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Let’s Start All Over Again, Shall We? Chapter 52

Chapter 52 The Fish Take The Bait

For several consecutive days, Maggie had been staying at the Adams, either working on design drafts or intentionally annoying Sierra.

One evening.

Master Cameron turned to Maggie and asked warmly, “Maggie, how is the design coming along?”

Anticipating the question, Maggie handed him the completed preliminary concept draft and said, “Here is the preliminary concept. It’s basically done. I have already started refining the design on the computer.”

As an architect himself, Master Cameron wasn’t eager to have his dinner. Instead, he took his time to carefully examine the design.

“Good! Very impressive indeed!”

He didn’t hesitate to express his admiration.

There was no denying that Maggie was extremely talented in architectural design. Even after years in the industry, he still found her designs to be striking and comfortable.

“Go ahead and praise me, Grandpa,” Maggie said with a smile, and Ronald and Olivia also joined in the praise.

“Your grandpa doesn’t easily praise anyone. It proves that your design is truly exceptional.”

“That’s right, I know it’s challenging to design a massive cultural park. Usually, our family’s projects rely on a team, but you haven’t had time to integrate with the team because you’ve already come up with such an amazing design.”

Before they could finish, Sierra sneered, “What’s so great about it? How good can it be?”

Her sarcasm directly angered Master Cameron. He slammed the design on the table and chided coldly, “Sierra, you have been getting more and more rude lately.”

Sierra was startled. She was afraid of Master Cameron and didn’t dare to retort.

“If you think it’s nothing special, go ahead and come up with a design for me. Draw a design and give it to me within a week. If you can’t do it, your allowance will be halved!”

Sierra was so mad that she was shaking. She shouted, “Why do you all favor that b*stard? I’m your biological child. I’m the daughter of the Camerons! Why are you all protecting her now?”

She couldn’t understand it. Maggie used to listen to everything she said. She didn’t feel anything at the time.

But Maggie has shown her true colors. She’s not a harmless rabbit, but a beast with hidden claws and fangs!

Even so, her family still protected her. They chose Maggie over her time and time again.

Could it be that Maggie was more useful than her?

12:37 Thu, 16 May

Chapter 52 The Fish Take The Balt

him so rudely?”

Sierra remained silent. Master Cameron’s good mood was ruined by her impatience.


He waved his hand and said, “Take her upstairs. Let her reflect on her behavior and learn to behave herself. with Maggie.”

Upon hearing this, Sierra became even more annoyed. Fortunately, Olivia stopped her in time and dragged her upstairs.

As soon as they entered the room, Sierra started to cry in grievance.

“Mom, do you all think Maggie is better than me?”

Olivia wiped her tears and said softly, “What are you thinking? Your grandpa is just relying on her for the design of the cultural park.”

Sierra sneered. “It’s always about this project! After this project, there will be other projects. How long do I have to tolerate her?”

I’ll give you some extra pocket money later. Go out and shop, buy something you like. Don’t provoke her. If she complains, your grandpa will punish you.”

Olivia gently persuaded her. She also felt that Maggie’s importance in the family was perhaps too great.

After Olivia soothed her for a while, Sierra finally calmed down.

As soon as her mother left the room, Sierra couldn’t help but think. Her family valued Maggie so much because of the project.

If Maggie ruined this project, wouldn’t they stop valuing her, consider her incompetent, and cause them


As soon as this idea came to her, it quickly took root and grew in her mind.

Sierra involuntarily recalled the thick stack of design drafts in Maggie’s hand at the dinner table. A glint of excitement appeared in her eyes..

The Herschire Cultural Park project encompassed a vast area, making overall planning a challenging task.

For every designer, their design drafts held utmost importance as they contained original and detailed data, modification plans, and design inspirations that only the designer themselves could comprehend.

If those drafts were to be lost…

Maggie would be unable to submit her design, resulting in the project falling through. Her grandfather would inevitably direct his anger towards Maggie, and she wondered if Maggie’s life would remain as effortless as it currently seemed!

With a plan in mind, Sierra was filled with enthusiasm.

12:38 Thu, 16 May

Chapter 52 The Fish Take The Balt


The Adams family had numerous servants. After Sierra dismissed them, she took advantage of the absence of anyone around. She ascended to the second floor and tiptoed towards Maggie’s room, swiftly closing the door behind her.

Upon entering the room, Sierra’s heart began to race.

She quickly surveyed Maggie’s room. This room was always reserved for her, located in one of the innermost parts of the corridor. In comparison to Sierra’s room, it exuded a sense of tranquility and simplicity.

Maggie hadn’t brought much with her, just a few sets of clothes and some books related to architecture.

Sierra didn’t have much time to explore. She hurried towards the desk and flipped through Maggie’s design drafts.

The drafts were almost at the top of the pile, but they were disorganized, making them particularly noticeable.

Sierra promptly took the drafts and tore them into pieces. Then, she glanced at Maggie’s computer, which was still on, and poured a cup of water onto the keyboard.

The water trickled slowly onto the carpet.

Sierra then entered the bathroom, disposed of the torn draft pieces in the toilet, and flushed it repeatedly until they disappeared completely.

After completing this task, a cold smile appeared in Sierra’s eyes, and she felt a sense of satisfaction.

It was merely a project. Even if the Cameron family lost it, it wouldn’t matter. As long as she could teach Maggie a lesson, Sierra believed it was worth it!

At that moment, Maggie sat in a private room at a club with Mia and Leo. They watched the surveillance footage on the computer screen while engaging in casual conversation.

“She has been very cooperative and hasn’t let us down,” Leo remarked, expressing his satisfaction with

Sierra’s actions.

“The building materials from Joseph arrived yesterday, and they are currently being checked into the warehouse, Leo leaned back in his chair and spoke calmly.

Maggie smiled and said, “We’ve got her. Even if we can’t completely destroy the Adams family this time, we should at least inflict some damage upon them.”

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Let’s Start All Over Again, Shall We?

Let’s Start All Over Again, Shall We?

Status: Ongoing Author:
Maggie’s previous life was like a joke. When she died, it was Nathael, the husband she had hated all her life, who avenged her and risked his life to save her! When she got a second chance to restart her life, Maggie vowed to make those who had hurt her people pay the price! As for the husband she had hated all her life, she just wants to patch thing up with him. Someone said, “Nathael is cruel and cunning.” “Nonsense! He is obviously brilliant and noble,”Maggie retorted in anger. Another one said, “Nathael is a psy cho. He will retaliate, forcing people to have their families destroyed.” Maggie sneered, “Bullsh*t! He has always been a man who doesn’t offend if no one offended him.” Some one else said, “Nathael is heartless. You will not live happily with him.” Maggie chuckled, “That’s ridiculous! He is full of sincerity and loves me deeply. He is the best man in the world.” Others said, “Although Nathael is good, he is not good at ‘that’. It is a pity that Maggie is still in her prime.” Maggie responded, “Well … ” She seemed unable to argue with this. That night, Maggie kissed Nathael comfortingly, saying, “It’s okay, Honey. I don’t mind.” “Really?” Nathael chuckled, a bit helpless. He turned over, pressed her under him, and kissed her fiercely. Later, the only sound left in the room was Maggie’s choking, begging for mercy.


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