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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 75

Chapter 75
Micah couldn’t help but grit his teeth as he looked at Abby’s sleeping face, albeit still pinched a little, as he thought about the way she struggled to cope up with the pain caused by the mark earlier.
The pain he caused her!
He knew she would suffer if he marked her forcefully, but at that moment, he couldn’t think of anything else to stop the girl from hurting herself.
However, he didn’t regret his actions. It was necessary to stop her from burning everything, including herself.
The only thing he was worried about now was how to deal with this aftermath.
He thought long and hard before calling Dex into the room, while the three women stood to the side.
“My King, I’m here,” Dex announced his presence as he knocked on the door once before pushing it open to enter the room.
“Summon the head healer from the palace right away!” Micah ordered as soon as his royal gam ma came into his line of sight, not even giving him any chance to bow or ask about Abby’s condition.
And once Dex heard the King, he realized he didn’t need to voice his question
anymore, as he understood the gravity of the situation in an instant. “Right away!”
Micah felt relieved a bit when his royal gamm a didn’t push himself for a
discussion over this matter, even though he noticed the slight change in Dex’s eyes the moment his order left his lips.
However, he was done trying to keep this news from the palace. He could deal with
them later.
“Bring me a fresh wash cloth to wipe her face,” he told Alyssa once the royal ga ma left the room. “Make sure it is warm enough.”
When the maid serv ant brought the wet yet warm cloth, the King carefully wiped his mate’s face and around her neck before lying next to her.
Then he spent the next hour holding Abby close while rubbing soothing circles into her back, until the frown between her brows disappeared and she slipped into a peaceful slumber./
11:17 Thu, 21 Mar G G
Chapter 75
Micah wanted to keep his mind off the things related to the things back from the palace, so after accompanying a sleeping Abby for another hour this morning, until the frown between her brows slowly but surely smoothened out yet again, he left to interrogate the rogues in the dungeons.
“Inform your alpha to drag every single one of those pests to the basement in the south dungeon,” the King spat with venom dripping from his words. His voice wasn’t really loud but it was so deep, Ron felt shivers run down his spine.
“Yes, My King!”
Noticing the werewolf king’s mood wasn’t really good right now, Ron, Samuel’s Beta, scrambled away while mindlinking their gam ma to immediately notify Alpha Samuel.
In a matter of few minutes, the basement of this southern dungeon was filled with shouts and roars of the rogues, who looked like they couldn’t wait to jump onto the King and his men and kill them off, even though they couldn’t shift into their beasts as they were forced to take the Rottingbane leaves.
On the other hand, Micah went to the dungeon with a single agenda; killing them all regardless of the information they could provide him on Calpin.
He didn’t have the thought of sparing them at all after how they actually wreaked havoc in the Black Claw pack.
They would only be reused by that man even if he spared them anyway.
And his plan was simple.
There were about thirty of those rogues that were still alive even after being tortured for ten days.
He would kill the twenty men right away in front of the remaining ten female rogues and let the survivors decide if they too wanted a painful death like those male rogues by refusing to give him answers or die a painless death choosing the only and other option.
But after killing the men, what he heard wasn’t information about Calpin but a single voice of utter desperation.
“Please, spare me,” one of the women said as she lunged forward as if she wanted to fall on the King’s legs for mercy.
Chapter 75
Seeing this, Micah was about to order for the women to be slaug htered as well, thinking these rogues could be so stubborn.
However, the same desperate voice beat him to it once again as the woman shrieked in distress.
“My King, it’s me, Hanna, Abby’s sister.”
Micah took a double take when he heard her say his mate’s name.
And after a second, he realized she was telling the truth.
But he couldn’t understand how she ended up in this
group of rogues.
However, the woman clearly wasn’t in a state to answer any of his questions, being beaten to an inch of her life.
Since he only focused on the male rogues and let the warriors starve the female rogues, he didn’t come across Hanna until now.
On the other hand, no one believed Hanna even though she screamed at the top of her lungs to let her meet the King.
Only today did she get a chance, but not before getting beaten brutally with the others the moment they were brought to this basement.
“Take her out of the basement,” he ordered one of the warriors standing close to him, as he sent for a healer to treat her wounds.
However, he didn’t have the idea of setting her free in his mind, nor did he have the thought to give her any special treatment as he made them shift her to a single cell in the same dungeon.
He just didn’t want his mate’s older sister to suffer any further. But, ten days of starvation and today’s beating left her with only skin and bones.
Even though she was a rogue, who had to be blamed along with all other rogues under Calpin’s command for killing countless innocent people, she was still Abby’s
He would let Abby decide what to do with her.
