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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 109

Chapter 109
When Ezgar noticed how she looked so unwell with all the blood drained from her countenance, he immediately dispersed the elite warriors talking to him and approached Abby to inquire what happened to her.
However, he wouldn’t have expected the reason for her sadness to be their lack of thoughtfulness to let her know about this rogue attack beforehand.
But the only problem was; it was a confidential task for the royal army and he wasn’t supposed to talk about it to anyone else, especially after the king emphasized how they were not to breathe a word about it.
“No, trust me, I really didn’t know about the attack until last night,” he told her truthfully as he wanted to clear the misunderstanding.
He really didn’t know about the attack because Micah didn’t really talk to them about it explicitly.
In fact, the king only said that he needed the chiefs like Ezgar to make the training of everyone from the elite warriors more intense than usual the night he announced he was going to hold a ceremony in less than two weeks.
Since, the time was of essence, it didn’t raise doubts among them as to why he would ask them to train intensely all of a sudden.
Everyone thought that with the increasing rogue attacks for the past couple of months, the King was just being cautious but no one would have thought he was only pressuring them to be well in shape for a real attack.
Even last night, Micah only mentioned in passing how they couldn’t let their guard down during the ceremony as there would be so many guests arriving from all over the kingdom.
But since they were words uttered by their sovereign, of course, no warrior thought of slacking off.
Moreover, if their security was really compromised during a visit to the capital, how in the world would they believe the king to protect his people that scattered all over this huge empire of werewolves?
So they didn’t leave any room for laziness as they diligently followed the regimen set by the king himself.
But looking back now, even though it appeared to be some last minute contingency plan, no one in the royal army was naive enough to think that the King was just being cautious and told them to be prepared just in case.
That was why his warriors were a little excited over how the King could execute his plan without letting others doubt his intentions.
In their perspective, their king proved himself to be an excellent strategist by planning every little detail to tackle the attack this time around.
The only inconvenience for the elite royal warriors that were ordered to escort and protect the guests was, they couldn’t contribute much in this situation.
They were all trained especially to put down enemies whenever they were facing a crisis of battle, but now they were restricted to babysitting these people who were gossiping to no end. After all, they couldn’t understand what was going on with the attack and the successive rescue.
On the one hand, they couldn’t answer their queries, since Micah didn’t allow them to talk about his plan with the guests or anyone for that matter. On the other hand, they felt impatient to sit around while a huge battle was going on just a few feet away from them.
“They were a little disappointed that they couldn’t fight in the frontlines today,” Ezgar continued his explanation when Abby still looked suspicious even after he told her how Micah just told them to intensify their training but nothing about the
Chapter 109
attack until the last minute.
He then explained how he was genuinely surprised when the attack really happened. But he didn’t voice how surprised he was to hear that even Abby didn’t know about the attack until the last moment.
But then, this was the style of their king, he never did things that would complicate his plans.
“Everyone was a bit extra alert just in case, and we are no different, but there
was this nagging feeling at the back of our minds that the King wouldn’t do or say anything just for the sake of it,” Ezgar told their queen and saw how she gradually calmed down.
Abby looked deep in thought for a moment, as if digesting how Micah planned everything so secretly, but then she couldn’t help but realize how he had been carrying such a huge burden on his shoulders without really seeking help from anyone.
“But I couldn’t believe he didn’t say anything,” Abby finally said, unable to overlook that point.
Even though she wouldn’t be able to come up with mind boggling strategies to tackle this situation, she would have at least shared his burden with him.
Why couldn’t he trust her enough? This was the only thing that kept haunting her.
On the other hand, Ezgar could see how overwhelming it would be for her with everything that she had been through for the past two weeks. He personally witnessed her struggle with several things, so he felt sorry for her.
“I don’t know what reasons he had for doing so, but it will be for the best if you talk to him about it instead of overthinking,” Ezgar said, looking thoughtful.

