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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 46

The past three weeks of not being able to see her or talk to her had been literal hell for the King. He felt so restless with the very thought his own actions had pushed Abby away from himself.

Only he knew how he prayed to the Moon Goddess. He never regretted anything like he did killing that guard out of impulse in his entire life when Abby couldn’t even bear to hear his name.

But that same girl had come to him today saying she wanted to fight for him. For them both. Even though the entire world hurt her, belittling her by implying she was not suitable for him.

The King felt so proud of her as his love toward her only doubled at the determination she displayed while deciding to learn and become someone worthy of her.

Worthy, she said. No one other than her was worthy of being his mate. The moment he laid his eyes on her, he knew with every single cell in his b*dy that she was the perfect mate for him.

So when she asked for himself to be patient with her, so she could fulfill her promise to him, Micah couldn’t control himself anymore as he immediately captured her l*ps with his own, wanting to express the love he felt toward his sweet but fragile mate.

She was so soft and small in his arms, he wished he could hide her from everything that was possibly dangerous.

And the feel of her soft and sweet l*ps against his own felt so right, Micah couldn’t help but linger for a moment longer, even though he didn’t want to make her uncomfortable with this sudden intimacy from him.

He just wanted to feel how her l*ps would feel against his own after not being able to go near her for three weeks. He couldn’t resist the temptation when his sweet mate turned all the more adorable while expressing her fears of losing himself.

She was afraid he would leave her, even though she still couldn’t feel the mate bond between them both. She trusted him enough to take care of her anyway and chose to believe him.

However, the longing he felt for his mate made it hard for him to part from her sweetness.

And when she welcomed his closeness and pressed her bdy against his own frame, he couldn’t help but deepen the kss as his right hand moved up to hold her head in place while he pulled her even closer with his other hand.

However, he still didn’t feel it was enough. He wanted to be even closer to her; it left him frustrated with the desire he felt for her.

Her taste, her scent, and the way she opened up to him, everything drove him crazy while the girl melted under his sweet assault.

Micah gave up the thought of keeping the kss innocent when she didn’t resist him and opened her lps to suck his tongue into her sweet mouth the moment he licked her l*ps a little.

But simply tasting her lps wasn’t enough anymore when he wanted to f*king devour her. The urge was so great Micah couldn’t think straight anymore.

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Chapter 46

He wanted to feel more of her, but his hands were busy holding her. To rectify the situation, he hastily pinned her to the wall beside the door with his hips and started squeezing her left breast through the fabric of her long gown while k*ssing her wildly.

Immediately, he heard her moan almost inaudibly and Micah had to curb the growl that nearly escaped his chest, wanting to demand herself to let out her voice.


On the other hand, as soon as Micah pinned her to the wall, the almost breathless Abby gasped at the sudden sensations vibrating through her frame when Micah pinched her n*pple with the right amount of pressure, making wetness pool between her legs.

But the sweet torture took an intense turn when Micah decided to pay equal attention to her twin globes as he started pinching nad pressing them with both hands, leaving her breathless.

Abby couldn’t suppress her voice even if she tried as she moaned into his mouth, her tongue still. dueling with the King’s relentless one.

The girl started squirming, panting hard while trying her best to keep up with Micah’s ministrations, but when Micah tried to open her dress, she immediately stiffened.

Sensing this, Micah stopped in an instant and released her l*ps to look at her. When he saw the hint of panic on her face, he immediately understood what was wrong. But he didn’t get impatient, instead he said, “It’s okay, little one. Just relax.”

Abby nodded her head in answer like an obedient child. She didn’t mean to freeze like that, after all, Micah already saw her scars to the full extent. However, her b*dy seemed to have its own thoughts as it wouldn’t listen to her and relax.

And when Abby thought Micah would get angry at her, the King actually smiled at her and dropped to nibbling her l*ps lightly. The man shifted gears and released her breasts before pulling them both away from the wall.

He walked them both to the sofa in the middle of the room and sat down, pulling her down to sit astride his lap, all the while smooching her l*ps as he panted in rhythm with her.

Micah waited until she calmed down and started breathing evenly before finally releasing her l*ps. He then proceeded to cuddle Abby on the sofa.

He cherished her so much and Abby could feel it when he understood her fears without complaining. This brought a smile to her lps as she couldn’t help but secretly press a kss to her mate’s chest.

She didn’t think he would notice it, but the way his arms tightened around her in the next second made her think otherwise.

But when Micah didn’t say or do anything in reaction to her bold move, Abby relaxed again as the King continued to rub soothing circles on her waist and n*eck. This raised a doubt in her.