If the girl told him to throw her out, he would do it for her, but he wasn’t willing to hurt someone dear to Abby directly.
He saw Abby’s memories and knew how she felt about her sister, so he wouldn’t
Chapart 73
make a decision for her this time.
Micah was reading a report in another guest bedroom, adjacent to the one Abby was in right now when the royal gam ma came.
“Rise, Dex,” Micah told the royal ga mma, when he bowed to him from across the table.
Maybe because of lack of sleep, the King found it hard to concentrate on the reports that were now lying littered on this big table, in addition to the worries and emotions that had been plaguing his mind for the past ten days.
Dex and the others had been trying to persuade him to sleep even for an hour a day, but sleep evaded him when his mate’s distressed screams kept ringing in his ears everytime he closed his eyes.
Maybe he wouldn’t be able to find peace with it even after the girl woke up.
He knew it would definitely take him time to even push everything about these ten days to the back of his mind.
However, he could still stand on his feet, not to mention Abby would need him all the more when she finally woke up.
At least for her, he would endure this little discomfort and continue dealing with things that needed to be dealt with.
Just like the interrogation of the rogues.
Calpin needed to be brought down.
It was clear he wouldn’t stop before he killed Abby just to free himself completely from their conversation that day.
He would come back again and Micah was more worried that the dark magic user’s target was not just him but his mate as well.
So even if it took him everything and beyond his capabilities, he would take him down!
“Anything new?” He asked Dex, who stayed silent as if he needed to learn how to speak again, even though it had been five whole minutes since be entered the
Chastity 73
“This… My King…” the royal gam ma hesitated a bit, feeling really unsure about the report he brought.
“Just say it and get done with it,” Micah almost got irked when the man hemmed and hawed for another minute.
“We just received a missive saying that the former King was also arriving,” the royal gam ma had a funny expression on his face, as if he didn’t know how to make heads and tails of this situation, when it was the King who couldn’t understand his garbling.
“Father?” He asked when Dex repeated his report, this time slowly.
“Yes, they are just a few minutes away from here,” the royal ga mma said.
Apparently, Arthur had tagged along with the healers after learning about the situation here.
“I have been wondering why the healers aren’t here even though it has been more than forty hours since they received my order. It’s because Father is with them,” Micah contemplated out loud.
It seemed he couldn’t delay dealing with the people from the palace for much longer.
Arthur learned about Abby’s condition when he saw the healers clamoring to leave the palace in a hurry after receiving a missive with Micah’s seal on it.
However, the missive was too short and didn’t provide any details.
It just said that the healers were summoned to treat Abby.
“Weren’t there any healers in the Red River pack?!” He couldn’t help but comment, thinking the girl was either just acting too spoiled to make Micah mobilize the royal healers for her or just too weak until she couldn’t be healed by that pack’s healer.
If it was the first case, she needed to be disciplined and taught some proper etiquette.
If it was the latter, it could be even worse than the first one!
Being a shifter, and the daughter of a beta, how could she be so weak?!
Chapter 21
But then he remembered how timid the girl was when he went to meet her, being unable to deal with Leon’s, the former royal beta, constant nagging over his daughter’s one month house arrest by Micah because his mate got hurt by some once in a million coincidence when Ruby took her out.
Timid and weak!
Arthur couldn’t imagine how she would deal with serious problems by Micah’s side as the Queen of this kingdom in the future.
Just thinking about it gave him a headache and he immediately decided to follow the royal healers to the Red River pack.
He would know why she needed them if he went there himself and if it was really proved that she was just going to be a burden to his son, then he would persuade his son it wasn’t too late to just reject her directly!

Micah was by Abby’s side by the time the healers from the palace arrived at the Red River pack along with the former king.
“Micah, my son,” Arthur went forward to stand beside the King while the healers treated Abby.
However, Micah didn’t give him that chance as he walked out of the room before Arthur could even come near the threshold.
And once he was out of the door, he/shut the door behind him as he pinned his father with a look, as if asking why he came here.
Only Arthur acted like he couldn’t read the hint at all as he questioned Micah immediately. “What happened to her?”
He tried to sound concerned, just to humor Micah, but the King wasn’t having it.
“Didn’t I tell you not to interfere in my mate’s matters anymore?”
He voiced his earlier non verbal question, leaving the former king with no other choice but drop the facade as well.
Micah could immediately guess what his father was going to say, so he shut him up
“I don’t need your advice. It would be wise of you to stay out of this,” Micah warned, indicating he didn’t like Arthur coming here at all.

Chapter 75


His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
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The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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