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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 136

Chapter 136
“Queen Abby!!!” Nadia’s heart almost stopped beating when she saw the girl faint all of a sudden, but thanks to the royal gamma, she didn’t end up falling face first.

“Royal gamma Dax, quick, lay her on the bed!” Alpha Samuel urged Dax as he recovered from the shock finally.

Immediately, the royal healer and the others busied themselves with diagnosis of Micah and Abby.

“Royal healer Nadia, I’ll check on the Queen, you should focus on the King,” Gloria, the head healer of the Red River pack, told Nadia as she walked over to Abby’s side.

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Along with Nadia, there was also the healer of the red river pack. Alpha Samuel thought the same as Alan and urged his own pack’s healer to make a trip down to this pack. But the healer of the Silver Moon pack wasn’t summoned.

Even Alpha James still didn’t know that the king and queen actually went missing. Just because they managed to bring them back, neither Dax nor Samuel were naive enough to let their guards down.

Every little slip up on their part might cost them dearly, and none of them were ready to bear consequences if things went south again. They already had enough on their plates.

“What happened to the King?” Dax asked Nadia as soon as she stood up with this deep frown on her face.

“His healing ability has slowed down for some reason. I’ll treat him for the blood loss first,” Nadia decided, feeling she would be able to tell the problem once the main issue, which seemed to be the cause of the unusual pale complexion of the king, had been dealt with.

“What about Queen Abby?” Samuel asked Gloria, when he saw his pack’s healer taking too long.

“She seemed to have over exhausted herself again, but it wasn’t as serious as the last time,” Gloria replied, as she proceeded to take her pulse next.

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The last time she meant, was when Calpin drove her to the point where her power back lashed, and she fell unconscious for several days in a row.

“At least, she wasn’t seriously injured…” Alpha Samuel caught himself when he saw this shocked expression on the head healer’s face.

“This is bad…” Gloria looked at Nadia. “She is pregnant.”

“It’s good news, what’s bad about it?” The royal gamma didn’t understand her words at all, while Nadia looked equally mortified as Gloria.

The royal healer swiftly rounded the bed to check on the queen. “She is indeed expecting.”

Even Alpha Samuel was confused by their reactions now, but then their expressions turned grim when the healers took turns to explain how the queen’s current condition might not be ideal for the growing baby in her stomach.

“So you are saying that her body is too weak, and the pregnancy might be unstable?” Dax’s stomach sank.

But then Nadia seemed to have remembered something. “But the fetus has the royal bloodline, so the baby would be okay as long as the queen recovers fast enough.”

Hearing this, the tense people that were holding their breaths seemed to have found a small reprieve.

“It still depends on her waking up quickly, then?” Dax lamented as his eyes landed on Micah then. “They shouldn’t be disturbed while recuperating.”

Nadia nodded her head in agreement. “But we can’t move them recklessly now.”

“I know, but it will be hard to keep the matter of them getting injured under wraps for too long.” The royal gamma didn’t dare to imagine the ruckus it would cause in the capital city.

“It’s no use bringing the unconscious king back to the capital, royal gamma.” The alpha reminded Dax. So that left them with only one best course of action.

Dax and Samuel seemed to have come to a tacit understanding about this matter before the royal gamma spoke again. “No one should know about the pregnancy.”

Apart from them both, only Nadia and Gloria were present in this room, even Alyssa was stopped outside the door by the guards when she came running after learning that Abby was back.

And upon understanding the gravity of the situation, the two healers immediately gave their word to be quiet about the whole situation.

“No matter what you need, just let one of us know, you will have everything you need to save their lives.”

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Three lives were at stake now, none of them willing to gamble their luck in such a situation. And after thinking it through, they decided it would be better to keep Micah and Abby in two different rooms to help their healing process.

Only after Abby was shifted to the room next door was her personal maid finally able to go and tend to her now unconscious master.

“Alyssa, during these days, you should always be alert,” Gloria told her as she handed her a small bowl of medicinal herbs, so that the girl could feed her queen.

She treated Abby along with Nadia last time in the Red River pack, so she was more or less capable of taking care of the queen alone, while Dax thought it would be best for the royal healer to concentrate on Micah.

That way both of them could be well taken care of at the same time.

“This smells a bit different from the one you gave her before.” Alyssa’s sharp nose detected this small difference.

“I just added more effective herbs, there is nothing wrong with your master.”

Since they agreed to keep the news about her pregnancy among just the four of them, Gloria didn’t tell Alyssa either, but she still could see how much she cared for her master.

The girl was scared that Abby’s condition was way worse than they were letting on when she realized the medicine seemed different. Only with the healer’s reassurance, she could finally concentrate on her job properly again.

Two days passed since they were brought back, meaning it had been four days since they went missing and also Micah lost consciousness.

Just when Dax felt like going crazy evading everyone at the pack that kept pestering about the king’s current condition, there was finally some significant improvement in Micah’s condition.

