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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 16

Chapter 16

The King tomed to Abby and asked her what actually happened. “Abby, is what your sister said. true? She didn’t really hurt you?”

Even though the King, tried his best to sound approachable, Abby couldn’t forget his drammatic entrance from earlier or the way he had been gushing his teeth the whole time Ryan and Hanna were busy telling tales and putting on their one sided loving family act.

Yes, she indeed seemed indifferent and oblivious to her surroundings, but she had been paying close attention to her self proclaimed mate

And when the King asked her this question all of a sudden, her system couldn’t comprehend the right response as her automated response made an appearance.

“I Fa- am sorry.” Abby hastily said, as she rubbed her cheeks while closing her eyes. She didn’t know how to escape this situation without upsetting either of the two men who were now looking at her intensely. One was her own father, silently warning her to play along with him. The other was Micah, who wanted her to say something she wasn’t courageous enough to admit.

She just wanted this to end and leave here quickly. “I am sorry” She repented, hoping Micah would drop this matter.

In Abby’s mind, all this ruckus was caused because of her, Had she answered Hamma immediately, the situation wouldn’t have come to this. Now, her father was mad at her again. He wouldn’t stop giving her death stares,

Abby didn’t know if what she did was the correct thing or not, but when she saw her father’s eyes turma but softer, she could breathe a little easier again. Only Micah’s reaction caught her off guard. in the next second..

Micals audibly growled when he heard her apologize again for something she wasn’t even

responsible for. However, when Abby visibly flinched hearing his response, he told himself to calm

down first.

The King could see that she was afraid enough, he should try to make her feel safe with himself, not scare her even further. Having decided that, Mical closed his eyes for a second. He needed to get rid of his growing frustration first, though.

“Abby, Sweety, you didn’t do anything wrong. You don’t have to apologize,” Micah started with calming her down first. “I just want to know if you are really not hurt, okay?” He rubbed her cheeks gently with his thumbs while looking into her eyes, silently trying to tell her that he was on her side and she didn’t need to be afraid.,

Just as Abby nodded her head in response to Mical’s reassurance, Beta Ryan tried to remind her that he was still watching his daughter. “My King, Abby is just sad…” Beta Ryan stopped mid sentence when the King threw him a dagger look.

Meanwhile, seeing how protective Micah was of Abby, Hanna couldn’t help but burn with jealousy. This all should have been hers. The King, his affection, his protection and everything. What right did this monster have to have the King wrapped around her fingers?

18:07 Wed, 6 Mar D.

Chapter 16

However, she couldn’t do anything about it but wallow silently.

On the other hand, Abby couldn’t help but feel wronged when her father insisted on not acknowledging that she was really hurt. He was once again denying what actually happened while trying to turn blind eye to her predicament.

Fresh tears welled up in Abby’s eyes when she couldn’t help but recall all the times her father and sister treated her unfairly and turned blind eyes to her pain. Yet, she didn’t dare to make a peep as she continued to cry silently in Micah’s arms.

Seeing her suppress her sadness like this made unadulterated rage bubble in Micah’s heart. She was so fragile Micah felt a pang in his heart just at the sight of herself being all vulnerable. Her nose and

at cheeks were unhealthily red from all the crying, and Micah wanted to hug her tightly and never let

“Abby, just tell me the truth, I’ll take care of the rest.” Micah finally whispered when Abby wouldn’t stop crying. He doubted the girl would faint from all the feelings that currently seemed to overwhelm her.

And Micah wasn’t really wrong as Abby could feel her head throb painfully as if there was a really heavy rock resting on the top of her head. Maybe because she cried a lot, Abby could feel her head ache painfully.

In the face of the persistent persuading from Micah, Abby couldn’t help but finally give up as she admitted that she was hurt by Hanna. “Y–yes,… H- Hanna pulled m- my hair.”

Her voice sounded so small, Hanna and Ryan almost missed what she said.

