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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 107

Chapter 107
The few times rogues attacked before, those beasts had always been savage. Be it the times they claimed countless lives in the Black Claw pack or when they left the people of the capital city terrified since they started attacking around the borders of the capital city.
However, they seemed too different this time around. They weren’t as fierce as they were all those times. If anything, they fought too weakly, compared to before.
Micah couldn’t help but feel this whole attack was a distraction, because his plan went too smoothly as he was able to subdue the enemies too easily, despite how meticulously he had set the trap.
After all, rogues were known for their viciousness and mindless ruthlessness.
This is totally weird!
But all the king could do was try and quickly bring the situation under control for
The huge underground basement, Abby could see how the guests got increasingly annoyed by
each second that passed, as they couldn’t know what was happening outside when the royal warriors literally
shut even out whenever someone demanded an explanation over this predicament.
No matter what kind of questions they posted, the only answer they got was complete silence or a few perfunctory words that couldn’t abate their worries at all.
After all, an attack on the palace which was in the heart of this capital city with the most formidable defense line, who were none other than the elite royal warriors, was not an ordinary occurrence.
And this peculiarity made people hash over the situation as they sat in groups to whisper among themselves.
“This is the first time I saw someone attack the palace so brazenly.”
“And those rogues sprang up like mushrooms, out of nowhere, with all the intention to kill.”
“What could be their agenda?”
Chapter 107
“Beats me, but there’s a rumor that the King had been attacked before as well…”
“Right, it just happened twenty or so days back…”
“Do you think the King was being targeted?”
Naturally, all of them couldn’t help but speculate as Abby stood to a side and listened to them all silently.
No one approached her, so she didn’t feel the need to approach anyone for a small talk either, even though there were a few women among the guests. She simply waited for Ezgar to send someone to fetch either Alyssa or
found a small table in a quiet corner and sat down, facing away from the hall, when a gruff voice reached her
and when she turned around, she saw the former king looking at her with unconcealable animosity in his
*t, standing with a hand clenched behind his back a couple of feet away from her. He didn’t
“Abby,” Arthur
even address her as the queen, indicating that he couldn’t accept the coronation at all.
mmediately stood
Abby up when she could tell the former king had come to give her a hard time yet again. “What is it, Sir Arthur?”
at least for the sake of Since Arthur couldn’t bother to inject any respect or dubious affection into his voi appearances, Abby also decided to sound as cold as possible. The man didn’t deserve her respect anyway.
but grit his teeth. “How could you be so insensible even after
Seeing her attitude, the former king couldn’t help but things turned so chaotic?”
Abby was dumbfounded for a moment when she couldn’t understand on what grounds Arthur came to find fault with her. Yet, somehow she managed to find her voice. “What do you mean?”
“If Micah hadn’t been so blinded by that mate bond between you two, he wouldn’t have let this happen. Yet, here you are, feeling no remorse whatsoever.”
“Remorse?” Abby couldn’t help but repeat after him, feeling incredulous and it was clear in her expression.
“Are you that dense that you couldn’t even acknowledge your part in this whole incident?” The former king couldn’t help but feel even more displeased with her. “If it hadn’t been for pleasing you, he wouldn’t have rushed the ceremony and let his guard down.”
Chapter 107
Abby was genuinely surprised now. Just how in the world he concluded that Micah only wanted to hold the ceremony to please her?
“Why are you so shocked? Don’t think people are blind to see how insecure you are with all your shortcomings dancing right on your forehead.” Arthur continued to accuse her when Abby didn’t say anything in response to
his words.
In his eyes, her silence only strengthened his beliefs. “You knew everyone out there was against you and pestered him to hold the ceremony. How shameless
can someone be?”
The former king couldn’t help but talk down to her when he believed Abby was a selfish woman who put herself above this kingdom and its welfare.
“Someone as weak and selfish as you isn’t suitable to be the queen of this kingdom. You couldn’t even protect yourself and need constant surveillance. Is
Micah supposed to babysit you all his life?”
Arthur was fuming now. He was talking in a low voice to her, trying to control his rage as much as possible, but his whole being was vibrating right now. “Weak and selfish?” Abby began, wanting to explain that she had no part in Micah deciding to hold the ceremony
in a hur but Arthur was far too gone to let her talk right now.
“You made Micah almost lose his life in the fight with that dark sorcerer, so if you
aren’t weak, then what are you? Had it not been for you, Micah would have caught that dark sorcerer and this attack wouldn’t have happened today…
“You are nothing but a hindrance to Micah, he could have eliminated Calpin that day, but you let that dark sorcerer gain upper hand by falling victim to his
to wreak havoc in this city.”
Cell. Now he bounced back with thousands of rogues in his tow
Arthur just came to know the rogue attacks were all premeditated and the dark
sorcerer, who attacked Micah in the Black Claw pack, was the mastermind
behind the scenes.
He actually turned so many rogues into his puppets and had been wreaking havoc in different parts of the kingdom for the last few months, but Micah kept this from everyone.
Today, he came to attack again, and he brought almost all the rogues in and around this kingdom. It was clear his target was to finish what he started in the
Black Claw pack.
Chapter 107
Yet, Micah was so whipped by this useless mate of his, he couldn’t think of anything else but pleasing her and fulfilling her mindless wishes.
She was someone so weak, until she couldn’t even find her voice and say a few
words about this kingdom she
was going to rule and protect during the ceremony. It only worsened his opinion
on her.
And when he thought how Micah might be covering up the fact that Calpin was behind every rogue attack until
now, so as not to implicate Abby, because of whom he let Calpin get away last time, Arthur couldn’t help but think everything was Abby’s fault.
“It’s your fault that he let him escape, he neglected his duty as the king of this
kingdom, while cajoling you because you are so weak to help him assist in fighting the enemies. You are nothing but a burden…
“But you still don’t understand where you went wrong. I can’t understand why
Micah couldn’t see you for what you are. A weak and useless mate, just dragging him down endlessly.”
On the other hand, the more Abby listened, the more angry she felt. Arthur knew
nothing but simply came to throw mud on her.
“Enough, you know nothing.
Arthur was startled when Abby looked so cold, as she flashed her palm to him as
a gesture to stop talking.
“Let me make a few things clear real quick,” the girl spoke word to word, when
the former king fell silent at her order.
She had enough of his disapproval and his displeasure over her ascending the
throne. She couldn’t help but speak coldly recalling all the times he openly discredited her, both in front of others and herself alike.
Since he couldn’t bother about understanding her efforts, there was no need to
cajole him and let him think he was someone important to her. The only person she cared about was Micah. So that was what she told him.
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“I don’t care what you think about me.
I’m long past that phase. I’m only here for my mate’s sake And this ceremony has nothing to do with me. But it is clear that you won’t believe it even if the Moon Goddess were to come here to be my witness…
“So I’ll just let you think whatever you want. But you need to know that if it hadn’t
been for me, Micah wouldn’t be breathing today…
Chapter 107
“Impudence! How dare you curse the King?” Arthur couldn’t believe his ears.
“Don’t be so hasty to put words in my mouth.” Abby shook her head as she felt
like Arthur couldn’t find a single good thing about her. “What you think happened
in the Black Claw pack was not everything.”
“Not everything? Didn’t Micah let Calpin escape because he rushed to save your
life?” Arthur pointed out.
“It’s the other way around. I, a weak and selfish woman, stood between Micah
and Calpin that day, when that dark sorcerer tried to burn my mate from within…”
Even now, talking about it made Abby tremble at the thought of the fear that
gripped her heart when she thought she would lose the only person that showed kindness to her.
“I am the only person who could shield Calpin that day. So you should be
thanking me for saving Micah when he fought that sorcerer…”
After saying her piece, Abby strode away from there. She wanted to find a warrior
to call Ezgar who left to fetch her personal maids.
But then she saw the man being surrounded by a few warriors just on the other
side of the hall, almost near the door.
During her lessons with Sherianne, Abby learned there were three ranks among
the warriors serving the royal family. The third rank being the royal guards, while
the second were the royal warriors.

