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Her Vengeful Rebirth (Calista) Chapter 62

Chapter 62 Auctioning Off The Engagement To Kallum

The host took a while to understand what was happening, but finally he trembled as he picked up the gavel, and without calling out for final bids, he lightly hit the gavel and called out, “Sold!”

Sterling still hadn’t realized he had fallen into a trap, or the fact that he could very well lose his inheritance because of this.

His assistant pulled a blask face and said, “I will report everything that happened to the boss in full detail!”

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Sterling was still angry, so he glowered angrily at the assistant and whispered clearly to him, “What’s the hurry? So above ground will be luxury bungalows overlooking the lake, but underground will be gambling dens! We won’t lose anything!”

The assistant still didn’t look good after he heard this. “But this land is only worth around 2 billion, and you’ve bought it at twice the price – the boss will be very disappointed in you!”

around A very real murderous glint flashed in Sterling’s eyes as he thought to himself, I can’t have this guy me! Besides, I’m the Wolford family’s heir, why should I be subject to such control everywhere I go?

Kallum was still laughing and talking to Calista as if he hadn’t seen what was happening on this side, but the people seated near to Sterling were as tense as a bowstring. All the guests couldn’t wait to hide themselves from this murderous air, in case they unintentionally became a new target of the Wolfords.

The host already got ready to migrate to another country.

Only Kallum sat there like nothing had happened, as if the one who had pushed Sterling into a trap wasn’t him he was the real aristocrat who didn’t have to be bothered by the Wolfords.

The woman next to him was definitely no ordinary human being either – under such frightening tension, she was able to smile. The smile on this icy beauty was indeed breathtaking, but this was not the time to appreciate beauty.

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Sterling really wanted to puke blood now. How was he so rash earlier? 4.8 billion for a piece of land – this was the worst decision he had ever made in his life!

Under this terribly tense atmosphere, all the remaining items on auction were sold quickly at low prices, and some sellers even took back their items and decided not to auction them anymore.

After the auction was done, the host started the last segment of the night.

“All the items for auction have been sold, but since our auction firm is a close partner with Unity Trust, would everyone here be willing to contribute a little for charity?”

Usually there would be many people immediately showing their support, particularly some younger female guests who wanted to gain reputation for philanthropy – but now it was dead silent, and nobody dared to volunteer at this time.

The host really just wanted to quickly end the event and he had said these words just to fulfil his duties for the night, since he had already guessed that nobody would want to continue this activity either.

And as expected, nobody said anything for a long time.

The host breathed a sigh of relief in his heart, and he was about to say the closing speech when suddenly


12:31 Mon, 27 May

Chapter 62 Auctioning Off The Engagement To Kallum


Ms. Stafford? Fiancée? Calista Stafford?! The person next to Mr. Kallum was Calista?!

Everyone’s impression of Calista was still stuck at that stammering and hesitant person with a thick fringe covering half her face, so when they heard Sterling’s words, they all gasped.

All the women present were even more jealous now! Calista was actually so pretty! Was that why Mr. Kallum treated her differently now?

The host looked at Calista for help – he didn’t want to continue but Sterling was obviously forcing it to happen, and his back was already drenched with sweat.

Sterling laughed coldly and continued, “Or the whole thing about Mr. Kallum liking Ms. Stafford is not real after all? Ms. Stafford can’t even come up with one thing to auction off?”

Calista looked at Kallum with some confusion as she realized that most of the women present had an additional small box in hand, so obviously this was a common practice.

Kallum cast a quick glance at her necklace as a hint – he had already prepared this beforehand and wasn’t going to let Sterling trip them up!

Calista looked down at the necklace on herself and started to undo it.

Sterling mockingly said, “Ms, Stafford, don’t tell me you’re going to put up something that’s not worth much money?”

Calista paused for a while, but Kallum whispered, “Don’t worry,

Her necklace was no ordinary ruby necklace. This necklace was a present from the western world to the royal palace back in the fifteenth century!

Its historical value was higher than its actual value, but there were plenty of professional appraisers on hand to certify its value, so she wouldn’t be embarrassed at all. Besides, auctioning such an item would increase her reputation.

The host’s voice quivered as he said, “It’s alright, it’s the thought that counts, the value doesn’t really matter, Ms. Stafford, please.”

He stretched out his hand and the spotlight fell on Calista. Kallum smiled as he watched her get up and walk towards the stage, her silver grey long dress catching the light and shimmering like a cloud of smoke, like a scene from the Milky Way, elegant yet intricate in beauty.

When she got to the front, the host impatiently waited for her to remove her necklace. All he could think of was how he wanted to quickly finish this event and get out of this scary place! He could feel that the Wolfords already had their eye on him!

Calista looked up and saw the crowd staring at her. Besides her, there was probably no other woman who dared to come up and auction their item off.

Kallum was still seated comfortably on his maroon sofa, a glass of red wine in hand and smiling in support.

His look was definitely above average, and his actions revealed his upper class upbringing, as if he were a prince who walked out of a palace, as if he was born with a natural aura.


12:31 Mon, 27 May

Chapter 62 Auctioning Off The Engagement To Kallum

He said he liked her.

Calista could feel how much effort he had put into her, but these feelings didn’t make sense. In her previous life, he hated her so much and even got engaged to Mirabelle, so did his feelings change so easily?

When she thought about how Mirabelle was returning soon and thought some more about how she had liked Kallum for more than twenty years with no reciprocation, she had no more energy left to get further entangled in this relationship and wanted to get as far away from it as possible.

After much thought, instead of the necklace, she removed the emerald thumb ring from her hand and put it on the auction table.

In the silence of the auction hall, there was the sound of a glass smashing to pieces. Kallum had smashed the glass of red wine in his hands and the wine was all over him!

Kallum pushed away Quintus who had rushed over to bandage his hands. He couldn’t believe what Calista had done! He glared at her how dare she?!

The host did not know anything about this ring and was about to call an appraiser over, but before he said. anything, a lady from the crowd asked loudly, “Is that the token from the first mistress of the Fairchild family?!”

That token?

There was an uproar in the hall, especially among the women! So it was that thumb ring, the one that could only be worn by the mistress of the Fairchild family?!

Calista did not look at Kallum and nodded, “Yes it is.”

Kallum felt like it was his turn to puke blood. Weren’t they still on good terms earlier? Why was Calista. taking out their token of engagement now?

This was the first time in his life that he felt sheer disappointment and pain. He opened his mouth but couldn’t bear to say anything to hurt her.

All the women couldn’t care less about Sterling anymore, and started to ask excitedly. “So does that mean that if I get this ring, I’ll be engaged to Mr. Kallum?!”

All of them were deliriously staring at Calista now!

Calista hesitated for a moment and somebody else asked another question.

“How much is this token going for? I’m getting it even if it bankrupts me!”

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Her Vengeful Rebirth ( Calista ) Novel

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Betrayed, Calista died a tragic death in utter despair. Despite her outstanding medical skills, she became a stepping stone for her villain of a sister, exploited by both her sister and stepmother until she outlived her usefulness. But she was now back. Having crawled back to the land of living from hell, she exacted revenge on her stepmother and sister. No longer her once timid and meek self, she was ruthless and domineering. Before her rebirth, the fiancé she had loved forever left her heartbroken by his indifference and hatred. Upon her rebirth, she threw their engagement ring onto the ground with a smile and called off the wedding. Unexpectedly, Kallum Fairchild walled her in and declared she was destined to be his. Will the lovers find their way back to each other?


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