Dark.

A howl echoed in the room before Dark landed on the ground in his true form, I stood up with a bloody face. “How did you get powers that were the exact opposite of mine?!” Dark growled, glaring at Reuben who had also shifted into his human form.

“Did you think that I would come unprepared?” Reuben’s lips curled into a half smile, his body held a different grace the exact opposite to Dark. “Get ready to die, fucker.”


Chapter 106

Dark’s eyes widened when he realized, “You’ve taken on Louis’s royal powers?”

Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

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Willow “It can’t be my baby!” Reuben tossed the pregnancy report onto the bed where I sat, my eyes wide with shock. “What do you mean?” I stammered, my voice hardly escaping my throat. My heart sank as I watched him deny his own flesh and blood. “I returned from the pack after two months, and now you’re telling me you’re pregnant? Does that even make sense?” Reuben’s growl was filled with frustration. My mind went blank as I stared at my soulmate. I had anticipated his return with excitement, expecting him to embrace me and share in the joy of our first child. I had imagined he would be overjoyed to know that he was going to be a father. However, I never expected Reuben to react with such rage to the news of my pregnancy, indirectly accusing me of infidelity and rejecting his own child. “It’s our baby, Reuben,” my voice shook, “Have you forgotten that you showed up in my room two months ago when you were in a rut? We made love the whole night without protection.” I tried my best to remind him of that night, desperately seeking Reuben’s soft, love-filled eyes, but all I got in return was sternness and growing bitterness. “So you’re using my rut as an excuse?” he growled. “I was in rut, but you were in your senses, right? If I hadn’t used a condom, you could have used the morning-after pill or birth control to prevent this from happening. Or at the very least, you could have told me about our mistake that night.”


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