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Her Vengeful Rebirth (Calista) Chapter 67

Chapter 67 You Have To Pay The Price For Trying To Network

Calista hadn’t replied, but Quintus was shocked by how thick–skinned her younger sister was. He frowned and said unhappily. “Mr. Kallum did not invite anyone else.”

Quincy looked pitifully at Benedict, and seeing that his younger daughter wanted to go, he put in a word for her quickly, “Callie, bring Quincy along. She’s still recovering from her shock, and it’ll be good for her to get some fresh air.”

He did not know that Quincy had any other motives, and thought she just wanted to go out for a walk. In the past. whenever Wanda invited Calista over and Quincy wanted to tag along, Calista never rejected her. so he thought Calista wouldn’t reject taking Quincy this time either.

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Calista laughed and looked meaningfully at Quincy and asked, “I’m going to be all lovey dovey with your brother–in–law, why do you want to follow us?”

Her pointed words made the tension in the house very strange, but before Quincy could explain herself, Calista laughed in an oddly evil manner.

“You used to be like that too whenever Mrs. Fairchild asked me over to the Fairchilds‘, you would insist on tagging along. What is your motive? My fiancé doesn’t have any brothers, you know.”

“Callie!” Benedict was taken aback by this reaction. He threw a glance at Quintus who was busy trying to mind his own business, and continued unhappily. “Why are you saying such things! Quincy just wants to accompany you.”

Yelena chipped in too, “That’s right, Callie! You don’t really like to talk much, so if Quincy goes she could help to fill up the awkward silence, otherwise other people might think we have no manners…”

Fill up the awkward silence? Didn’t Quincy steal the limelight every time, and only finally shut Calista was pushed into a corner?


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Quincy quickly nodded her head along with her parents, but she looked guilty because the real reason why she wanted to go was that she liked Kallum and that was also why she wanted to ruin Calista’s reputation so desperately – if he called off the engagement to Calista, she could be next in line!

Even if she wasn’t, at least she would be rid of one rival.

Calista walked down the last step and shook her head as she smiled at Quincy. “And what if I don’t want you to go?”

Quincy immediately looked at Benedict to set this straight for her.

Calista put up her hand as if to stop everything. “Dad, what would people think if my younger sister constantly tagged along when I have a date with my fiancé? Even if Quincy doesn’t have any ill intentions, how would others see this? That you want him to choose from either of your daughters? Or that both of us might as well share one husband??

Her bold and direct words made Benedict’s face turn completely red. He suddenly realized that it was indeed inappropriate for Quincy to go along with them, but at the same time Calista had been too direct with him as well and had embarrassed him. But since Quintus was around, he did not say anything to Calista. Instead he turned to Quincy and said, “… Your sister is right. How about this? Since you want to go out, Mummy and I will take you out later, so don’t disturb your sister, ok?”

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Chapter 67 You Have To Pay The Price For Trying To Network

anymore. So she gathered up the anger in her heart and burst out, “Why doesn’t she want me around? Does she want to do something in secret?” She suddenly had a look of epiphany and pretended to be all shy as she continued, “Oh that’s right, I nearly forgot! My sister has already done it with Mr. Kallunt

This matter made Benedict’s face darken as well, and he started to change his mind again,

Callie was only eighteen even though they were engaged, but it was better not to do anything like that.

He was about to respond when a loud voice rang out, “You’ve guessed it right, I miss Callie very much, but we’re engaged to marry, do you have any further objections?

Kallum had waited for a long time outside but nobody came out, so he decided to go in and check, only to overhear such a ridiculous conversation. He had noticed from a long time ago that Quincy liked along to the Fairchilds, and that she had feelings for him, but he never bothered about her. But little tag along buddy had issues with his woman?

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Kallum’s presence was very dominating, so from the moment he walked in, Benedict and Yelena didn’t dare to say anymore. Quincy was initially shocked, then she put on a pitiful face and looked at Kallum, “Mr. Kallum, LL…don’t have any ill intentions…

Kallum didn’t even look at her, but walked over to Calista and pulled her waist towards himself.

