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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 117

Chapter 117
Abby’s aim to alight this entire floor had been quite simple. She wanted to trap Leon with fire, and then wait for people to notice it and notify the king.
The plan before her was simple, if she just went with it, she wouldn’t become a burden to Micah again.
Leon promised her death, but he didn’t kill her right away even though he had ample time to go for her life after kidnapping her. Instead, he wanted to hand her over to those rogues, which meant there was more to this entire situation.
If she let them take her away just like this, she might become a pawn in Calpin’s game and she wouldn’t let that happen. So she didn’t hesitate to burn the rogues when they tried to get her.
Once Micah found out there had been a fire in a tower inside the palace gates, and came to take a look, he would be able to guess that it was her fire and she would achieve her goal.
For this reason as well, she let the fire wreak havoc in this building, though she didn’t let it go out of her control and spread to other buildings.
After that, she kept watch of the rogues’ bodies that were burning right now. She needed them as evidence to pin Leon with
However, she didn’t take into account that Micah had no means to contact her. She was not a shifter, so they couldn’t use the mind link even though they were mated.
She didn’t expect Micah to rush up here to find her, which had in turn made
warriors suffer.
“Royal Beta Alan, it was too hot in here,” one of the warriors said just as they reached the third storey after much struggle. The fire was so intense that they could see various furniture melting around them from the high heat and they couldn’t help but be amazed how the king didn’t bother to stop even for a second when he ran up floor after floor in search of his mate.
Of course, he wanted to find her as soon as possible and now she was finally in his arms after almost twenty hours since he realized he hurt her for stupid reasons.
Only he knew how much he regretted falling into his old ways of doing everything by himself. The look of hurt that twisted her face when she accused him of untrusting herself would forever haunt him. If he could, he would turn time back just to avoid giving her that impression.
However, he knew it was something beyond impossible, but that didn’t mean he wouldn’t repent. He was man enough to own his mistakes, so that was what he did.
“Please forgive me, little one,” Micah said, pulling slightly away from her, so that he could take her face into his palms and let her see how remorseful he was for hurting her, even though it hadn’t been his intention at all to make her feel useless.
When she pointed out how he could at least seek comfort from her when she might not be able to help him by coming up with deadly strategies or grand revenge plans, Micah realized how his actions might have led her to thinking that he was leaning toward other’s opinion about her.
“I never thought of you any less than my equal. I mean it, I just wanted to keep you safe, at any cost,” he divulged, pouring all his sincerity into his words and could feel her own eyes moisten when she saw how red his eyes were.
Abby wanted to say that she just overreacted and acted childishly but her mate cut her off first.
“No, little one, let me finish.” Micah pressed his lips to her forehead, while Abby held his hands that cupped her cheeks. “I
Chapter 117
shouldn’t have neglected your feelings the way I did. I was inconsiderate of your suffering for no reason.”
He still couldn’t understand how it never crossed his mind that he had actually asked her to work hard for something he was going to ruin with bare hands. And how he missed her struggles as she suffered silently because he was too busy in the name of protecting her.
But after giving it a short rational thought, he realized the severity of his mistake. He had a chance to spare her the grievances, but he acted like he was possessed and didn’t bother to think about anything else but how to execute his own plan successfully.
“No, Micah. It’s alright. In fact, I feel I have to apologize to you for behaving so childishly,” Abby confessed, letting her tears fall freely. “I should have been more understanding.”
Micah felt even more bad for his sweet mate. “You have every right to react the way you did.” He then asked for her forgiveness again. “I wanted to apologize to you first thing this morning. I should have never left your side.”
He couldn’t put into words how much he regretted refusing her request to sleep alone. He should have stayed somewhere near their bedroom, instead of wasting time in his study pacing around the room all night.
He could have prevented this from happening, but he thought too highly of his palace’s protection even after he was sure there was a spy in the royal council. He slipped up and his enemy didn’t hedge to utilize the turn of events to his favor.
Abby could hear the rage in his voice and she immediately confessed how she ran to his study when it was still dark. “But someone nabbed me when I was just a few feet away… and it was Leon.”