But then he apologized for not being able to warn her about the attack. “I definitely would have let it slip in one way or the other if I had a confirmation, but the king didn’t give anyone a chance to doubt his actual goal for tonight. My hands were tied.”
On the other hand, Abby couldn’t help but think why Micah felt the need to watch his own words and actions so closely regarding this matter, but to no avail.
The King had all the reasons to be this discreet with everything he had done for the past fifteen days.
He didn’t even let anyone read the secret missives from Alpha Samuel for nothing. No one realized how among the several reports he had been receiving, missives about the rogues took the top priority.
And the reason was simple yet disturbing, he had a spy in his palace, the very person relaying everything that happened here to Calpin
In order to execute his plan well, he realized he couldn’t afford to give away what
he was actually planning by holding the ceremony so abruptly.
Since, it was a custom for the elite royal warriors to welcome the new queen regally, no one doubted when he oversaw their training during the past fifteen
days either.
He let everyone think that he was giving too much importance to the ceremony to please his mate when his own father came to him to accuse him of the same.
It worked well for him and the rogues were lured here, thinking they could catch the King off guard. However, he couldn’t help this nagging feeling that something was off when his warriors managed to put down most of the enemies with no noticeable casualties on their side in no time.
It was almost midnight now, and the fight ended in less than six hours, which was
really suspicious since they couldn’t stop the rogues even after fighting for a whole day the last time Calpin made them wreak havoc in the Black Claw pack.
Chapter 109
From the corner of his eyes, he could see Alan and Dex frowning as well and
realized things were not so simple.
He is missing something, but what is it?
“My king,” the royal beta called out to him as he approached him, prompting Dex
to rush toward them as well. “You seem.a… lile conflicted.”
“There is something off with these rogues,” Micah voiced and saw that they
weren’t surprised by his comment.
“Yes, they seem too different from the last few times,” Dex said, tilting his head to
the side.
“They weren’t as aggressive, but I can’t place why,” Micah told them and Alan’s expression immediately hardened.
“You think this ambush is a distraction?” Alan asked immediately.
“If your hunch is correct, what might be their main goal?” Dex pointed out.
“Queen Abby…” Alan blurted out when he realized how Calpin tried to attack the king’s mate in the Black Claw pack. “King Micah. I think you should hurry and find Queen Abby to check on her immediately.”
Micah immediately cursed himself for not thinking this beforehand. How could he overlook the threat Calpin posed to Abby?
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“Right! Only Queen Abby could shield
his magic last time, so he could be using these mediocre m distractie@gues to distract us to harm her instead,” Dex said. “If there was a spy in the royal
council or palace, he or she would be with Abby in the basement right The content is on Novelxo.org! Read
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Hearing this. Micah felt his heart race with fear. He calculated his every move
with the spy in his mind, but he didn’t realize how close this-spy was to harmming either of them if a chance presented itself.
Calpin made it clear that he wanted to kill Abby the last time he tried to burn her
with his magic, but failed only because her power back lashed when he used his
spell on her.
Micah felt stupid for forgetting something so important in his haste to lure those pests to the palace in the name of the ceremony. He couldn’t believe he got blinded by his need to exact revenge.
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“Take care of the rest, I’ll check on
her first,” Micah ordered them in a
hurry as he broke into a run. Ite raced to the underground basement which E was the safe place he arranged for
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“King Micah,” someone called him as soon as he entered the basement, but he
didn’t bother to stop and respond to them as he quickly scoured his eyes around this huge hall to find his mate.
His heart skipped a beat for a second when he couldn’t locate her immediately,
but then he caught a glimpse of a pale yellow dress on his far right end and immediately dashed there.
He could see Abby sitting at a table with her back toward him, but she wasn’t
Ezgar was sitting with her, but they were completely silent while Abby’s dropped shoulders gave off this lonely and sad feeling.
*Little one,” he called to her and when she finally turned around to look at him, he
could see there was something really off about her expression. She seemed
Seeing her too pale and hurt, his immediate thought was, she got injured while they brought her here. Just like Ezgar.
But when she didn’t smile at him after realizing he had come to fetch her, he realized it wasn’t a physical wound as he couldn’t sense any blood on her. With a quick once over of her frame, Micah was sure she wasn’t hurt anywhere, so why
Chapter 109
she look like she was in pain?
“What happened little one?” He asked her when she just stared at him, saying
nothing. His eyes then strayed to Ezgar, who immediately stood erect to bow to
“I’m going to take my leave, my king.” Ezgar bowed to both of them, when Micah threw a look at him. He definitely couldn’t meddle in their affairs.
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Once it was only the two of them at
this table, as everyone else stepped back to give them privacy upon noticing this weird vibe around them, Micah approached Abby. He tried to grab her hand, but Abby evaded his
touch as she turned away from: him
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“Little one,” Micah started but then saw tears flowing down her checks, which left
him helpless, because he couldn’t understand what went wrong for her to feel
this dejected when she broke into uncontrollable sobs. “How could you do this to me?” Abby said in between her silent sobs. “It hurts Micah. You don’t trust me.”

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

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Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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