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His Sweet Little Mate Novel Chapter 82

Chapter 82
Abby woke up with a start and realized she was all alone in the bedroom.
She remembered Micah saying he would join her for dinner and how she begged him that she wanted to have her dinner in the dining hall.
The girl had been literally cooped up in this room for almost fifteen days, albeit she only remembered spending three of those confined in here, she couldn’t help but feel suffocated a little.
On the other hand, she didn’t want to drink that bitter soup alone for her meals anymore. So she used up her energy trying to convince the King.
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But he didn’t buy it at all, he even caught her lie.
“Don’t think you can avoid taking medicine if you start having normal meals,” the King teased her, hittin nail on the head and Abby could only deny to the end that she was just aiming for getting some fresh air.
“I didn’t know dining halls provide the purest air,” Micah quipped, but his mate wasn’t ready to back down at all.
“I’ll take the corridor adjacent to the garden on my way there,” Abby countered, effectively leaving the King speechless.
He narrowed his eyes at her cheeky behavior, feeling tongue tied because he knew she would say she wanted to take a walk right after having dinner.
However, he didn’t think it was wise enough to roam around before she recovered at least half of her energy.
She had to promise him that she would be extra careful and let him know if she felt any discomfort right away.
Only after a lot of promises and cajoling did he finally accept her request.
Thinking about all of that now, she felt like she overdid it. “Micah had definitely caught her lie.”
But since he didn’t point it out, nor had he denied her request, Abby brushed it off as well and called Alyssa over to help herself dress for dinner.
“My lady, I think it will be better if we wait for the King here,” Alyssa said, trying to persuade Abby one last time
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Chapter 82
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that this wasn’t a good idea as she helped her tie the threads behind her dress.
“We already made plans to meet in the dining hall,” Abby told her maid.
Even her maid was over worried like her mate, always pointing out that she was still a patient.
“But…” Alyssa started again, only Abby didn’t give her a chance to dampen her high spirits.
“No buts, Micah might have arrived already. Don’t delay me anymore.”
When Abby put it like that, Alyssa could only set her worries aside and follow her master silently.
However, after reaching the dining hall with Alyssa by her side, it wasn’t Micah who Abby saw waiting for her but
two royal warriors.
“Lady Abby, King Micah said he would be late for dinner,” one of them said, while rising to his feet after bowing to
Abby nodded her head in response to the greeting, but her face fell hearing his report.
But then, she couldn’t complain knowing he had been literally cooped up with her in their room while she was
unconscious, even though he would have lots of things to deal with.
It was only natural that he was caught up with something.
“Maybe tell him I’ll wait for him here?” Abby said after she gave it a thought.
However, the second guard shook his head in the next second. “The King said that he might be held up until too late.”
He then explained how the King was having an urgent meeting with Alpha Samuel and Dex, the royal ga mma, in the meeting hall of this pack house.
It seemed something big had happened but they didn’t have access to news of such high importance and could only convey how busy they all looked.
“The King said he would be back before you go to sleep,” the guard finished.
Abby understood what he meant. Micah wanted her to have her dinner on time.
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Chapter 82
Otherwise, he wouldn’t have taken the effort to send people to let her know that he would be late.
After all, she was still recovering and needed to take her dinner and medicines on time.
“Okay, I understand. I’ll take my dinner,” Abby said, but they didn’t leave right away.
She immediately understood they were not only sent to deliver a message, but also to report back to the King.
It was almost midnight by the time Micah could go back to their bedroom and found the girl dozing off on a chair at the small table near the window.
The soft glow from the moon fell on her face, and the King didn’t know whether he had to laugh or cry at Abby’s stubbornness.
She was still a patient yet she wasn’t lying in the bed like he expected her to.
“She insisted on waiting for you, King Micah. I wasn’t able to dissuade her.”
Alyssa reported from behind him in a soft voice and Micah could only shake his head.
This girl! Doesn’t she remember she was still recovering?
“You can leave now,” Micah dismissed her before slowly walking toward his mate.
He bent down and picked her up gently, not wanting to disturb her sleep, but the moment he touched her skin, the girl woke up.
“Micah?” Abby asked.
“Hm, go back to sleep,” the King coaxed her, but the girl surprised him again as she opened her eyes completely just as his voice reached her ears.
“I saved dinner for you!” Abby announced as she squirmed a little, and the King immediately let her down as he didn’t want her to get hurt.
But didn’t she need to ask if had eaten or not first?
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Chapter 82
“How did you know that I didn’t have dinner?” The King couldn’t help but ask and the only answer he got was a
cheeky smile from his mate.
“I have my ways,” Abby answered him mischievously.
Actually, she just guessed that he would sk ip dinner and Micah confirmed her guess when he asked her that question.
The King then let her drag him back to the table and make him sit on the chair across from the one she sat on
Sure enough, there was a tray of food covered with a lid there.
Abby removed the huge lid and grabbed the fork to urge the King to have his dinner.
Micah took the fork but he didn’t start eating right away.
“Did you take your medicine?” He asked her.
“I did, now eat.” Abby pushed the plate of meat closer to him, but the King didn’t fall for it.
“I’m asking about the soup you need to take before sleeping,” Micah said, narrowing his eyes at her.
“Alyssa can vouch for me,” Abby reassured him and only then did her mate actually look at the food she had them prepare in the kitchen.
After sending the guards Micah sent to supervise her dinner time away, but not before taking her medicine right in front of them, she asked the omegas in the kitchen to send a few dishes to her room.
At first, they didn’t want to do it because they thought she was asking them for herself. They were clearly instructed by Beta Ron that only light food should be given to her since she was still recovering.
They knew she was the mate of their King and their future queen, so obviously, they couldn’t afford to do something that might hurt her in any way.
Only when Abby repeatedly reassured them that the food was for the King, did they relent and help her prepare
Abby couldn’t help but smile at the amount of effort Micah was putting in taking care of herself.
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Chapter 82
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He thought of everything and made sure she didn’t feel uncomfortable at any point during her dinner.
However, her smile faltered when she realized her mate was being absent minded while having his dinner.
There was also this small frown that he was struggling to smoothen out with conscious effort, only it wouldn’t
listen to him as it took a leisure seat on his forehead.
“Something’s bothering you?” Abby asked the King suddenly, startling the man.
“Huh? No,” Micah denied out of habit and Abby could see it clearly as she pointed it out immediately.
“You are lying,” she said. “Worry is written all over your face.”
Micah fell deep in thought for a second. Initially, he didn’t have the thought to share the things he found out with. her. At least, not yet.
Because he wanted her to recover with a peaceful mind as it could affect her health again.
But, on second thought, he didn’t feel it was right to keep things she was centred on from herself.
At the end, the fact how important her to know what
the King finally opened his mouth.
s happening und her won the debate and
“We got information that there will be another rogue
attack,” Micah started with the latest update.
Hearing this, Abby couldn’t help but recall the last rogue attack..
“Where?” She immediately asked.
“We are guessing it would be around somewhere here,” Micah told her truthfully.
It was only logical to think that way, because both of Calpin’s targets, none other than Micah and Abby, were still
So he would definitely try to plan another ambush.
“There’s more?” Abby asked the King when he looked like he wasn’t done talking.
“The elders and the royal council want us back as soon as possible,” Micah said. His voice turned a little harsh at
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Chapter 82
the end of the sentence and it didn’t go unnoticed by Abby.
“Did something happen in the capital?” The girl asked him.
“My father came along with Nadia and the others…”
Micah then told her how he tried to divert his father but failed.