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“The former royal beta?” Micah asked her, his voice taking a hard edge. “But why would you leave your room in the middle of the night?”
“I thought you would abandon me for creating a scene last night, so I rushed to apologize to you. I didn’t want to get kicked out of the kingdom.
The way her voice trembled with every word she said let him know how strongly she believed her fears would come true. Her breath came out short as she tried to swallow her silent sobs, but it was a futile attempt, because her flowing tears gave away how terrified she had been just at the notion.
“Little one, no matter what you did, there would never come a day I would do
such a thing.” Micah hugged her as he pressed her face against his chest until the girl could calm down, he didn’t try to wipe her tears though. He let her cry her grievances out all she wanted and this time, he didn’t ignore them any more.
But before she could completely calm down, she remembered something. “Did
you see Leon?”
“He was here?” Micah asked and then expressed how he didn’t see anyone on
his way
Abby frowned a little, how did he manage it?
“What actually happened, little one?”
Micah then heard her explain how Leon accused her of stealing his daughter’s
place and how he would make her suffer for it.
Hearing it, the king immediately swore that everything was just him being delusional. “I never thought of taking a chosen
Abby knew how he waited for her, his destined mate, to appear. Alyssa and Reyna told her so many stories how he never let anyone have a say in that
So instead of dwelling on it, she continued to reiterate what happened after
pressing her lips to his. She explained how he had colluded with the rogues to get rid of her, and how she believed he might be the traitor in the royal council. If
Chapter 117
deduction was correct, Leon had been the one who committed treason by leaking confidential information about Micah’s whereabouts to Calpin as well.
and then, he said he was going to hand me over to these rogues, and that I will never return here again…” Abby’s voice broke at the end of her sentence.
Her hands clutched his shirt tighter, she really thought she would fall prey to his scheme at that moment.
“Bastard!” Micah cursed, his voice sounding more like a growl. “I’ll make him pay for every little thing he did to you.”
But before Abby could say anything else, she saw Micah’s eyes going unfocused and realized someone was talking to him through mindlink.
How convenient! She was a little envious, because if she had the privilege to mindlink Micah, she would have alerted him the moment Leon attacked her.
“It’s Alan, he is worried…” Micah told her.
Even though she tried to look nonchalant, as if he was having a confidential conversation, he knew she would be curious. Moreover, he didn’t want to hide anything from her, no matter how small or trivial the issue was, not anymore.
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So he explained how the royal beta
was complaining that they couldn’t run up past the fourth floor as it was too hot for them. Even getting to the fourth storey had drained half of their lives and if this continued, even their exceptional healing ability wouldn’t be able to fight their inevitable death. The content is on Novelxo.org!
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“Let’s hurry back,” Abby urged him, because she knew her fire could be
detrimental. She didn’t want to kill so many warriors that this kingdom painstakingly trained just for no reason.
“I’ve already told them to head back, we can take our time,” Micah said, looking
too laid back, as if he couldn’t really feel like he was in a hot pan right now.
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After all, the entire building was on
fire, there was no way the heat wasn’t making him uncomfortable, unlike Abby of whom this fire had no effect
at all. She was immune to her fire.
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But he wasn’t immune to it, he was just not letting it show. So when they came
down the building, Abby protected him from the fire. She didn’t let a single thread of his robe go out of place and Micah enjoyed her treatment. Outside, the people were still trying to bring down the fire as they continued to
fetch buckets after buckets of water; when it didn’t work, they even opted to throw sand into the fire.
However, everyone stopped what they were doing as their jaws dropped when
they saw the king and queen ‘escaping’ the fire unscathed.
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They looked at the warriors, elite and
normal alike, who were sporting minor to moderate unwounds and now healing slowly on the side, and
then at their queen in King Micah’s
arms, walking down without a single
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How could this be possible? They started whispering to each other about the
strangeness of this situation.
Only the royal beta looked calm about the whole scenario, but he too was rattled
when Micah opened his mouth a moment later. “Capture Leon for he committed treason.”
His every word was crisp and clear, because he didn’t want to give any chance
for confusion or doubt.
Pin drop silence descended when this order left Micah’s lips, before a few
warriors, who had almost healed, scrambled to their feet as they rushed to carry-
out the king’s order.
Chapter 117
[Is it really Leon?] Alan mindlinked Micah, because treason was a very serious
crime, but Micah didn’t have the time or patience to explain things to him.
“Why don’t I send you back first?” Micah turned to Abby, because he could tell she was too low on energy.
Not to mention she had over used her power to set this building on fire. He
looked behind him and the fire was still going st at full blast.
But then, Abby waved her hand a little, in front of the still dazed people, and immediately the fire disappeared, leaving only this acrid smell in the air. A collective gasp until no trace of it was left. But this also made them frown..
left the people around them, as they watched in fascination how the fire receded slowly but s

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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