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Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Chapter 42

Chapter 42


“I finally found you, Willow.”

I gasped as Walter pulled me into a sudden hug. The heat burning inside me was extinguished as if I were thrown into a river of ice, but it wasn’t because of my proximity with another man. It was due to my suspicions that I was going into a heat coming true because of Reuben. The extremely cold, dangerous, and deadly aura I felt behind me made my heart drop into my stomach. I froze in that two–second hug, realizing the ominous presence came from Reuben. When I pulled away from Walter and turned to stop Reuben, it was already too late. Reuben had acted.

Reuben roared, “WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU’RE HUGGING HER?!” He shoved Walter away from me before pulling me into his chest. My mind screamed at how quickly I was back in his embrace and at the force with which Walter was thrown.

off me.

“No! Walter!” I gasped, desperately wanting to pull away from Reuben and assess Walter’s condition. My mind raced with countless possibilities, had he been flung into something, sustained a severe injury or worse? Perhaps impaled on a jagged object? However, I didn’t even have a chance to act as Reuben gripped my chin firmly. Dex’s fury burned in his eyes as he forced me to look at him, overriding my immediate concern for Walter.

“Eyes. On. Me,” he growled, each word punctuated with a dangerous intensity. The madness in his dark green eyes betrayed the possessive obsession that had been sparked by Walter’s embrace which was something that he absolutely could not tolerate. His gaze demanded full attention, overriding any concern for Walter’s well–being.


I complied with his demand to stop him, keeping my gaze fixed on him, acutely aware of the madness in Reuben’s eyes. It was more pronounced now than it had been years. ago when a stranger had hugged me in a club while dancing. Back then, Reuben had almost torn the man’s hand off, the guy had mysteriously vanished after being taken to the hospital. It was insane how even after six years apart Reuben’s obsession hadn’t diminished. Instead, it seemed he’d become a ticking time bomb, and I was the trigger.

“Well, well. Looks like we’re onto something, aren’t we?” Walter’s voice tinged with amusement emerged from behind me. It was clear he wasn’t exactly pleased with what had just transpired. Reuben redirected his focus, his gaze locking onto Walter’s, hist demeanor growing darker in response to Walter’s demeanor. Although I faced Reuben, I glimpsed Walter’s figure reflected in his eyes. Walter stood, untouched, and at a

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Chapter 42

distance. Earlier, the sharp scrape of shoes against the dirt had reached me. It seemed Walter had managed to steady himself against the shove. How could I have forgotten?


Walter wasn’t an easy man to overpower. He wa not back down either. I swiftly made

a decision to step in before things escalated further, but I paused in my actions when I noticed a shadow materializing behind Walter.

“If something’s truly starting how about I join the fun, human…” Bix’s voice whispered into Walter’s ear as he loomed behind him, gradually pressing his long claws into Walter’s n*eck.

The gradual slide of Bix’s nails against his throat seemed like a threat that would end the game, yet Walter’s expression remained unchanged as he addressed Bix, “I’d love to have some new people join the fun, but labeling me a human might be a tad premature, don’t you think?”

As Walter spoke, Bix felt something brushing against his abdomen. Lowering his gaze, he discovered a sizable silver dagger, exuding a thirst for blood, poised against his abs, seemingly ready to strike at any moment. “Ohh.., so you’re a hunter, Bix remarked dryly, his eyes devoid of emotion. However, Oran’s gaze held a dangerously intense look at witnessing Bix’s life being threatened.

“If you so much as leave the slightest scratch on his b*dy, your soul will be wandering this world until the end of the time, searching for your lifeless shell, Oran’s voice. though low, dripped with a bloodthirsty warning as he half shifted.

“That’s enough!” I yelled, whirling around to face them all, unwilling to witness this madness any longer. “No one is starting anything here. All of you, stop it this instant. There will be no fight, no killing, and no bloodshed!” I stated firmly, trying to bring an end to the escalating tension. It was unsettling to see even Oran, who usually handled matters quietly, becoming violent at a moment like this.

I strode over to Bix and Walter, placing a hand on each of their wrists. “I said stop,” I reiterated my final order firmly, casting a decisive look at both of them.

Bix frowned in displeasure but complied, retracting his long claws from Walter’s throat Simultaneously, Walter obeyed my command, withdrawing his blade from Bix’s stomach, all the while sporting a charming smile.

