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Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Chapter 78

Chapter 78
After getting an urgent mind-link concerning an unidentified car breaking into the territory, i exited the packhouse only to find Walter climbing out of a shiny black car. “You should have informed me of your arrival, prior to breaking into the territory,” I said, hanging up my phone.
“At least I called,” he replied, also ending the call he had made just ten seconds ago.
“Yes, we are blessed that you managed that. After all, this pack is here for you to come and go as you wish, right?” Bix taunted from behind, exiting the packhouse after me.
Walter gave Bix a drawl look, which Bix returned immediately, before Walter stepped into the front yard and asked, “Is Willow home?”
“I thought she went to meet up with you,” I raised my brows.
“That’s right but she never showed up,” Walter remarked. “I’ve tried calling her multiple times, but she never picked up. It worried me, so I came here to confirm our plans,” he explained.
Bix and I exchanged looks and realized that something was wrong. “That’s strange, the kids haven’t returned from kindergarten yet either,” Bix murmured.
Walter looked at the two of us in alarm. “Don’t tell me she ran away again,” he exclaimed.
“I don’t think so,” I shook my head. “Everything seemed good between Reuben and Willow since they came back from their trip. They are working on their relationship, so why would Willow run?” I reasoned.
“If she did not run away then…” We all looked at each other, then alarms began going off inside our heads.
“Find Willow before Reuben learns about her disappearance!” I ordered, pulling out his phone to contact Reuen, however he paused abruptly, “Willow called me so many times!” I frowned.
Bix checked his phone too,” She called me too!” Bix blinked in surprise and then suspiciously added, “Why did our phones not ring then?” As they all started getting
Chapter 78
worried, another car stormed into the clearing. This time, it was none other than…
“Ella?” Bix frowned at the sight of her rushing out of the car. “Where have you been the last few days? I’ve been looking for you everywhere!” he stated but then noticed something usual, “Why I can’t feel your wolf?” his eyes widned and I also fronwed when it felt like Ella’s wolf was dead or something.
“He… he made my wolf disappear… he could vanish my wolf…” she murmured, sweating badly as she saw ghost.
“He? Who? Who made your wolf disappare?” Bix exclaimed. Ella shook her head in fear and then looked up him. “Bix, where is Reuben?” she asked, panic evident in her voice as she tightly held onto his arm,
“Why are you looking for Reuben, Ella?” I interjected, feeling irritated as I pushed her hand away from Bix before she could provoke him.
“This is interesting,” Walter chuckled, lighting a cigarette as his eyes focused on Ella. She shot him a hateful glare before turning to me.
“Just tell me where the hell is Reuben, Oran,” she snapped, her gaze piercing as she added, “it’s about Willow.”
Everyone’s attention shifted to her, surprised by the gravity of her tone.
‘What about Willow?” I inquired, stepping closer to her.
Staring at the reflection of the clock in the half-filled wine glass, I tapped on the table where I had been sitting for the past half an hour, silently lost in thought. Dex’s behavior in my mind felt strange for some reason. What was this feeling I was getting from my mate bond with Willow? Why were her emotions going up and down like some sort of amusement park ride?
“Do you detest me so much that you’re not even willing to look at me?” The Alpha King poured himself a glass of wine as he sat at the center of the large table.
“I don’t detest you,” I murmured, my gaze fixed on the table, my fingers tracing the rim of the wine glass with no intention of drinking its contents.
“Then it must be this face that reminds you of your dad, right?” he remarked, taking a deep breath.
Chapter 78
Finally, I lifted my gaze to look at my uncle, who appeared to have aged a bit since our last meeting. “You shouldn’t drink so much,” I gently removed the fourth wine glass from his hand.
He chuckled, shaking his head. “If you cared about your dear uncle so much, you would have visited me more often instead of killing my most trusted advisor, Elder Frank. Or you would have thought twice before breaking the marriage contract with Alpha Ella. You should have considered the Emerald Family’s reputation before taking such bold actions.”
“It seems Alpha Adam is healthy enough to instigate the King,” I stated dryly.
He laughed. “Adam did come to the palace with broken bones to complain about you,well at least he didn’t come to complain to me. He went to Black.”
“Black is back?” I raised my brows.
He nodded. “With the Kingdom facing these mysterious attacks, I need my son beside me. That’s why I called him back. However, Alpha Adam has brought this matter directly to Black. Black is a Crown Prince, you of all people understand that means he can’t ignore Alpha Adam’s claims. I assume as cousins the two of you are going to meet each other very soon because this matter has also reached the ears of the council,” he explained.
“Alpha Adam is under the delusion that going to the council or seeking help from Black will make me marry Ella. Elder Frank was simply allowed to continue breathing air while in hiding after crossing the line with my soulmate. As for my marriage to Ella, she was the one who ended it. There was no way that I could have canceled it myself. I don’t see anything wrong with my actions,” I remarked without hesitation.
“You say that as if I didn’t know about those devilish schemes you concocted to coerce her into ending the contract. “I’ve watched Black and you grow up in front of my eyes, and I am well aware of what you kids are capable of,” the King remarked, lifting his wine glass.