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    “I was busy discussing our strategies with Samuel and Dex about these until earlier,” Micah told her everything.
    He even told her how Arthur went out of his way to pressure Alpha Samuel until he told him everything about Calpin and the rogue attacks.
    “He pressured Alpha Samuel?” Abby couldn’t believe this.
    Just how hard did he hate her until he had to resort to such methods?
    “Yeah, I just found out about it too. Samuel came clean to me during our discussion earlier,” Micah continued.
    He remembered how the Alpha apologized for not warning him about this beforehand.
    But then Micah guessed that his father might have blackmailed him to keep his mouth shut to catch his own son off guard.
    Moreover, before they started answering to him, they all obeyed his father. So he could understand that Samuel couldn’t have refused Arthur even if he tried.
    After all, his father had the royal blood in him which could automatically make them submit to himself.
    “So he couldn’t refuse his former king and told him everything he knew.” Micah suddenly paused, as if trying to find the right words to break the next problem to her.
    But then, he knew there was no way for him to sugarcoat the situation.
    “He found out your origin as a magic user,” Micah finally said, gauging her reaction carefully.
    And as expected, Abby’s face paled at his words.
    It only meant one thing, his father found yet another irredeemable quality in her.
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    Chapter 82
    He already had a bad impression of her. Now it turned into the worst one possible.
    But then, didn’t Micah say the elders and the royal council were urging him to return without any delay?
    Now she understood why he was troubled so much.
    They were urging him to return to discuss her!
    Arthur really went out of his way to dig dirt on her and he even involved the elders and the royal council.
    By now, they all must have found out about the witch’s blood in her veins.
    No way in the world would they support her to take the position of the queen of this kingdom.
    They all look down on witches, not to mention she was half a witch.
    They would definitely pressure Micah to leave her.

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

His Sweet Little Mate Novel by Obticeo Decatect

Score 9.5
Status: Ongoing Author: Artist:
The reason why Abby has a scar is because she saved her sister from a fire, but she was ostracized because of this and considered a monster, even her own father saw her as a scourge and no one really helped her.Because of the fire incident ten years ago, Abby had to experience violence and receive unpleasant treatment from her family and several pack members. Until one day, news came that the new king of the Werewolves would visit every pack in his kingdom, where he looked for his destined mate and hoped he could find his future queen.On that day, Abby was locked in the warehouse because she was not allowed to attend the king’s welcoming party, with the ground she was a disgrace to their pack, but by some miracle, the king managed to find her.


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