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Her Vengeful Rebirth (Calista) Chapter 6

Chapter 6 How To Live With Enemies

His large frame came close and his deep ser eyes were filled with distrust, his rage suffocating ber

Every time he was angry, even his father didn’t want argue with him to her previous life, Calista was

atall even more fearful than his father, but now she was not afraid at all

“At that time you made sure nobody knew that you slept with me in order to spite me, so only both of us know this happened. Just now they were trying to me, and these buses are from trying to resist them, but they didn’t manage to do anything tone. If you don’t believe me, you can check

Kallum thought he heard wrongly. The calmer Calis was, the angrier he became

“The extent you would go in order to make me sleep with you! So that’s what you meant by inspecting your body? DREAM! ON!” He let go of Calista and opened the door to leave, but Calista offered in a distant voice, “Didn’t you want to call off the engagement all this time? As long as you say that I wasn’t defiled, I’ll call off the engagement first thing tomorrow”

Kallum stopped in his tracks and snorted.

“The moment I walk back downstairs and tell everyone your body is full of love bites, your reputation will hit rock bottom, and this d’uned engagement will be considered invalid.”

He had no intention of doing so, however-insulting woman was beneath him. But when he saw how Calista was determined to cut ties with him, and even blackmailed him with this engagement, he didn’t want to lose this fight!

But Calista took his word for it, and said boldly, “Fine then everybody will know that I cheated on you with not just one, but two men! It’ll make a good shok

Upon hearing these words, Kallum spun around violently, his steely gaze enough to swallow her whole!

Calista knew that this would not be a threat to him since she wasn’t officially married to him yet.

So after these words she suddenly closed her mouth, and her straight back somehow looked slight weak in the light.

“Look..we grew up together, and I’ve already offered to back out of this engagement, won’t you help me this once? You don’t have to lie because I’m innocent in the first place, and if you don’t believe me then you can check! If you don’t check then I’ll take it that you believe me! Unless you insist on ruining the reputation of this woman who once loved you so deeply?”

She bet everything on Kallum having a tiny bit of kindness towards her, and she looked so pitiful now!

She knew that as long as she could make it past the night and keep her reputation, she would be able to face a brand-new future ahead, so she was willing to compromise anything

Strangely enough, while Kallum was originally waiting for Calista to surrender and admit defeat, when she really did so, Kallum didn’t feel any joy from it.

Especially as Calista stood there with her body covered with wounds, her thick fringe covering her eyes, and she did look very pitiful…


Wait, what? He actually felt pity for this woman?

After several moments, she heard his angry voice shouting, “Get out!”

Kallum marched out of the room and headed downstairs. The moment he appeared, he caught the attention of the crowd once again.

Seeing the nasty look on his face made Quincy look forward even more to what he was about to say.


Mr. Kallum’s words carried great power and influence! He was born into a family of high standing and could not possibly lie for someone he hated so much!

Wanda looked at him with hope in her eyes, hoping that her son saw the text message she Just

“How is it?”

Her voice trembled – this would affect the rest of this young lady’s life!


Kallum was annoyed just seeing these people, so he icily declared, “She’s fine, you don’t have to worry anymore!”

With that, he turned to go upstairs, not caring what reaction the crowd had.

Calista had put her clothes back on and was standing at the top of the stairs. Kallum brushed. staring straight ahead with a steely gaze and a frigid expression.

past. her,

“How is it possible?” Quincy blurted out loudly.

Everybody turned to look at her, and even Benedict looked at her questioningly. She suddenly remembered where she was, and whose words she was doubting now.

She quickly covered her mouth, then awkwardly laughed and said, “I mean, I mean how is it possible. that my sister was raped…it’s a misunderstanding after all!”

Even though that was what she said, her earlier outburst made everyone present think twice about th younger Shang daughter – the guests could tell she was no simple and there was probably

perso more to this than meets the eye, but they were probably not going to be privy to further details.

Calista walked down one step at a time, her expression calm, and nobody could tell if anything was


She walked right up to Wanda’s side, and looked a little worriedly at her, then finally broke into

a smile.

“Mrs. Fairchild, since the misunderstanding has been cleared up, I’ll make a move first. After all, it seems like Mr. Kallum is not happy to see me.” Her words affirmed the fact that Kallum disliked her.

The suspense and doubts in the guests’ hearts were now replaced with disappointment that they couldn’t continue watching this show.

Wanda took Calista’s hands in hers and said, “Don’t worry, I will make sure that you don’t get unfairly treated!”

Calista nodded, then shot a cold stare at Benedict. “Dad, let’s go home.”


Benedict was suddenly awoken from his stupor, stammering as he said, “Ah? Oh yes, yes! Let’s go home!”

To this, Yelena and Quincy did not say anything, and just followed Benedict out of the door.

Before letting them leave, Wanda insisted that Calista at least wash up and get a fresh change of clothes first she was genuinely kind to Calista.

Benedict’s mind was in a whirlwind from everything that had just happen. But at the same time he was not stupid he knew things were not so simple.

He saw that both his wife and his younger daughter had nasty expressions on their faces, and wondered why they weren’t happy that the elder daughter was fine after all.

The car had barely left the Fairchild Manor when Yelena started getting angry.

She turned around to glare at Calista.

“Callie! What’s wrong with you tonight? Coming in looking like a mess and creating a scene, what an embarrassment!”

If not for Benedict’s presence, she would have said even nastier things. She and Quincy had revealed at little of their ugly side in front of Benedict today, and she had to push the blame entirely on Calista to salvage this situation.

Yelena’s fierce expression made Calista stop breathing for a moment.

She had grown up being subject to Yelena’s moods, and her first instinct was to shrink back in fear when Yelena became angry. She used to be like that her stepmother was like a large mountain pressing on her.

But now that fear was quickly overtaken by excitement! What could be more satisfying than teari fear to pieces with her own hands?

Seeing that Calista had gone back to being her quiet self, Quincy quickly took the chance to cry out piteously, “Callic, I was trying to help you, and perhaps I didn’t phrase it well, but you…how could you talk about me like that in front of other people.

When Benedict saw his younger daughter cry, his heart softened, and felt that Callie had gone too far tonight from the start her words attacked Quincy, she had been unnecessarily sarcastic to his wife. and then she admitted that she had slept with Kallum in front of so many people. Even though they were engaged from a long time ago, it was still a shameful thing to say in public.

When Yelena saw Benedict frown, she knew he was feeling upset, so she pretended to push him in


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Her Vengeful Rebirth ( Calista ) Novel

Her Vengeful Rebirth ( Calista ) Novel

Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
Betrayed, Calista died a tragic death in utter despair. Despite her outstanding medical skills, she became a stepping stone for her villain of a sister, exploited by both her sister and stepmother until she outlived her usefulness. But she was now back. Having crawled back to the land of living from hell, she exacted revenge on her stepmother and sister. No longer her once timid and meek self, she was ruthless and domineering. Before her rebirth, the fiancé she had loved forever left her heartbroken by his indifference and hatred. Upon her rebirth, she threw their engagement ring onto the ground with a smile and called off the wedding. Unexpectedly, Kallum Fairchild walled her in and declared she was destined to be his. Will the lovers find their way back to each other?


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