“Willow, you’re as dominating as ever. That’s why I have fal-

“Shut your mouth before I punch it,” I interrupted sharply, shooting a deadly glare at Walter. I knew if I didn’t stop him, things would escalate beyond my control and whatever nonsense he was going to say would fall on Reuben’s cars.

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Chapter 42

“Alright,” he acquiesced, flashing another handsome smile as his weapon vanished neatly into his high–end jacket.

Oran, Bix, and even Ella, who had silently observed the scene from the front yard, fixed their gaze on me, their unspoken questions scratching at my resolve. Slowly, I pivoted to confront Reuben. He was the one I needed to handle at this point or the things were


“Walter is not an enemy. He’s my friend, I asserted, locking eves with Reuben.

“You’re friends with a hunter?!” Bix’s displeased voice cut through the air. “I wonder why I’m not f**king surprised!” he taunted venomously.

“Yes, he’s a hunter, but…” I began to explain.

“Walter Abbott, one of the richest men and successor of the largest hunter organization. in Britain,” Ella spoke out of the blue. All eyes turned to her as she stared at Walter, seemingly peering into his soul. She had been an encyclopedia on information related to supernatural creatures and their adversaries since we had been in school, she had discerned Walter’s identity through his name.

The revelation shifted everyone’s expressions once they realized the magnitude of who Walter was. It also dawned on them that this man was a walking talking bomb with legs when it came to this pack and he was already standing on their land.

“Yes, you’re correct, but Walter isn’t here to initiate a war or anything of that sort. There’s a major fashion show that I have been invited to participate in here in this country. Walter is my model, and that’s why he’s here… I trailed off when I got to the last line speaking slowly, and glanced meaningfully at him, silently confirming that his presence was indeed for that purpose.

“Indeed, I’m here as Willow’s model,” he grinned broadly. “Actually, I lost the address of the hotel where I was supposed to stay. So, I tracked your location and came here,” he explained, eliciting nothing but a blank stare from me. Did he honestly think I’d believe he genuinely lost the address? Judging by Reuben’s emotionless gaze fixed on Walter, it was evident he didn’t buy Walter’s lie either.

“However…” Walter paused, directing his sea–blue eyes at Reuben. “I didn’t anticipate. such a warm reception,” tension crackled in the air as they exchanged unfriendly glares. “Who might this man be?” he inquired, turning towards me. I glanced over my shoulder at Reuben before returning my gaze to Walter.

“He is…” My l*ps parted, but no words escaped. At that moment, I realized the dilemma. of how to introduce Reuben. Should I call him my Alpha? The problem was that I

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Chapter 42

wasn’t part of his pack and would depart in three months time. We were soulmates but not committed to each other. I resided in his home but not as his partner. We even shared a bed, but I wasn’t his lover. I was the mother of his children, yet not his…

“She is my wife,” Reuben’s voice reached me, yanking me out of my thoughts as his strong arms encircled my waist from the side.

What did he just say? Wife? Walter’s shock mirrored my own as my eyes snapped to Reuben in surprise.

When did I become your wife?” I mind–linked him, utterly confused and speechless.

He smiled and lightly kssed my lps, “The moment you entered my life.”




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Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

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Willow “It can’t be my baby!” Reuben tossed the pregnancy report onto the bed where I sat, my eyes wide with shock. “What do you mean?” I stammered, my voice hardly escaping my throat. My heart sank as I watched him deny his own flesh and blood. “I returned from the pack after two months, and now you’re telling me you’re pregnant? Does that even make sense?” Reuben’s growl was filled with frustration. My mind went blank as I stared at my soulmate. I had anticipated his return with excitement, expecting him to embrace me and share in the joy of our first child. I had imagined he would be overjoyed to know that he was going to be a father. However, I never expected Reuben to react with such rage to the news of my pregnancy, indirectly accusing me of infidelity and rejecting his own child. “It’s our baby, Reuben,” my voice shook, “Have you forgotten that you showed up in my room two months ago when you were in a rut? We made love the whole night without protection.” I tried my best to remind him of that night, desperately seeking Reuben’s soft, love-filled eyes, but all I got in return was sternness and growing bitterness. “So you’re using my rut as an excuse?” he growled. “I was in rut, but you were in your senses, right? If I hadn’t used a condom, you could have used the morning-after pill or birth control to prevent this from happening. Or at the very least, you could have told me about our mistake that night.”


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