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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 67

Chapter 67
Abby’s memories, even though unlocked by Mirella, still needed to be sorted through by the girl herself.
Moreover, a few memories came in bits and glimpses, it was like getting visions over being triggered by something.
Just like this moment, when she saw this masked man.
The moment she saw him amidst the flames on this building earlier, she froze with this familiar feeling of dread.
Yes, it was dread that gripped her heart when she noticed his presence for the first
Because she felt like she saw the same thing in the past, more precisely, in her old but newly unlocked memories.
In that memory as well, there was fire everywhere, including the flames licking a man’s clothes and hands.
And there was only one event in her memories that spelled letter to letter with this
The very day her power exploded and fire engulfed their old pack house, killing her mother!
On the other hand, the masked man seemed to have recognized Abby as he started approaching her the moment he reappeared, inside this wall of fire, prompting Micah to turn defensive.
“Long time no see, Abby,” the masked man uttered, his voice just a raspy whisper from behind his mask, but the animosity in his tone couldn’t be mistaken. “Or should I say the future queen of this kingdom?”
Following his words was a derisive smile.
Abby stiffened as soon as the man uttered her name as the King pulled his mate behind him.
This entire situation felt so wrong to him for some reason.
15:15 Mon, 11 Mar OD
Chapter 67
He was missing something, but he couldn’t pinpoint it right now.
Meanwhile, the masked man didn’t stop approaching them even after seeing how
King looked like he would rip him apart limb to limb if he dared to lay a finger on his mate’s hair.
Instead, he calmly removed his mask as he smirked at them both with the same strange look he had in his eyes the moment he reappeared earlier.
Abby gasped at the sight of his face, he was the same man she saw at the fire that caused her mother’s death. No wonder she felt his frame looked similar to that person her mother always talked about.
Her mother shouted the same name as soon as she noticed him that day.
“Calpin!” Abby couldn’t help but mutter, as each bit of her memory related to him pieced together gradually.
“So, little Abby knows who I am.”
Hearing Calpin’s words, Micah finally understood why he felt off about him.
It seemed Abby’s hunch was correct all along.
The bad man in Riley’s bedtime stories and the one causing chaos in his kingdom
were the same.
On the other hand, Abby couldn’t bother with his snide remarks as she had more important things to talk about.
Like why he appeared on that day. It didn’t seem like a coincidence at all.
So that was what she asked him.
“Why did you appear on that day?” Abby looked straight into the man’s eyes, but she didn’t realize how she held her breath unconsciously.
For some reason, she felt like she knew the reason.
15:15 Mon, 11 Mar OD
Chapter 67
Only Calpin didn’t cooperate and answer her questions immediately.
“What do you think?” He smirked as if Abby was asking a question she already had an answer for. “It was because she was a guardian.”
Abby was shocked at his words!
Her mother was a guardian?
That was why she always talked about him, to an extent she sounded like she was obsessed with his story?
But then, why was he creating chaos here after all this time? He had been silent for a decade after that day…
At least, she didn’t hear anything related to him after that.
Only her question was immediately answered when the man raised his hands that were covered in flames as he took a fighting stance.
“It’s time you join her in the afterworld.” Calpin sounded sinister as the fire on his hands raged harder as if he just poured some oil on it.
Calpin’s initial goal was simple. In his pursuit of more power, he decided to take down the sovereign of this kingdom.
As a part of this scheme, he wanted to trap Micah by using those mindless rogues, through whom he successfully captured his prey’s attention.
However, while he was busy manipulating those rogues to make them dance to his tune and planning his next course of action, he learned that Micah took Abby under his wings.
And how surprised he was when he actually found that the girl was his destined mate along with the information that she was Riley’s daughter!
He thought she had died on that day!
But that cu nning bi tch, Riley, had apparently sealed her memories and powers, leaving him to think she had died.
However, he wouldn’t make the same mistake again!
After all, Abby, as the daughter and descendant of the guardians, would be counted
15:15 Mon, 11 Mar
Chapter 67
as a guardian as well…
He was wondering why he had been finding it was difficult to use some of his
It was because there were still descendants in that bl oody guardian’s family and he needed to end every single one of them to be free from all his shackles.
That was what he was going to do today!
After all, he only intensified the rogue’s attacks to lure the King out of the palace.
To his benefit, Abby too rushed here to hand herself over to him.
This was really a great opportunity! He could kill two birds with one stone!
As such, he prepared to attack Abby without wasting any more time.
However, before he could let the fire balls, dancing on his hands at command, fly into the air and strike the girl, Micah leaped forward and landed on all fours in his
beast form.
He roared as he dashed toward the dark wizard, successfully distracting him from attacking his mate.
Only Clapin was prepared beyond his wildest imaginations.
With just a flick of his sleeve, he was able to make the black beast freeze in his place!

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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