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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 69

Chapter 69
After trying without any success to undo Calpin’s spell on Micah, Abby shifted her focus and decided to attack Calpin instead.
First, she threw fireballs at him. She repeated what she did while fighting those rogues earlier, but increased their intensity to her fullest capability.
The girl didn’t stop or take a breather before she hurled at least fifteen huge fireballs at the dark wizard, not caring about the amount of energy she lost every time she doubled the power behind her attacks.
However, her fireballs couldn’t do him any harm at all.
The man simply deflected them with just a blink of his eyes as he laughed at her messy attempts to take him down.
It was even less than a child’s play to him.
However, the girl didn’t back down at all as she tried to make use of the fire surrounding them, wanting to turn his own power against him next.
She was a fire magic user after all, so controlling fire was one of the few things Riley teached her after she discovered her powers all those years ago.
Only the actual execution wasn’t as simple as a thought springing into her consciousness.
Not to mention, she was basically an amateur and whatnot.
Compared to Calpin in using spells
The fire surrounding them was
completely, the dar
was blowing life into it with his own breaths.
control, as if he
The girl felt helpless when she realized nothing was working against the wall of fire, while Calpin seemed too relaxed in the face of this whole situation.
She even tried to remember any spell her mother taught her, but her grip over her own skills was too friable while her memory failed to serve her.
But she couldn’t give up. To be more precise, she couldn’t afford to give up.
“D mn it!” Abby cursed/under her breath, as her frustration only grew further
Chapter 69
when the dark magic user didn’t budge even after she used everything she knew about her powers.
She couldn’t even touch a single hair on his head while Micah looked like he couldn’t hold on anymore.
And the same was proved in the next second as a blood curdling howl reverberated from the King’s lungs, forcing her to freeze in her spot.
Just hearing his howl made sweat roll down her spine as she too whimpered, feeling her heart ache for Micah.
The girl didn’t even dare to turn around and look at her mate, afraid she would collapse at the sight of him.
However, Calpin didn’t seem to have the thought of sparing her little heart at all, as he chanted a small incantation while moving his hands in sync.
What the hell!
Abby didn’t even get a chance to process what was happening when she heard another painful roar from Micah, and the sound twisted her heart so much.
She could feel his pain through the newly recognized mate bond between them, she felt her ears start ringing.
“What do you think about my greeting gift?”
Abby heard Calpin talk above the ringing in her ears and at that moment, she felt something snap inside her.
Her eyes turned unusually red as the fire covering her hands started to go haywire as it danced wildly, matching the wall of fire surrounding them.
In the next moment, the air around them changed as Calpin took a step back at the sight of the flames getting out of his control.
The dark wizard couldn’t believe what was happening before his
Abby was having a backlash!
Her power exploded out of nowhere, as fire started spreading to every inch of her bdy. 2/6 Just like when her power clashed ten years ago, in that old pack house, where her mother sacrificed her own life to save Abby’s. Now it was happening again… Her power was having a severe backlash, where fire burst out of her bdy!
The girl looked like a human sized angry blazing inferno, ready to burn everything in her wake, with all the fire covering her from head to toe.
“F uck!” Calpin couldn’t help but curse when the fire around them burst even more and began melting everything around them.
He quickly chanted a spell, trying to stop the girl’s sudden outburst, but only made it worse for himself as the spell backfired and burnt his own hand.
“Mother f ucker!” He cussed seeing his hand turn black in an instant.
Calpin realized the situation had gotten out of his control when he couldn’t ward off the effects of Abby’s outburst on himself.
So the dark magic user immediately tried to create a protection barrier around him, which proved to be of no use as well.
Not just one, even ten such shields couldn’t keep him safe now, because even Abby couldn’t control her power anymore.
When her power clashed ten years ago, the fire burned everything around her, too.
It took a lot of effort from Riley, Abby’s mother, to stop it from escalating even further, as she wanted to save everyone from it, including Abby, her daughter.
However, the outburst this time seemed even more profound while Calpin couldn’t find a way to stop it or even protect himself.

As a last resort, the man tried to contain her power, which required a lot of his effort and attention.
As a result, his grip on Micah loosened and the King started to feel the burning feeling that almost killed him dissipate slowly.
The Hu
Micah dropped to the ground the moment he could control his b*dy again as he coughed hard.
Chapter 69
He felt like his guts would spill out of his mouth with the intensity he was coughing.
However, he could care less about himself when he wanted to make sure Abby was fine first.
He frantically lifted his head, still coughing his lungs out, and searched for his
The King’s heart dropped when he couldn’t see anything but fire around him.
It took him about two times of scouring his eyes around himself to realize what was actually happening.
Both Abby and Calpin were covered from head to toe in fire.
It was as if he was looking at twin flames, only in the sizes of humans.
“What the f uck?!” Micah cursed under his breath, as his throat forgot all about the discomfort it was feeling at the shock he received. His coughing fit ceased in a moment, as he stared at the fire burning his mate, dumbfounded.
Micah felt his heart drop to his stomach when he realized the fire surrounding his mate looked the same as the one he felt surrounded by during the few minutes he was under Clapin’s spell.
Those few moments were literal hell for him, and he couldn’t even imagine what Abby was going through right now, as the fire engulfed her looked even more vicious, if not excruciating.
away from
He swiftly picked himself up as he wanted to rush to Abby and pull her the dark wizard, but the fire around her was so profound he couldn’t even step within a ten foot radius around her.
Realizing this, Micah tried to call her. In hopes, at least, if his voice could reach her, he would be able to know what was happening if she responded.
“ABBY, LITTLE ONE!” The King cried out at the top of his lungs, but there was no response from the girl.
He could see her face which was now devoid of any expression as she stared ahead, nothing being able to capture her attention enough.
16:19 Thu, 14 Mar RB.
Chapter 69
It was as if she couldn’t see, hear or feel anything around her, and this left the King frightened as he didn’t know how to bring her back.
Just as he braved it out and decided to take a step forward, even though he felt like the heat could melt his flesh, he witnessed another burst of power from Abby.
Micah couldn’t help but look away at the blinding light that burst out of her frame for a second even though he didn’t want to.
By the time he turned back and lifted his head, he could see the wall of fire surrounding them slowly disappear as the structures of the dungeon and the other buildings in this part of the Black Claw pack started to come into his view again.
But the most unexpected thing was, there was only one flame before his eyes now…
Calpin was nowhere to be seen!
However, Micah couldn’t afford to think where he had escaped right now. After all, Abby was still burning in her fire.
“Little one, little one, can you hear me?” He called her again, but the result was still the same.
The fire around her only seemed to intensify with each second that passed while the girl didn’t show any sign of life at all. The sight left him terrified.
Then he heard a voice from behind him, only it sounded too distant.
“My King,” Mirella shouted, as she could be seen running to him even before the fire could completely dissipate.
Mirella, as a fire magic user, apparently, was able to jump into the fire the moment it wasn’t raging as strongly as before.
“Where is Abby?” Mirella asked the King when the man didn’t respond to her words even after she was done checking on him for major injuries.
She took a quick look around when Micah wouldn’t answer her even after her asking him the same question a thousand times.
And how surprised she was when she finally saw the huge blazing inferno in the middle of this slowly disappearing wall of fire.
Chapter 69


His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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