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Goddess’s Design: His Fated Mate Chapter 81

Chapter 81
Amidst the foul stench permeating the cell that shared with common criminals, I indulged in a cheap cigarette, borrowed from a fellow detainee, paying no heed to Beta Ken’s scrutiny as he stood on the outside of the cell.
“Your bail has been granted. You’re free to leave,” announced a police officer as he unlocked the cell. Retrieving my jacket from the floor, I rose and sauntered out of the police station, closely trailed by Beta Ken.
“Alpha,” he called out, Alpha stop.”
Ignoring him, I inquired, “Did you bring your car? This is yours, right?” I reached out to open the door of a red car.
“Sky!” Beta Ken aggressively slammed the door shut. “What the hell do you think you’re doing, wasting your life like this?”
“Why do you care?!” I growled, pushing his head away then attempted once more to grab the door that he swatted closed again.
“I care because you’re like a son to me! You grew up right in front of my eyes, I can’t bear to see you destroying your life like this. If you don’t care about yourself, then at least consider your father’s feelings before doing anything,” he began his lecture, which I had no interest in. However, what he said next made me freeze in place.
“You have no idea how distraught the Alpha was when he received that call from the police station, saying his son had been arrested for assault due to his involvement in a bl oody fight. That wasn’t even the worst part? It was with humans! The Alpha had to bribe all of those humans to get you out of prison! After losing the pack while gambling, I thought you decided to lead a decent life and focus on your future? So why are you once again walking down the wrong path? Another father would’ve kicked you out after you gambled away his house and land, but the Alpha loves you so much that he sent me to the police station to get you out. Can’t you see his love and appreciate it?”
“LOVE?! ALL HIS LOVE IS FAKE JUST LIKE HIM!” I threw my jacket on the ground with a growl.
Beta Ken stared at me in shock. “What the hell are you saying about your father, Sky?!” He grabbed my arm. “Your father raised you alone after your mother’s death. He was both a mother and father to you, he loves you more than his own life, and has never given up on you no matter how many mistakes you have made. How can you doubt his love? How can you call him fake?”
Emergency calls only O
Chapter 81
D44% 11:01
“If his love isn’t fake and he loves me more than anything, then tell me why the heck he’s sending me abroad?!” I demanded.
Beta Ken’s expression immediately dropped as his face lost all color. “How do you know about that?”
The corner of my lips twisted bitterly. “Did you really think I’d never find out?! Dad wants to get rid of me, sending me abroad is the easiest way to do it. I’ve known all along, I’ve just been waiting for him to tell me but he never planned to. Soon enough, he’ll just throw a ticket in my face and ship me off!”
“No… you misunderstand,” Beta Ken protested.
I cut him off sharply, “When dad no longer wants me and I have to live a life on my own, then why does he care- how I live or what I do? Just leave me alone!” I yelled, opening the car door and sliding into the driver’s seat.
“Sky, wait! You’ve misinterpreted everything!” Beta Ken desperately tapped his hand on the window. “The Alpha is sending you abroad for your own good. He’s doing all of this to protect you!”
“You don’t make sense, Beta Ken! What is he protecting me from?!” I growled, starting the engine. “I’m done with dad and I’m done with you always taking his side! Now I’ll do what I should have done a long time ago!” With that, I drove away at full speed.
When I was sixteen, I was in an accident that caused me to lose all of my childhood memories, even those with my mom. My dad was all that I had and I loved him deeply. I trusted him blindly until the other day when I overheard his secretary booking a ticket for my departure. Me ntally disturbed and emotionally broken, I realized my dad had betrayed me in secret. I had noticed his strange behavior over the past few days, thinking it was due to mysterious attacks, but it turned out that I was just a burden to him when he did not want to hand over the pack and his position to me. I was trash in his eyes, he probably had a good candidate in his sights. So he wanted to get rid of me.
Boiling with anger, I stopped the car in front of the packhouse and went straight to my room to pack my luggage. If he didn’t need me, then I didn’t need him either! I just grabbed any necessary items, shoving them in the bags as I left my bedroom. I stopped in the hallway and glanced upstairs. Dad’s car and scent were both missing.
Entering his office with my luggage, I tossed all my debit and credit cards on his desk and turned to leave. I didn’t need his surname, his money, or anything else related to him. I decided to leave everything behind and start a new life on my own.
The office was dark as usual, I hadn’t bothered to switch on the lights. That’s why I didn’t see what was on the floor, and I stumbled over something that felt like a wine bottle, a common sight in dad’s office. I lost my balance.
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Chapter 81
and fell back so hard that my head hit the wooden wall behind me.
D44% 11:01
“Ah… F uck!” I groaned in pain, holding my head for a couple of seconds as I rolled on the floor. “S it! That hurts like hell!” I continued cursing until the pain subsided, slowly sitting on the ground with a bleeding head, and looked back at the wall where a huge hole had been created.
“F uck, that’s why it hurt so much,” I gritted my teeth, punching a hole in the wall in irritation. Only when I pulled my hand out, I was surprised by a light coming from the other side.
“How can there be light coming from behind a wall?” Surprised and curious, I got up from the ground to carefully check the wall, only to find, “It’s not a wall, it’s a door!” I realized something I had never known before.
Curiosity got the best of me. Unable to find a way to open it and running out of patience, I grabbed an iron rod from the storeroom. I broke down the wall or door, whatever it was. Once I was done, I found a staircase leading down.
“Sh it! It really is a hidden room or something,” Setting aside the iron rod, I made my way down, feeling a mixture of curiosity and panic in my heart.
The light from earlier turned out to be a bare bulb at the bottom of the stairs. As I reached the bottom, I found myself in a room stocked with files and photographs.
“What is all of this?” Standing in the middle of the room, I looked around in confusion. “It’s just a pile of organized piles of papers, that’s all. Why are they stored here?” I murmured, slowly losing interest. However, it was a hidden room behind Dad’s office. Was it possible that he didn’t know about it?
I took a peek at the photographs hanging around the room. They were all old, probably 15 to 20 years old, because dad looked young in them and most of them were of very poor quality. In several photos, I noticed another man with dad, but the man’s face was scratched out. This hadn’t been done to just one photo but every other photo in the room had the man’s face scratched and destroyed. Who was he?
Leaving the photos, I moved to examine the documents stored on the shelves. They were all covered in dust. I glanced at a few that appeared to be decades or even more old accounting and financial books of our pack, as well as others related to treaties and war related records.
“Why the hell do they need to be stored here? It is just a bunch of junk,” I didn’t bother delving into them. However, my attention was caught by a red book that had no dust on it at all. Curiously, I pulled it out and opened it. It seemed to be an old record book too. As I began flipping through the pages, reading carefully, the book nearly slipped from my hand when I reached the fourth page and figured out something I should not have.
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Chapter 81
D44% 11:01
“How is this possible?” My jaw dropped open in horror and disbelief. But that’s when I felt someone’s presence behind me. Alarmed just as I turned around, I found dad standing behind me.
“Da….” Before I could say a word dad hit me with the iron rod that I had tossed to the side at the top of the staircase.
The blow was so hard that I immediately fell to the floor, bleeding profusely, as the book landed beside me, partly stained with my
“Alpha! How could you do that?” Beta Ken rushed to check on me, panicking as he looked up at Dad. “He’s your
“That’s why I’m not killing him…” Dad replied, his voice cold and emotionless.
In my immobilized state, I saw Dad’s lifeless eyes fixed on me as he dropped the iron rod on the ground. How could he….
“You should have quietly gone abroad instead of snooping around. Now you…” His voice couldn’t reach me anymore, my head spun before I fell into darkness.


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