But that wasn’t the case with the King who was paying really close attention to his mate. And the moment she admitted that what the warrior said was true, Micah felt his blood boil with anger. But he didn’t forget to take her close before completely losing his control.

Oh how he wished he could run rampant and kill these two with his own hands right at this instant! But he couldn’t do that, if he did, he would only scare Abby even more

Micah was not a kid, he could say that Hanna didn’t simply pull her hair… this nasty woman definitely did something more or else Abby wouldn’t have closed herself off like she did when he returned from Ryan’s study room earlier.

The King left his warrior to keep an eye here, only he knew how he wished he were wrong and Abby didn’t get hurt again. Right under his nose no less. The air around him suddenly changed as it crackled with tension and the moment his enraged eyes fell on Hanna, both Ryan and Hanna realized they were doomed.

“What do you say about this, Beta Ryan?” Micah looked ready to tear apart this father and daughter


“I still think it is just a misunderstanding- Hanna didn’t pay attention to her claws…” Ryan trailed off when he realized he couldn’t talk his way out of this anymore.

Both Ryan and Hanna couldn’t help but curse at Abby for landing them in this situation. This monster only knew how to bring bad luck to them.


Wed, 6 Mar R

Chapter 16

Micah couldn’t help but sneer when Beta Ryan still didn’t give up. He decided he couldn’t bother with these people anymore as he immediately ordered for Alpha James to come there before he made his personal warriors drag both Ryan and Hanna out of the house.

“Drag these two out at this instant!” Micah barked at his warriors.

“My King, please show mercy. Hanna was just being willful. She didn’t really mean any harm,” Beta Ryan changed his tune when he saw that the King was beyond enraged. This was all because of this monster. Had she not opened her mouth, this would have ended right away. Still Ryan felt that the problem lay with Abby when it was them who never bothered to exercise kindness and sympathy.


the other hand, Hanna couldn’t believe this monster had actually sold her off. Did she feel emboldened with the King backing her up? She really dared to land her in trouble. This pathetic


“Mercy?” Micah scoffed out the word. Did this beta really use that word with him just now? Did he even know the meaning when he couldn’t even sympathize with his own daughter?

Ryan felt his throat clogging in, sensing the fury of the King when he uttered that single word. However, he couldn’t let his beloved daughter be punished just because she landed her hands on that monster.

“My King, Hanna has always been an obedient child. I don’t believe she intentionally hurt her


However, Micah was not ready to even spare him another glance as the King’s personal warriors rushed into the house to carry out their sovereign’s orders.

“No, listen.. It was really a misunderstanding. Hanna finally found her voice, only there was no one ready to hear her pleas.

About four wariors restrained Ryan while two were more than enough to subdue Hanna, as they didn’t stand any chance at all in the face of the King’s warriors‘ might.

On the other hand, Abby, the person responsible for all of this, was shocked beyond possibilities. She couldn’t believe that the situation had escalated so fast. Her father and sister were still spouting nonsense until a moment ago, now they were being dragged out like rabid dogs as they begged for


Yes, when the Beta and his daughter realized Micah wouldn’t listen to them anymore, they reverted back to begging for mercy.

Only Micah wouldn’t pay them any attention as he focused on taking care of his mates feelings.

They were all out in the open in no time and as the father and daughter duo wouldn’t stop shouting at the top

of their lungs to be spared, it garnered a lot of attention from the pack members. Even before the Alpha of this pack could follow the King’s order and attend his audience, more than half of the pack gathered before the Beta’s house.

When Alpha James rushed here, this was the scene that greeted him. He was about to order the warriors to release his Beta out of habit when he realized they were the King’s personal warriors. And sure enough, he could see Micah standing not too far from them with an arm around Abby’s

Chapter 16

Mar a D

Just when the people were all wondering why Abby was standing next to Micah. the King made a shocking statement in response to Ryan and Hanna’s pleas. “You should be asking for forgiveness from Abby instead.”


His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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