“He will probably wake up by tomorrow evening!” Nadia declared on the third day morning.

“Has his healing ability recovered?” Dax looked hopeful for the first time in days, and her answer was akin to pouring honey in his ears.


“Thank heavens! It’s high time he is back on his feet!”

“And it’s time you rest a bit.” Nadia pointed at his haggard face.

“I’ve been sleeping enough. Why would I lose sleep when you are here to save the situation?”

But Nadia cut him off. “Peacefully.”

When she put it like that Dax couldn’t say anything, because the last few days, sleep meant just closing his eyes, as he found it difficult to properly rest with Micah and Abby unconscious like this.

Along with the healers, he had been too alert just in case their conditions worsened. But he wouldn’t admit he was overly worried about things. That was not his style at all.

“Okay, you win, but I’m crashing on the couch right here, you can’t make me leave him alone.”

Dax could only shrug his shoulders when the only response he got was an indescribable glare, as if the healer couldn’t bother with his drama.

That couch had been his temporary residence since she started treating Micah in this room.

However, the gamma didn’t realize how exhausted he was until he shut his eyes, finally letting the peace Nadia mentioned seep into his thoughts, because he was out cold by the time he could let his face fully relax from his huge grin.

About ten hours later, the royal gamma stretched on the couch, which squeaked under his weight. He looked at his surroundings, but he was alone.

Maybe he could sleep some more…

Wait, why am I alone? Where is Micah?

“Micah, Micah!” He slipped up, and didn’t use his title, just calling out his name rudely as he leaped to the bed which was now in a disarray.

“Royal gamma?” Dax almost jumped out of his skin when he heard someone call his name, in his panic, the voice sounded rather eerie.

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But he couldn’t help scowling when he saw that it was just a warrior.

“Where is the King?” He stomped to the door where the warrior was standing, looking at him a little puzzled.

“He is next door,” the warrior answered, and before he could deliver the message, the gamma ran out.

“Alpha Samuel called you…”

The warrior’s voice trailed off when he saw that the gamma actually went next door, where the king was.

So he just returned to his post. He was a warrior of the Red River pack. Alpha Samuel mindlinked him to call him over.

On the other hand, the royal gamma was huffing and puffing when he opened the door to the guest bedroom, where they were treating Abby.

“King Micah!”

The king had his back to the door, while the others were standing to the side, they seemed to be persuading him over something.

Both the healers, Alyssa and the alpha were inside the room, while Micah sat on the edge of the bed, beside Abby.

“My King, it will take a few more days for the Queen to wake up,” Nadia said, even though she looked like she was having a hard time speaking.

“I’m gonna stay with her…” Micah said, word to word, his voice a bit gruff, maybe because it had been almost five days since he had talked.

Immediately, Dax understood the situation. And what Nadia spoke next only confirmed his thoughts.

“But you are still recovering too. It will have a negative effect on your own health.” The healer’s voice turned smaller and smaller to the end of her sentence.

“All of you, leave, I’ll talk to the King.” Dax finally stepped into the room, as the other four went out.

But before going out, Alpha Samuel gave him a look while shaking his head, indicating Micah still didn’t find out about Abby’s pregnancy.

Micah’s face didn’t look good at all, and the royal gamma could tell why. Because it was the same devastated look Abby had when Micah was unconscious.

“Micah, she’ll be fine.” Both Dax and Alan were close enough to the king to address him by his name, but they would only do it in private. “She just needed to rest. The healers filled you in, right? She was just over exhausted.”

“You don’t get to decide what I need to do.”

Meanwhile, Micah seemed to have gotten fed up with the healers nagging for him to rest more and not run around. So he dismissed the royal gamma the moment he sang the same tune.

“But you both need rest. Lots and lots of rest. Just listen to the healers.”

“Are you hiding something from me?” Micah suddenly looked up, wrenching his eyes from his little one. “What is it? Did she get hurt badly?”

He protected her well during the fall, but then, he went ahead and lost consciousness, so couldn’t say for sure what happened before they were brought back.

Alpha Samuel had been very brief with him; he had been unconscious for almost five days, and Abby fainted after coming back here.

No one knew what happened during the time Abby had to take care of him alone in the woods.

And when he asked about her condition, all they told him was that she was just sleeping. It was getting on his nerves.

On the other hand, Dax could only give up and come clean in front of the king, when he was reading the situation in the wrong way.

“No, nothing happened to her highness.” Dax reassured his king. “She is pregnant.”

“What did you say?” Micah was clearly shocked.

“She is pregnant, Micah. That isis why she needs uninterrupted rest.”

Micah also needed to rest now, that was probably why the healers didn’t tell him right away. Because Micah wouldn’t agree to stay away from Abby after knowing the truth.

and insist on accompanying Abby, like the time he did when she fell unconscious for several days after her battle with Calpin.

He would neglect his own recovery, and insist on accompanying Abby, just like when he did the last time she fell unconscious for several days after her battle with Calpin.

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The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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