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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 18

Chapter 18


Alpha James didn’t understand why the King was suddenly furious at himself. However, when he recalled that he had been standing there like a statue from the moment he arrived at the scene without greeting the king and showing him the respect he deserved, the Alpha immediately. apologized.

“My King, I was careless just now. I would never disrespect you on purpose. I was only shocked.” Alpha James couldn’t continue anymore when the King wouldn’t stop suppressing his beast.

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Alpha James gathered that the King was real mad then, only he didn’t know whom to blame for this.

But Micah didn’t leave him in suspense for long. “Alpha James, before coming here, I didn’t take you for someone so incompetent,” Micah said word by word.

Alpha James was petrified at his words, he couldn’t understand this turn of events at all. But he wasn’t one to escalate a situation which was unfavorable to himself and increase problems. So, he immediately said, “My King, I humbly request you to please let your humble subject know his misgivings. I’ll definitely correct myself and make it up to you.”

“Do you really not know?” Micah didn’t feel the need to explain things to this ignorant alpha. He was so ignorant he let a pack member, a woman at that, be abused for so long. And when he remembered that Abby had been suffering from a young age of nine, Micah couldn’t help the urge to exact revenge.

Alpha James immediately felt like he missed something. He fell silent as he pondered over the King’s words. And it didn’t take long for him to realize the crux of the issue.

His beta…

The Alpha knew how meticulous he had been from the moment the King arrived to their pack. He made sure everything was up to if not over the standard, so that the sovereign wouldn’t be offended at any point.

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The only thing the King could possibly be angry about should be Abby, his newly found mate’s life here. When the King asked him about his mate, he was really calm that the Alpha didn’t think Micah would have such a strong reaction like this, though he wasn’t completely ignorant like his stupid beta, as he thought Micah would react in some way.

Shifters are protective in nature, possessive even. Had he been in the King’s shoes, he wouldn’t have been so calm, for mates were really important to shifters. So, he could only imagine how angry the King was to find his mate after so long only to learn how wrongly she had been treated all her life.

Yes, he knew what was happening and never stopped Ryan. But he couldn’t be calm anymore when the King made this his problem until he didn’t hesitate to humiliate his beta like this. And now, even Alpha james was implicated until he was being held accountable for Ryan’s wrong doings

“My King, my beta is insensible,” Alpha James started, testing the waters. Sure enough, Micah’s eyes hardened as his grip around Abby’s waist tightened a tiny bit. “He should have been…”

18:07 Wed, 6 Mar D.

Chapter 18

However, his voice trailed off when the king interrupted him, “And you let him run rampant until his insensitivity implicated others and now he is uncontrollable”

Alpha James didn’t need any confirmation anymore, this was indeed about Abby, but he wasn’t stupid to not understand the King’s stance here. The King stopped him before he could mention Abby’s name. He was clearly being protective of her. So, he too wisely shut up and played along with the King.

“My King, I should have been more careful. I accept any kind of punishment for not keeping my beta in check.” Alpha James was not an alpha for no reason. He understood the gravity of the situation and was cunning enough to extricate himself from this

was glad that the Alpha was wise enough to read the situation. James understood where the

King stood in this matter. But, it didn’t mean Micah would forgive him that easily.

“Alpha James, one’s ignorance could lead not only himself to his own demise, but also the people. around him.” It was a clear warning. Micah clearly implied that the Alpha was incompetent once again. Even though the Alpha never actively hurt Abby, he never tried to sympathize with her either. He let the abuse happen until Abby became what she was now.

So, Micah didn’t hesitate to humiliate the Alpha in front of his own people. This should be enough. of a punishment for him.

“As for your Beta, he will be stripped from his position right at this instant.” The authority in the King’s voice made the Beta in question shudder in fear.

Ryan immediately wailed, pleading for mercy. “My King, I was wrong. Spare this lowly subject of yours one last time. I’ll definitely straighten my ways.”