There was another group of warriors that were hand picked by the generals to be trained into elite m
soldiers and the same were now
talking to Ezgar. Judging by the way they bowed to them, Abby felt like he was someone highly ranked in the palace.
And the girl wasn’t wrong, because Ezgar was the one of the leaders for the
group of elite royal warriors serving the royal family.
And currently, a few warriors belonging to the elite rank and were being led by
him came to him for further instructions.

“Chief, don’t we need to join the
battle?” One of them asked Ezgar, because he couldn’t dn’t understand why there were almost one fourth of the
elite warriors babysitting these guests when they should be fighting in the frontlines, given the severity of the situation.
Chapter 107
“Don’t be reckless and give into your impatience. You were clearly instructed to protect the guests until the procession ends.” Another soldier chided him.
Abby was a bit surprised at this revelation. Earlier when she saw the guests being protected even before the rogues surrounded the great hall, Abby found it very odd.
“They were already in the safe place.” The first soldier retorted. “I just can’t understand, we could have captured the rogues before they entered the palace. But the King insisted that we let them enter first.” Micah insisted on what? Abby felt her brain explode at his words. “You have to trust the King, he has been planning for this ambush for a fortnight.
He knows what to do.” A third soldier chimed in, prompting others to nod their
He has been planning for a fortnight?
So he knew there would be an attempt on his life, no, their lives, before he
announced the coronation?

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

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The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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