The overbearing sun rays immediately turned into a gentle drizzle. “Why didn’t you pick up my calls? Are you still angry with me? Hmm?”

This show of intimacy as if there was nobody else watching shocked everyone in the house, with the exception of Quintus. Since when was Mr. Kallum so chummy with Ms. Calista!

Didn’t…didn’t he dislike Ms. Calista a lot?

Kallum’s attitude towards her back at the dinner party was so harsh, but just after a few weeks, he had suddenly turned 180 degrees?

Quincy couldn’t lie to herself any longer and her entire body was shaking from anger.

What witchcraft did Calista use during this period of time! Even Kallum was

Calista on the other hand, was trying to resist Kallum. She wasn’t in the mood to put up a show with Kallum. But when she realized that he was still as aggressive as ever, she suddenly felt helpless against it. “Let’s go, didn’t you say you were bringing me for some wine tasting?”

Kallur smiled broadly when he thought about how he was going to spend the entire day alone with Calista and wasn’t angry even when she tried to push him away. He replied brightly, “Let’s go!”

Quincy couldn’t believe how Kallum had so much love and adoration in his eyes. When she saw that Calista remained expressionless, she became even more disgusted. Why was Calista so pretentious? She must be feeling gleeful now!

“So Mr. Kallum and my sister are so close now! That’s lovely. I wonder if Mirabelle knows? She’ll be very happy to know about this!”

The name ‘Mirabelle‘ instantly destroyed the elegant smile on Kallum’s face. He nervously looked at Calista, then spun around and shot a cold stare at Quincy.

This woman was very irritating!




Chapter 67 You Have To Pay The Price For Trying To Network.

“Who is Mirabelle to me? Why do I have to report to her on my relationship with Callie?”

Previously he had been very nice to Mirabelle because he had treated her as his benefactor, but he was just being kind to her and didn’t have any feelings for her or any intention to go further than friends.

Calista suddenly laughed coldly. “The whole of Horington knows who Mirabelle is to you, Mr. Kallum why do you make things difficult for others?”

Mirabelle had made sure the entire city knew that Kallum disliked Calista but was nice to Mirabelle, so there were people who speculated that Kallum would annul the engagement and marry Mirabelle.

When she thought about it now, it was quite hilarious.

She pushed Kallum aside and walked out with big strides. But there was a little murderous air about her and Kallum’s heart fell.

Oh no, Callie is angry!!

It’s all that stupid Quincy’s fault! Why did she mention Mirabelle of all people!

Kallum glared at Quincy coldly, thinking of countless ways to get back at her, but he finally quickly ran out after Calista, afraid she might escape.

After spending more time with Calista, the memories of that incident about who rescued him from the water when he was young slowly faded from Kallum’s mind.

If it was really Callie, then he really owed her for mistreating her for so many years, and he had to be extra good to her now!

But even if Calista lied to him, he didn’t want to pursue it further, because he had begun to really like this girl, and this..this was the first time he wanted to be with a woman, that was all.

Quincy’s face twisted with anger as she saw Kallum run after Calista.

But then suddenly a thought crossed her mind and she smiled coldly. She sent out a text to Mirabelle- she didn’t believe that neither she nor Mirabelle could win against Calista!

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Her Vengeful Rebirth ( Calista ) Novel

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Betrayed, Calista died a tragic death in utter despair. Despite her outstanding medical skills, she became a stepping stone for her villain of a sister, exploited by both her sister and stepmother until she outlived her usefulness. But she was now back. Having crawled back to the land of living from hell, she exacted revenge on her stepmother and sister. No longer her once timid and meek self, she was ruthless and domineering. Before her rebirth, the fiancé she had loved forever left her heartbroken by his indifference and hatred. Upon her rebirth, she threw their engagement ring onto the ground with a smile and called off the wedding. Unexpectedly, Kallum Fairchild walled her in and declared she was destined to be his. Will the lovers find their way back to each other?


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