He promised all kinds of things, even going as far as saying he would accept any kind of punishment.

However, just one look from Micah was enough to shut him up again. Forget his position, the look on the King’s face at that instant made him fear for his own life.

Meanwhile, Abby couldn’t believe what she just heard, and before she could ask Micah to stop, King made another statement. “Whip Ryan and Hanna a hundred times.”


By now, everyone present could tell why Beta Ryan was being punished, only they couldn’t understand why the King was standing up for her. And why the girl was pressed so close to the King’s side. The fact that Abby was King’s destined mate hadn’t yet been made public, so they were still clueless about this connection.

On the other hand, Hanna and Ryan immediately started apologizing to Abby, understanding that the King wouldn’t listen to them anymore.

“Abby, my good daughter. Father was wrong. Forgive me, will you?” He was so desperate that it sounded like he was ordering her instead of pleading with her.

“Abby, please, don’t let thiyhappen to me,” Hanna also shed all pretenses as she too started pleading with Abby.

18:07 Wed, 6 Mar D.

Chapter 18


Even until a few moments carlier, it never crossed either of Ryan and Hanna’s mind that they would be punished so severely like this. This was simply unbelievable. Now, they didn’t have any other option left but to beg Abby, the very person they stepped on until the day before.

They never thought there would come a day, where their Gates would fall in that monster’s to be decided upon. Being whipped a hundred times meant, to be beaten to an inch of one’s life, if not sure death. Not to mention the fact that Ryan should k*ss goodbye to his beta position.

Meanwhile, Hanna was so scared she started shaking from head to toe while crying her eyes out and begging Abby to save herself.

“Abby, please save me, I’ll never mistreat you again,” Hanna wailed at the top of her lungs.

On the other hand, Abby couldn’t stomach either their predicament or their terrified pleas to be saved. Her heart constricted to see Ryan and Hanna treated so harshly.

“My King, please don’t beat them,” Abby finally whispered to him when she couldn’t take it anymore. It was so uncomfortable seeing them like this that Abby had to avert her eyes a few times, just to will away the images of the desperate looks on their faces. “I don’t want to see them get beaten up.”

When Micah heard her, he wanted to make her see that their punishment was well warranted, even though it came late. However, he couldn’t be stern with her and assert his iron fist when she looked. so vulnerable while crying for her decade long abusers, pleading with himself to spare them.

“Please, think of another punishment.” Abby requested him with sincerity.

She was so soft hearted and vulnerable, he didn’t have the heart to deny her first request to himself. But he couldn’t let them off that easily either.

“Do you want them dead at once?” Micah said, shocking Abby along with the other people.

The situation escalated so fast, Abby felt her head spin at his words. “No,” she almost shouted. “Please, don’t hurt them,” Abby finally said, still sounding so unsure about what to feel about this

whole situation.

It was Micah’s turn to be speechless, but he was, at least, glad that Abby didn’t readily forgive them. She only asked to change the punishment and for it to not hurt.

It seemed like even his mate understood that he had to punish them for his own piece of mind, and even though she wasn’t completely sure about himself being her mate, she chose to lean onto himself and gave him the right to be protective of her.

As for the mate thing, he swore to solve the mystery why she couldn’t recognize him as her mate immediately.

“Okay, leave it to me,” Micah told her at last before turning to the Beta and his alpha.

“Both Ryan and his elder daughter are to be exiled from this kingdom,” Micah finally announced before the still flabbergasted pack members.

With that said, Micah didn’t wait a second longer there as he left with Abby close to him, letting

Wed, 6 Mar BOD.

Chapter 18

Alpha James deal with the father and daughter duo.

And before James could suck in a breath of relief, he was summoned by the King again, where he was ordered to appoint a competent beta for his own pack with immediate effect. Alpha James almost shivered when he heard the word competent, as he felt like he just received a second warning.

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The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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