Once again, I felt something strange through my mate bond with Willow, this time sensing her fear. What the heck was going on? Why was she afraid, and of whom? “Uncle…” I lifted my gaze to lock with his. I needed to conclude this conversation quickly and return to Willow. “I’m sure you didn’t call me here just to chat about Frank or Ella.”
Chapter 78
The hand holding the glass paused, and his expression shifted slightly into a more serious one. “True,” he admitted as he set the glass down. “It’s about your soulmate, Reuben.”
“What about her?” I inquired.
“That girl… get her out of your life,” he ordered.
“That is not happening,” I firmly refused.
“You dare to disobey me for that girl?!” he growled, clenching his fists at his sides.
“Yes, she is my soulmate. She is mine, there is no way I am giving up on my mate,” I declared.
“You still have not come to your senses, Reuben!” he slammed his hand down on the table as he furiously rose from his seat. “That girl is the reason Louis is not among us. Thanks to her, you ruined your own future! She was the reason you have gone insane to the point where you are killing people, breaking marriage contracts, and disobeying your Alpha King knowing the consequences could be deadly!” he roared, his face flushed red with anger.
I stared into his eyes blankly and remarked, “I have no regrets for what I have done, what I have lost, or any consequences that I may face. Don’t force me to do something that is impossible.”
Uncle gritted his teeth and barked, “What the hell don’t you understand, Reuben?! Your obsession with that girl is going to cost the whole werewolf world! That girl spells disaster for our realm. You’ve known that for the past six f cking years, but you’ve turned a blind eye, still chasing that girl to keep her in your life!” His frustrated voice, mixed with surprise, echoed throughout the room.
I calmly stood up and replied, “If you’re saying all of this about my mate just because of Frank’s remarks about Willow’s ill fate and that other nonsense he told me six years ago, I don’t care.” Six years ago, when Frank had come to me after finding out about Willow, he had told me about reading Willow’s ill fate and dark past. I didn’t give a dam n about anything that he had to tell me and just beat the hell out of him. However, it surprised me that he had secretly informed my uncle about Willow. Judging by my uncle’s comments, it seemed he hadn’t let the matter
Uncle’s eyes widened, “You don’t care?”
Chapter 78
“That’s correct, because I don’t believe what he said about Willow is true,” I replied, turning around to leave.
“What if everything he said about your soulmate is true and that what is coming can da mn well wipe out all of us?” This question froze me on the spot.
“What do you mean?” I asked, turning around to face him.
“Do you know anything about your soulmate? Like which pack she grew up in before you brought her to your own, how she lived, what she did, or who her parents were?” he interrogated me.
“Her past never bothered me and I never asked her about it because all I cared about was Willow. Not her past,” I responded firmly.
“Great,” uncle chuckled in frustration. “You don’t give a da mn about those things, but you must know her surname, right?” he raised his brows.
When he asked, I turne
Since I met Willow for the first time, she never told me her surname. She simply introduced herself as Willow, even in school and college, she never used her surname. The time I saw her hesitating about her surname, I never pressed her to reveal it to me but why was my uncle so agitating over her surname?
Uncle chuckled, “It seems you don’t know the true identity of your own soulmate. Let me tell you what I found out after digging into her past.” He passed me a paper that turned out to be Willow’s primary school certificate. “Look at your soulmate’s surname with your own eyes,” uncle stated, looking at me seriously.
I shifted my gaze from her given name to her surname only to fall into shock. “Willow… Rathbone?”
عمال ہوتا کر
Uncle nodded, his expression changing. “Yes, she is Rathbone. The same Rathbone family that has been wiped from the realm eleven years ago!”

Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Novel by Pooja

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Willow “It can’t be my baby!” Reuben tossed the pregnancy report onto the bed where I sat, my eyes wide with shock. “What do you mean?” I stammered, my voice hardly escaping my throat. My heart sank as I watched him deny his own flesh and blood. “I returned from the pack after two months, and now you’re telling me you’re pregnant? Does that even make sense?” Reuben’s growl was filled with frustration. My mind went blank as I stared at my soulmate. I had anticipated his return with excitement, expecting him to embrace me and share in the joy of our first child. I had imagined he would be overjoyed to know that he was going to be a father. However, I never expected Reuben to react with such rage to the news of my pregnancy, indirectly accusing me of infidelity and rejecting his own child. “It’s our baby, Reuben,” my voice shook, “Have you forgotten that you showed up in my room two months ago when you were in a rut? We made love the whole night without protection.” I tried my best to remind him of that night, desperately seeking Reuben’s soft, love-filled eyes, but all I got in return was sternness and growing bitterness. “So you’re using my rut as an excuse?” he growled. “I was in rut, but you were in your senses, right? If I hadn’t used a condom, you could have used the morning-after pill or birth control to prevent this from happening. Or at the very least, you could have told me about our mistake that night.”


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