Had she been able to feel the mate bond between them, she would have been able to feel the spark Micah was probably feeling while touching her, right?

“My King, why do you think I can’t feel the mate bond?” Abby couldn’t help but wonder out loud,

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Chapter 461

only her voice came out very soft until even the girl couldn’t hear herself clearly.



Abby almost fell asleep in his warm embrace when she thought the King didn’t hear her question as well. But Micah’s voice sobered her up in the next second.

“Even I find it strange, little one. I have never heard of anything similar to our situation,” Micah answered her truthfully, sounding deep in his thoughts.

He thought about it hard, but couldn’t come up with any logical explanation to explain their situation.

“Maybe you will, after we complete the bond,” Micah said at last, still sounding doubtful.

“What if I could never feel it?” Abby sounded afraid again, any hint of sleepiness had vanished from

her voir OL

Micah, who heard the uncertainty in her voice, fell deep in thought once again.

To be honest, it was really strange for her to be unable to feel it while he could feel it so potently, he couldn’t find words to describe it.

What could possibly be the reason for this situation?

On the other hand, Abby didn’t dare to ask what would happen to her, if she could never feel it. So she just waited for Micah to say something with bated breath.

“Don’t over think, little one. Nothing like that will happen,” Micah reassured her, to which the girl didn’t respond.

How could she not over think, when no one believed she was Micah’s mate?

After her conversation with Arthur, where he said Abby was not at all suitable for Micah, and that he was only blinded by the mate bond for the time being, she was even more conflicted.

She couldn’t even feel the mate bond, what if Micah actually made a mistake?

She didn’t even dare to think what would happen to her.

On the other hand, Micah could feel how her bdy stiffened further by the second. He couldn’t help but tighten his grip around her as he kssed her forehead.

“Let’s do one thing. If you seek help from the witches of the Red River pack, we may be able to solve this mystery,” Micah said when he remembered the witches.

Hearing this, Abby immediately raised her head and looked at him. “Meeting a witch?”

In her haste, the girl didn’t pay attention to her current position; she would have fallen off if not for the King’s hands, wrapped around her waist.

Micah steadied her position on his lap, not wanting to let her go yet. “Yes, they might be able to do something about it,” he said, looking thoughtful.

“When?” Abby asked him, as the thought of the postponed ceremony crossed her mind.

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Chapter 46


The ceremony was actually scheduled to be held a week ago, but because of her indecisiveness to meet Micah, it had been postponed.

But she didn’t know for how long.

So if they were to set out to the Red River pack which would take about more than a week of round–trip, when would the ceremony be held?

“As soon as possible,” Micah answered her, as he thought the sooner this problem was solved and pushed to the backs of their minds, the sooner Abby could find peace and start working on herself.

“What about the ceremony?” Abby couldn’t help but blurt out her thoughts.

“You don’t need to worry about the ceremony for now.” Micah said to her vaguely.

He already took care of it. He talked to the elders and decided to postpone the ceremony.

He knew Abby was nowhere ready to take upon such a huge responsibility yet.

So before she could ask him to postpone it, he already took care of everything.

“Why?” Abby almost asked him when the King continued his words.

“I have already taken care of it,” Micah said, as he smiled at her while tucking the few strands of stray hair, that fell free from her bun, behind her car..

The King then explained to her how he had convinced everyone to leave her alone for the next six months while she adjusted to her new life as the next queen of this kingdom.

Even though they all felt six months was an unreasonably long time, they couldn’t object to the King’s word so directly.

Now that Abby said she wanted to learn, they wouldn’t be able to wag their tongues at her anymore.

On the other hand, Abby didn’t know how to feel about this. She was happy that he wanted to give her enough time, so that she would be able to adjust and learn.

But if the ceremony was postponed, would the other things be postponed as well?

“What about marking?” Abby’s voice was so low, she herself didn’t know if she talked or mouthed her words.

“Marking?” Micah repeated after her, feeling confused why she was talking about marking now.

“I want you to mark me,” Abby declared, while Micah was still thinking about what made her talk. about marking.

And how stunned he was at her request.

“What?” Micah couldn’t help but ask, his voice turning heavy with desire.

On the other hand, Abby could feel the change in the King and even though she knew she was being selfish for asking him to mark her, she didn’t cower this time.



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Chapter 16


She wanted them to bond as soon as possible. If Micah marked her, she wouldn’t be chased out so easily later on.

So even though she knew it was a low blow for trying to tie him down to herself, Abby could only go forward and try to convince Micah to mark herself.

With this in mind, Abby rose on her knees, still astride Micah’s lap, and pressed her lps to the King’s. “I want you to mark me,” she murmured against his lps.

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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